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  1. Hey man, 1.1 looks to be a massive performance boost! Plus stock clamshell and leaf number choice! Come back!

    1. GusTurbo


      Yeah! No more potato chips! I downloaded it last night and messed around a bit with fairings, first thing. I found something really cool, too. You can now close fairings on custom structures. So for example, if you make a ring of radiator panels, you can get the fairings to snap closed on the top of that ring. I found this out while building a Saturn V fairing mockup to see if the stock fairings could do it properly. It was a success. 

      As far as performance, I don't think it was running better, but my problems seemed to be graphics related, so I think it could be a driver issue. It was really stuttery on the main menu screen, which never happened before. Anyway, I'm really excited and I might officially be back!

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