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  1. Just now, Perry Apsis said:

    Clearly there's been a lot of melodrama on the part of those who, like myself, are excluded from the fun. At the same time, "Suck it up, life isn't fair," particularly when it isn't preceded by "I'm in the same boat," isn't quite appropriate either. I was very excited by this opportunity. Then I found that I won't get to participate while others will, and yes, it sucks some of the fun out of the anticipation. Ooh, I can't wait until I get to download the release and get to do all the things that other people have been doing and writing about already for a couple of weeks. Those who feel bad about this, like me, should be able to keep a sense of perspective. Nevertheless, Squad should understand that it does hurt feelings and ruins some of the sense of fellowship and excitement. And as for those who say, "Oh, grow up. Now when does that download link appear???" well, part of growing up is learning to empathize with others, and to deal gracefully with luck and privilege, as well as with disappointment. Also, bite me.


    Just now, nosirrbro said:

    Look, this situation is from the perspective of something as trivial as the time an update comes out, and the damage caused by giving us our trivial request is the trivial thing of possible server clogging, which leads to something as trivial as a slower download speed and possibly some downtime, neither of which will really matter that much on the grand scheme of things. However, since we are viewing it on this perspective, the reasoning that you, and we as well, can wait two extra weeks, is invalid since that is the only conflict. If waiting two extra weeks means that, say, the new antannae system or some giant proformance upgrade, then the metric would be different, but it doesn't.

    We payed as much as you did (Well, probably different amounts because it changed alot as time passed, but still), and we want the same privilages. I dont care if you wont use them, that is besides the point.

    Stiff upper lip chaps..

  2. Just now, Robotengineer said:

    But I paid for the right to pre-releases.

    No you did not.. You bought the game 'as is'.. There is not further obligation from Squad. And duuude everyone gets the stable full 1.1 release at the same time. I don't care if I can dl it or not, I most likely wont, I hate constant updates. I can wait two weeks because I am a sensible adult..

    Just now, nosirrbro said:

    Why cant it be fair this time? While it is true that they probably can't handle all the daily updates, they certainly can handle one or maybe two over that period, then the official release. Anyways, they still could be useful as people can submit bugs and then other people who have the newest version can try and reproduce them before the devs are notified to try and fix it.

    Anyways, your really just saying that because you have it on steam and this doesnt effect you.

    I am certain that if they could they would. I won't dl it, I will wait to see what people post to this forum.

  3. Just now, Robotengineer said:

    So the rest of us who don't have Steam just watch the people with Steam have all the fun? There's no reason to screw up community relations (which had been improving btw), especially over something as arbitrary as whether we bought the game from the store or from Steam. 

    Everyone gets the full version at the same time. These butt-hurt grumblings are most likely putting Squad off doing this again, if at all. Please don't ruin it for everyone. They CANNOT do this through the other delivery method. Suck it up, life is not fair sometimes.. :rolleyes:

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