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  1. Oh, him? Yeah, I know him. It’s going to take a while… It happened years ago. Did you know… there are three kinds of aces? Those who seek strength. Those who live for pride. And those who can read the tide of battle. Those are the three. And him… He was a fighter pilot they called “Solo Wing Pixy”. This man was his buddy. << Yo buddy, just look at the view. >> << There’s not much difference between those countries from up here. >> He is the man I seek.
  2. Not much activity... hopefully some Union Jacks would spice things up... *British Grenadiers plays in the background* (dunno why the last flag is bigger... but it works nicely)
  3. Loving this mod... here's my try at a US themed cruiser, the KSS Cloveland. A mix of the Des Moines class and the Cleveland class cruisers. Still working on it, hoping to add railings, a better bow curve, better mast, etc. Might also try to make the seaplane catapults functional.
  4. Testing a rover delivery system destined for Alternis Kerbol's Laythe.
  5. A nice little test drive of my Ma- I mean Duna Excursion Rover, or the DER. Waaay too top heavy though.
  6. A K-34/76 wreck stands alone in the fields of Krussia.
  7. Lynx SPG... 8inch (203mm) cannon. Crew of 3. 30 rounds. Decimates MBT's in 1 shot. Has a little defensive .50 cal turret as well.
  8. I love this game! I'm on the BB Wyoming and the CL Phoenix at the moment. Can't wait to get to tier 5 with the BB New York and the CL Omaha. Barely played any IJN ships yet, waiting for a friend to get his PC fixed up for that. In game name is Rainbowlicious.
  9. USS Langley CV-1 badge as a simplistic KSP flag. And a little something for our Royal friends across the pond.
  10. Test trial of the KSS Koral Sea with a K-22 'Hawk' taking off. 2-3fps, barely flyable... I'm afraid this beauty won't ever touch the waters unless I get above 5 fps with her. I also decided to test out an SPG Paradrop.
  11. The slowest drive-by in history. 400 tons of pure FREEDOM! I love this mod... it's easily moddable and easy to use. The hull parts here are 2x the normal size and work well for cruisers/battleships/carriers and possibly cargo ships too. The only problem I have is that the BDArmory guns are too heavy for the ships and usually capsize them... but I solved that by placing many bitts on the bottom hull of the ships. Add a few blisters after that and the ships are A-OK. Looking forward to future updates!
  12. decided to test out my 8 inch guns while transporting the KSS North Karolina to the seas of Kerbin. Yet these guns aren't the biggest out there... ... this is the biggest. This is the 16 inch gun compared to the normal 8 inch guns + turrets. Custom 2x rescale of the Maritime boat part mod for the hull, lack luster labs for most of the superstructure and parts of the turrets, Kerbal Foundries for the tracks, and BDArmory for the guns (which I modified the included 105mm into 203mm [8 inch] and 406.4mm [16 inch] naval guns) 10fps never felt so good.
  13. Banned for having a worse rep:post ratio than me! Muhahahahahahaha!
  14. Banned for Union Pacific instead of Norfolk Southern.
  15. Banned for figuring out my signature.
  16. I find it very odd that a certain group are... maddened by the fact that these console-people are getting KSP for themselves. This group also tended to be mad when 1.0 came out... and .90, etc. etc. A little pattern is arising. It seems that they're also mad about the 'kiddos' from the PS4 community to plague the forum community... a bit hypocritical, don't ya think? Not to put labels on anyone. Just a little trend I've noticed over the months. Frankly, I don't care if PS4 players get KSP or not, due to the fact that I own no consoles. And if SQUAD loses some dev time (which they will probably not), we have mods, do we not? Hopefully the port is decent enough to not be considered a failure. Good luck to SQUAD and the crew!
  17. Banned for... exploding rocket ships...
  18. Amazing. Fun Fact: The T-72 was a cheaper alternative to the highly effective but expensive T-64 Main Battle Tank.
  19. 8/10 Nice, simple, but the red is a tad annoying. But that's just me.
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