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  1. Just a quick note: I got random hangs on x64, mostly on high time warp, until I uninstalled Distant Object Enhancement.
  2. I've got a contract for anomalous readings on Kerbin, which requires the Multi-Spectral Analysis experiment. Which can't be used on the surface or in the atmosphere. Do I really need to hover above 70km, exactly over the spot to actually complete this?
  3. Looking really good, can't wait! Thank you for making quite a few B9 fans real happy A quick suggestion: consider doing replacements for the stock inline and shielded docking ports, maybe? I'm having daydreams of the B9 Mk2 nosecone opening to reveal a docking port... Also, a MK2 to S2 adapter would be quite useful...
  4. Short answer: I can't model my way out of a paper bag. Longer: Radiative cooling is a function of surface area, and the two smaller ones do have roughly appropriate amounts of external surface per unit of energy produced, if you compare them to the stock RTG. (Besides it's mostly black!) The larger one might have a problem though...
  5. Hi all! I got fed up with the seeming lack of stack-mountable RTGs and rolled my own. Models are shameless clones of the stock batteries, with a quick & dirty partial retexture. They are balanced against the stock RTG, and come in three sizes: 0.625m part: 0.07 mass, 0.55 EC/s 1.25m part: 0.2 mass, 1.5 EC/s 2.5m part: 0.8 mass, 6.0 EC/s Since Spaceport's account creation seems to be broken, here's a download link: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/15506618/stackrtg/DXTR-StackRTGs-1.0.zip Whatever small amount of original content there is, is licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0. The rest is by Squad.
  6. Don't know about KerBlammo, but I've had the problem that when I have robotics parts connected via symmetry to something, sometimes when quickloading or switching from another ship the symmetry is corrupted. I.e. a hinge on the 'left' side now turns upwards when activated, while the corresponding hinge on the 'right' side turns downwards, even though originally they both turned upwards. An almost surefire way to make this appear is to connect a robotics-containing ship with another (not necessarily robotic) via KAS. Additionally, docking a robotics-containing ship with another ship causes (not in all cases, but when it starts to happen it's fully reproducible) the physics to go crazy (space kraken style) and the combined ship to start violently spinning until parts are flung off. I'm relucant to use IR on anything that needs to dock because of this.
  7. Majiir, Really appreciate your work! The consistent thoughtfulness and high quality is really awesome. Can't wait what you and others will make this into now that multiple resources are supported. A suggestion for the deposit generation: maybe allow restricting possible deposit locations by altitude? As in, ore deposits in mountains, compressed kerbosaurs on the sea bottom.
  8. It's an ICBM, economics don't really apply. I guess the purpose is to have as much re-entry speed as feasible to make interception difficult.
  9. Thank you for a really nice mod! This goes with B9 like good wine and cheese Re: engines. Have you thought about implementing a linear aerospike? They're real-world, and I've yet to see a KSP implementation. Also the look would suit your mod perfectly, I believe. Real linear 'spikes can't gimbal, though...
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