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  1. You should make one moon where it has a crater going all the way through like a doughnut if possible. That would be interesting and cool to go through.
  2. Works for me. But one question, are you going to make Gilly, Bop, Pol, and Ike?
  3. Your ship orbiting an asteriod orbiting a moon orbiting a moon orbiting a planet orbiting a star orbiting a bigger star orbiting a black hole. Yep.
  4. all of those crashed ships must have be a trick! don't let them know we are on to them
  5. BvB: Put battery juice in talk-o-matic
  6. If you are taking suggestions could I please have a very fast boat with room for at least one kerbal to walk on board. Thank you.
  7. I check this every 30 seconds to see if there is something new. I'm so excited on what it might be.
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