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  1. Just excited to get back into KSP.
  2. Thanks to everyone who replied. I found that once I restarted my PC, everything worked as expected with the unwanted engines moved to an inactive stage. Not sure if this is a PC related issue or a bug. As a footnote, I found I could recover more science in less time by flying 4 individual missions as opposed to transporting 4 landers at once (and landing them one at a time).
  3. I created a Munar lander drop ship to carry 4 Munar landers to the Mun and back. Placing the drop ship in orbit and docking the 4 Munar landers went without a hitch (note that I did not use the Munar lander engines before docking). I moved all of the Munar lander engines to their own stage (Stage 3), as all of parts in staging got jumbled after docking, and then proceeded to the Mun using the drop ship engine (Stage 4). All of the Mun landers were undocked, landed on the Mun, and returned to the drop ship. I re-organized the parts staging again and tried to fire up the only the drop ship engine. Unfortunately, all of the engines fire up at the same time now. I tried stage locking with no luck. I know I can shut down each engine individually. With enough forethought, I could set up action groups, but I'm not certain how they would act after docking. Is there any way to shut down an entire stage of engines?
  4. Here's an example where I am controlling from a shielded docking port and targeting a normal docking port. I hope this helps. Thanks again for the great mod!
  5. Refueled my MapSat. Then discarded the tanker.
  6. Hey guys, First off, I love this mod and I have no problems using it on ships with one docking port. On ships with two or more docking ports, I might be doing something wrong. Please let me know. I have 2 docking ports on my ship. One is a Clamp-O-Tron Sheilded Docking Port in the nose. The Second is an Inline Clamp-O-Tron behind the cockpit. I am controlling from the port in the nose. I am targeting the Inline Clamp-O-Tron on my targeted ship. The alignment HUD is reacting as though I am controlling from the Inline port behind the cockpit. I've checked this 3 times to make certain I have the nose port selected as "control from here". Please let me know what you think. Thanks. (I just read that this has been posted before.)
  7. Thanks for posting the link. I'm very excited about the new parts like the science module; the tech tree; and what sounds like the need to set up communications arrays.
  8. This is my second "lifting body." I flew it to my space station and returned. Stability was an issue at launch and I had to stay "on top" of the nav ball to make it go straight up. At just over 10K altitude it calmed down and I leaned it over to 90 to set up rendezvous. Lots of fun to fly. Needs to be trimmed up a little to maintain level flight.
  9. Still playing with this idea. These end up be more like rocket assist gliders than lifting bodies. I'm creating more lift by attaching an extra set of wings on the fuselage at a lower location than the first and them rotating the new wings to "blend" them into the first.
  10. That thing is really cool. Keep up the good work.
  11. Heading to my station now.
  12. Just wondering if anyone else is experimenting with lifting bodies like the old X-24. Here's my first test. I put the center of lift slightly forward of the center of gravity. It floats like a leaf in the wind. My next step is to take it to my space station and return.
  13. I remember my mother sitting me and my sister down in front of the TV and telling us how we were watching history unfold. I was 4 at the time. She said the world would never be the same again. Some years later, my dad signed me out of school to help him deliver a TV he had repaired for one of his customers. We drove to a farm in Lebanon, Ohio and carried the TV into the house. I stood there, wordless and in complete awe as the owner of the farm shook my hand and introduced himself as Neil Armstrong. While Mr. Armstrong didn't live at the farm, his parents did, and he would often come into town to visit. I will never forget that day.
  14. I still need to learn pinpoint landings.
  15. Simple http://i.imgur.com/Yu7mXh1.png' alt='Yu7mXh1.png'>
  16. I just picked up a shirt and 2 mugs.
  17. Only Kerbal Engineer Redux and only during the design phase.
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