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  1. I've seen some general thermal weirdness affecting mods resulting from this last update, but I'll note that FAR doesn't claim compatibility with KSP 1.11 yet so I'd wait for a release.
  2. I'll do that tonight, thanks for the reminder! Edit: It is done. Enjoy the update guys
  3. Well in that case it sounds good. Thank you again!
  4. Published! I also verified that it works on my computer. I'm happy to put this up as-is, but I am somewhat curious as to why you opted to use screenshots of the pages when the originals should have been included in the source. You can also grab them from the Imgur gallery if you want. Not demanding you make the change as it is still perfectly legible, but the pictures could be a little sharper from my perspective (could be wrong, haven't touched Unity in a long time). Again, seriously thank you! This mod is the only one I've made that I feel really adds something to the game and I've missed having it too.
  5. That sounds awesome, thank you for working on this. If you send me a new .ksp file (and your Unity source files if possible) I'll publish it to everything. It's been so long that I honestly don't know my way around Unity to work on this anymore so I really appreciate you doing this!
  6. Nope. I'm not in a position to work on this anymore
  7. You have my blessing, Lisias. I know you'll do great things with this mod. Be nice to the new management, everyone!
  8. Lisias has graciously undertook ownership of this mod! Check out their forum thread for all future updates and announcements:
  9. The plugin is involved with several miscellaneous functionalities, but I have tried to move as much functionality as I can over to existing stock modules (like the hydrogen converter). The plugin handles the following: the hydrogen intake VAB categories and icons for Impossible Innovations The poofing part (you'll still have it, but removing the plugin prevents it from being able to poof) The ionized wing functionality (power drain, extra lift, etc.) Other than those things, Impossible Innovations works just fine without the plugin.
  10. Alternatively, you could delete the Community Resource Pack resource definitions for deuterium and hydrogen entirely. This would leave Impossible Innovations to defining those resources. This solution works, but it will have the game defining the same resources twice. The REAL fix to this problem is to create special "deuterium" and "hydrogen" resources that only the Impossible Innovations parts use. I think I'll actually do that today or tomorrow... Sorry for abandoning this project for a while guys, but I've had more important things to worry about lately. I can't guarantee commitment on this mod in the long term, but I'll touch on it every now and then... if I feel like it. Just so everybody knows, you guys are free to make your own branches of this mod on GitHub as long as you use a compatible license and give me credit. I'm sure this mod could be a lot better under new leadership. But I don't anyone really cares that much Anyways, just a reminder that I'm not all that invested in this anymore.
  11. I'd tell you, but that value is never explicitly defined in the engine module. That's a function of Isp, thrust, and the fuel ratio. I would hop in-game to find that value for you but I'm getting ready for school atm.
  12. All documentation is in GitHub, where you can find the .cfg files as they are in any version. I just checked and the default consumption ratios for all 3 varieties of fusion engine is 0.1. I was also looking through the Community Resource Pack GitHub page, and I found the release where they introduced a deuterium of their own. It is probably more realistic than mine in every way, and for that reason it conflicts. I simply set the density of my deuterium to the density of hydrogen at room temperature... I think. Cause it is an isotope of hydrogen. But I didn't think about pressurized tanks or anything when I did that. The Community Resource Pack's Deuterium is much, much less dense than mine, with a density of 0.000000180. Mine is 0.000972. So the engines are eating up deuterium faster now because it is much less dense than it was. This probably means all your ships are lighter if you have CRP installed. Simply deleting the lines in CRP that define deuterium would fix this, but I don't expect you guys to have to do that.
  13. Lol that's definitely a fix. Sort of reminds me on how I made this mod in the first place! I think I'll make a "special" deuterium resource for this mod in the future, although I feel like this issue is relatively new. I don't know when I'll be willing and able to work on this mod again, though...
  14. From all these issues, I think it might be smart for me to just make my own variation of deuterium as a resource... Something like "II_Deuterium." Cause the name "Deuterium" seems to be stepping all over other mods.
  15. What other mods do you have installed? A screenshot of your GameData folder would be the most efficient way to convey that information.
  16. As amazing as that would be, something like that is way beyond my scope of coding understanding, if it is even possible. The process of making these pages involves making a new scene in Unity and drag/dropping text and images where you want them. I wouldn't know how to make Unity automatically import config files, much less do it on the fly during loading to adapt to multiple planet packs like your idea. It is a great concept, but I'm certainly not the one who is going to understand much about it if it starts getting used.
  17. The batteries themselves do not charge themselves, but the big pod has a weak RTG built into it. Here is the module found in the command pod, which you can copy/paste into any part's .cfg file to apply it to that part: MODULE { name = ModuleGenerator isAlwaysActive = true OUTPUT_RESOURCE { name = ElectricCharge rate = 0.5 } }
  18. Recompiling the code won't solve an issue like that, since engines don't rely on any of the plugins I have wrote. I have not been able to reproduce the issue you speak of, anyway. I would guess that you have another mod installed that has its own deuterium resource or something.
  19. Oh neet. So it isn't the end of the world after all! (I'm still going to fix it btw)
  20. Hey guys I thought I'd let you know about another workaround for the problem of not being able to right-click the hydrogen converter. I found this on accident while testing: You can still right-click on the converter if you do it while in normal time warp (on rails). I have no idea why this is the case, but it should make some of your lives easier.
  21. I'm not the one to ask. Give them a week, it should be done by then.
  22. Version 8.7.6 is out now! Here is the changelog: Updated depended mods in package for those who aren't using CKAN Recompiled code for KSP version 1.2 Increased hydrogen tank capacity from 2000 to 3000 Implemented a rough compatibility with the Community Tech Tree Fixed some parts not loading in KSP 1.2 Re-assigned part VAB categories to make them easier to find in 1.2 Fixed TweakScale configs for the CL-20 Flea engine Fixed TweakScale configs for the Dead Weight At this stage, the hydrogen converters and tanks are still broken. To use the converter, you must operate it though action groups as there is no collision mesh to click on. This is being worked on. I have no idea if this works in 1.2.1, but I know it works in 1.2. I just don't have the time to look into that at this moment.
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