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  1. For some reason I can place some parts once but when i pick it up again i cant place it again and KSP tells me: "Octagonal Strut exceeds the weight that a Kebal can construct with in this gravity". But i was able to place it befor. Is there some kind of Stamina that needs to be regenerated? As you can see in the picture i am able to place the M-2x2 Panel if i didnt placed and picked up befor
  2. I have a frustrating problem. I added Hinges in symmetry mode and want to controll them independent but they only move together. I can add both in the pitch action group or in the KAL-1000 but they always change to the same rotation, settings etc. How do i unlink them or do i really have to add them seperatly without symmetry mode?
  3. @Alewx The F3 menu shows only the stuff after the wings crashed on the runway. Spacetape will just disapear, i tried that already. I will try to attach the wing with a attachmentpoint to the mainbody. maybe it works, if not i activate unbreakable joints for testing.
  4. Ok, I solved my first problem but i got a new one. The welded Wing just pops off like it was never connected after a 5 seconds long frozen screen.
  5. Is there a solution for this bug that causes wrong positions and rotations after welding? I had this really annoying and modbreaking bug since i installed this mod for the first time a few years ago. I am using KSP and UbioWeldContinued-2.3.3
  6. It would be nice if the wheel can be rotated 90° to fold the gear sideway like the picture and the cover can be moved to other positions. The Jet is ja Hawk T1
  7. Hi, im Soundwave and i have some nice replicas to share. I have a YouTube-channel too. Most time i build stock-replicas of real and fictional, but most real, Airplanes. some already build planes: F-117 Nighthawk B-2 Spirit F-22 Raptor F-35 Lightning F-14 Tomcat F-15 Eagle (A/C/Silent Eagle/STOL-MTD) F-16 Fighting Falcon F-18 Hornet F-104 Starfighter SR-71 Blackbird SAAB JAS-35F Draken SAAB JAS-39A Gripen Eurofighter EF2000 Hawk T1 BAC Lightning MK6 Horton HO229 Su-27 C-130 imgur direct link: http://imgur.com/a/PprE1 I'll add more pictures later. YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKX_93ciU649mQbG-yDuzXA KerbalX: https://kerbalx.com/Soundwave Sketchfab: https://sketchfab.com/soundwave/models Twitter: https://twitter.com/SoundwaveKSP
  8. How can i change the serverdifficulty to easy? I want the "Revert Flight" button in flight. I can change the difficulty in the settings but if i respawn i must change it again to easy.
  9. My game crashes every time after the launchloadingscreen if i launch ksp with DMP and B9 Aerospace. But if i have only one mod installed it works. DMP version: B9_Aerospace version: R5.2.1 This is the errorlog: http://puu.sh/bAgq3/e37b35d13c.7z
  10. @godarklight Ok we found the fail. But if we are flying together every minute in my view his plane explode randomly and appears 5 sek after and its raining debris. In his view my plane explode randomly too and appears after a few seconds And can i change the setting that the server dont creates a copy if i hit my friend with a heatseeker oder minigun that he see it that i hit him?
  11. @godarklight The Username of my friend has 4 letters and 3 numbers. My other friend who can connect has 11 letters and i have 9 letters and 3 numbers
  12. @godarklight: I dont understand what you mean with: Windows does not allow you to type certain characters in filenames, and DMP uses the file name as the player name. I know that a colon ':' won't work on windows but will work on a linux server. My friend with the problem use Windows 8. I host on Windows 7 and my other friend who can connect and play on my server uses windows 7 too. Can it happend that win 8 doing the problems? I host often Minecraft with many mods or other gameservers on my pc. I have many mods on my KMP-server. FerramAerospaceResearch SpaceplanePlus BDArmory KAX ImprovedChaseCamera kOS MechJeb2 and a few smaller more
  13. My Friend got this if he try to connect to my hosted server on my pc He get disconnectet because the server cant handle the Handshake_request http://puu.sh/bdqQC/d84007cd01.jpg This is in the consol: http://puu.sh/bdqL9/d25c89e27c.png A other friend can connect and play on my server. We are connectet with LogMeInHamachi. Can anyone help me? I cant find something with Google
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