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  1. Profiles needed to be remade, and for some moderated posts returned, due to the loss of large amounts of data on the KSP forum servers which resulted in the majority of the forums going back to around October of 2012. We're sorry for the inconvenience and doing our best to get everything back in working order. However in my understanding, the data has been lost permanently.
  2. 7/10 I've seen you around a few places, you're pretty new though so you haven't broken into other areas as far as you could.
  3. 6/10 Can't say I recall you specifically, but I do think I've seen you from somewhere on these forums. Ah well, in time...
  4. Well, lets start with step one. What kind of a mod are you planning to create? If its a .cfg edit, all you need is Notepad (Windows) or its Mac equivalent (TextEdit seems to come with Mac OSX, so it should work so long as you remember to keep the file extension). You can mess with the settings in there and just save. In order for them to apply, you have to restart KSP. I wouldn't recommend posting the .cfg edits on the Addons board, as there are some on the forums that may be a bit, harsh, to say the least. If you'll be doing an entirely new part, you'll need to pickup a 3D modeling software set. I would recommend Blender, as its free, open source, and quite powerful. However, there are other options (albeit paid), from 3DS Max to Maya to CAD, etc. It'll probably just be easier to give you a list of things you need for this, as its getting pretty late here where I'm from, and I have school tomorrow, so - 3D Modeling Software Unity3D 3.5.6 (http://unity3d.com/unity/download) KSP 0.16 Unity PartTools (http://kerbalspaceprogram.com/forum/showthread.php/15998-0-16-PartTools) Image Editor (Photoshop, Paint.NET, GIMP, etc. For textures) As I mentioned earlier, its pretty late, so I can't do much at the moment. However, that gives you time to grab all of these if you're still interested.
  5. 3/10 Haven't really seen you around, nothing on the logs, which I guess is a good thing, and general posting. You've still got a ways to go, but you'll make it eventually.
  6. 8/10 You're quite out there, and pretty old a forumer. You were also a roleplayer, New Cerfesa I believe. So I'd say you're pretty famous, just lacking the overall forum presence.
  7. Okay, sorry for the super-long delay, I had to deal with a bunch of wedding-related nonsense the past weekend. I plan to have a free schedule tomorrow to get the tutorial up, but I can tell you right now that if you're using Blender to model, you DO NOT need a separate installation of Python, as it comes out of the box with Blender sufficiently for modeling. Also, if you're using Blender, why are you saving in .DAE? To Unity it doesn't matter what file extension you use to import so long as it comes from [Major] modeling software.
  8. Sorry, my recording software isn't cooperating with me today, I'll try to get it up tomorrow. Here's the list of everything you'll need for the tutorial, just to make sure we don't spend too much time on downloading - Unity 3D 3.5.6 KSP 0.16 PartTools Blender 3D
  9. Okay, let's start from the beginning, shall we? First off, you said you know how to make basic models. While I suggest that you go out and watch about a hundred more tutorials (no matter what is said, two to three is never enough to actually get good at something), I'll give you the benefit of the doubt here and move along to the Unity part. I'll record a small tutorial on it in which I'll try to cover all of the aspects of basic Unity use to get your first part into the game, then if you need more help I'll try and go along with text. Just give me an hour or two, surely you can wait that long? Turns out I have to go to an NJHS meeting in 15 minutes. I'll try to get a tutorial up and running when I get back, but tomorrow is my best bet. Sorry. And apparently not again. It's next week (thank God), apparently. So, I'll get that tutorial recorded as soon as I can.
  10. I use all 4 Windows versions of the 21st Century, XP, Vista, 7, and 8. I also use Linux (Ubuntu). Ultimately, I use XP, 7, and 8 because they're light, fast, and have a variety of software available to them (at risk of sounding like an advert here). Vista I use because I don't feel like upgrading, and its works quickly on my laptop, so I just go with it. I use my various computers for different things - XP - Spreadsheets, data storage/creation, classic gaming - I do a lot spreadsheeting that sometimes I don't like putting on Google Drive, so I put it on XP because I can do it quickly and easily, and its as so far safer for the spreadsheets to be there than stored on my laptops or my other desktop, since this little desktop is secluded in a corner of my room, away from my little brothers who might try and break it. Vista - Gaming. Not so much a unique use, but its one that I enjoy doing. I also use Vista for general internetting and the occasional 3D model. However, since its a laptop, I don't do as many things on it because of its limited hard drive capacity (RAM is perfectly fine, although quickly becoming out of date). I also use this one for school. Since its the 8th grade, I can't say I do much complex science on it, but I try from time to time to run something complex on it. 7 - 3D modeling is a big one on 7. Because its much faster than my Vista machine at starting-up and getting out to go, and it also has a much greater memory capacity than the laptop, I use it for 3D modeling in Blender. This is the only computer I can use effectively with Blender Cycles engine, mostly because it runs quite a bit faster using GPU render than CPU render. Here, I do the majority of my artwork, projects, and models. On occasion, I'll use it for gaming, but since I have the gaming laptop for that, I normally don't tend to. As far computer science goes, does website administration count? This is where I do the majority of that. 8 - Testing. I like testing, its fun, so I often try to test programs on my old laptop running Windows 8 Developer/Consumer preview. The developer preview inexplicably wound up never turning back on again, so I just installed the Consumer preview over it. It's a dual boot with Ubuntu, so I get the best of light and commercial software.
  11. The OP states that you're in the market for an artist. Are you still looking for one? In-topicality, I'd like to say that this has definitely grown quite a bit since its inception, congrats!
  12. 2/10 I've seen you before, but only in this thread. You've quite a bit a ways to go before you can claim fame, if only for 15 minutes.
  13. Just to clear things up - For us Americans, it is not illegal for us a minors to enter into a contract. However, if we do enter into one and don't uphold our end, we can't be touched, as we are legally "incapable" of contract-holding. So, at any point, a minor in the employ of Squad for testing could just garble on about the experimentals to non-testers. Sure, Squad would revoke the testing status, but no further action could be taken (even if they wanted to) against the minor for violating a contract he/she isn't legally obliged to uphold. In addition to that, written consent would be a pain to handle and ship across the world, not to mention expensive, especially for a small company such as Squad. You can thank red tape and overzealous legislation, although it is protective towards certain minors who don't understand what the word "contract" actually means. It all boils down to too much work and chance of failure for a little testing job, which is in my opinion too risky to try. DISLCAIMER: The above is not from, nor does it represent, the opinion of SQUAD, Electro-Chango, or any related entity. The above is entirely the research and opinion of the poster, Radion.
  14. Attention, as the Amazing Spider-Mod, protector of [Generic City] in the [uSA Analogue] with [Copyright Infringing Iron Man Knockoff Suit] and [Toxic Spider Webs], I am ready to rule the world.

