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  1. Hey man, 1.1 looks to be a massive performance boost! Plus stock clamshell and leaf number choice! Come back!

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    2. Majorjim!


      OMG dude! Hi!

       So good to see you back. Yeah that's how we make open ended fairings. Delete the snapped to part and reload the craft and its magically open ended!

       So much has happened since you left man. I finished my Apollo craft, on my page. I've been using the no offset limit mod which is amazing for reducing part counts and making awesome stuff.  1.1 broke some things too but I think you have an error as the performance in 1.1 is double that of 1.05! It is amazing man. What have you been up to?

    3. GusTurbo


      I was mostly just surprised that fairings could close on something other than a fixed-diameter part. 

      I haven't been up to much, just working full time and devoting my game time to Wii U games like Smash Bros. I think 1.1 will really bring me back in, as it seems to have improved a lot of things that were keeping me away. 

    4. Majorjim!


      I really hope so man. We missed you! Just remember to back up your full KSP file and delete ALL mod folders and Module manager folders and files when testing 1.1. When and if you want to revert back to 1.05 before the 1.1 full release which may be up to three weeks away, delete the KSP folder replaced after opting out and replace it with the copied KSP folder to avoid any issues.

      Have you been reading about the changes in 1.1?

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