  15. Radion

    Greetings :>

    Welcome to the Forums! We do hope you enjoy your stay, and if you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to ask the servants Moderator Staff, myself included. Yes, the spacebar is the correct button to launch and to change stages during flight. Be sure that, as Vanamonde said, your fuel can reach the engines, the throttle is up, and that your engines are in the active stage. If they aren't, they won't ignite. Images are always helpful, so try adding those. If you don't know how, don't hesitate to ask. Your Friendly Neighborhood Moderator (the Amazing Spider-Mod), Radion
  16. Yep, I am. Tony Banner with a Spider-themed iron suit and billions of dollars. Here to protect myself, and by extension the world with plasma-webs.

  17. Welcome to the Forums! Enjoy your stay here and be sure to ask us if you have any questions, or tell us of any concerns you may have ("Us" being the Mod Staff, myself included). As for your challenge, the best challenges by my experience are the ones that the author has done himself. Why? Because when you do your own challenge before posting it, you not only prove its possible, but you also have the opportunity to change the challenge into an even better one. Impossible challenges may as well be spam for all the good they do, so always test your challenge to just see if its possible beforehand. So go ahead and have some fun here, be nice, and I promise I won't bite. Your Friendly Neighborhood Moderator (the Amazing Spider-Mod), Radion
  18. Radion


    Welcome to the Forums! Enjoy your stay and please do tell us if you have any questions or concerns. The waiters Mod staff will be happy to help, myself included. Your Friendly Neighborhood Moderator (The Amazing Spider-Mod), Radion
  19. 2/10 Your name sounds familiar, but overall I haven't seen you as often as I think I have.
  20. Sorry for the late reply, I've been quite busy. The questions are in place because of recent spam-bots getting in. You were right, except you forgot Jeb's full name, which is Jebediah. I should probably add that into the question. So, the answer is Jebediah. Thank for being interested!

  21. 9/10 Your nearly everywhere, you just need a few more boards to cover before we can call you omnipresent.
  22. 10/10 You're famous for ridiculously large contraptions and the destruction of small craft as we know them. Quite something to live up to. I meant that I'm a moderator, and I do a lot of looking around.
  23. 0/10 There are lots of people I see as a moderator, but you've managed to go under the radar as far as I can tell from looking at 'ya.
  24. Actually, Blender is quite capable of creating realistic renders, it just takes an experienced Blender user to do it, just as it would take someone fluent in 3DS Max to make a realistic render there. 2) Yes. A planet with not atmospheric hazing just doesn't look right, so it would be a great improvement to make it come out more in the render 3) I wouldn't use the Earth lightmap, as that can lead to a few awkward moments. For instance, you can have Kerbin at rotation that makes it clearly look like the majority of what your seeing is ocean, yet nearly the entire night side is populated by ocean cities somehow. It'd be better if you just created your own map, as it lets you be specific in where the lights are placed. 4) I agree with you on the tilt, it looks nicer, but there are some who will say it is unrealistic.
  25. 3DS Max? Alright then. I'm not sure exactly how it works, since I'm more of a Blender person, so I'll just throw some things out there that can hopefully be done with Max. 1) I'd suggest heavily cutting down or outright removing the stars, as they are unlikely to be seen in an image like that 2) I would also suggest adding a sort of atmospheric haze near the edges of Kerbin, in a bluish-white, or even just blue. This can usually be accomplished with a duplicate sphere scaled slightly larger than the cloud sphere (if that's what your using), then applying z transparency, with a fresnel of about 1.5 to achieve what should be good results. You can tweak the fresnel to whatever you want, though. 3). You really ought to create two textures, one for Kerbin in the daytime and one at night. I don't know how texture blending is accomplished in 3DS, but the night texture should be darkened, probably with purple hues, with the city lights applied to it in bright yellow (and the yellow should dissipate the further it is from the center of the city), not white. 4) You should remove the axial tilt of Kerbin, as in the game it does not have this. In addition, moving the source light down to head-on would increase the similarity to the game. Of course, this is just if you want it to resemble the game. If not, you can keep it as is. 5) The area of Kerbin after the terminator is going to have to be quote a bit darker. Not only does it make Kerbin look nice, but it also adds a layer of realism to the render.
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