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  1. I've found a little time to do some modeling recently, so here's some pictures of what might be in store:

    First, preview of new VASIMR models:


    Next, an interesting expanding curved solar array (2.5 -> 7.5m)


    The old Orion solar arrays, a much requested item:


    The NASA asteroid tug solar array (connection method not quite worked out yet)


    And lastly, an idea for a low-profile skeletal high-strength docking port (no crossfeed allowed) for orbital construction. Probably not quite final yet.


  2. Ah, awesome. I'll do that.

    - edit: Ok, so I tried this... and yes, that worked. Stuff loaded in the VAB. However, of course, changing the scene to Flight cleared everything again. So reload in flight? Nope, now my saved ConfigNode is empty!

    So in summary:

    - Loaded data in OnLoad(), saved the whole module's ConfigNode to a public variable

    - Data reloads manually just fine in the VAB/SPH

    - Data does *not* reload in flight because the ConfigNode is empty.

    So I'm just generally scratching my head on how all this works now.

  3. I've looked around a bunch and haven't really been able to find any documentation on this.

    Essentially I have a new PartModule that I would like to contain a few new blocks similar to PROPELLANT blocks. The goal would be something like this:

    name = VariableISPEngine
    EnergyUsage = 180

    UseDirectThrottle = false

    name = ArgonMode
    key = 0 6
    key = 1 22
    key = 0 12000
    key = 1 3200
    name = HydrogenMode
    key = 0 1.9
    key = 1 6
    key = 0 26500
    key = 1 5250


    Now, I've got that working about halfway, then I got stuck. Based on the documentation I've collected, I can successfully load the above data by reading it into an implementation of ConfigNode.

    public class VariableEngineMode : IConfigNode
    public string name = "";
    public string fuelType = "";
    public FloatCurve thrustCurve = new FloatCurve();
    public FloatCurve ispCurve = new FloatCurve();

    public VariableEngineMode()
    public VariableEngineMode(ConfigNode node)
    public void Load(ConfigNode node)

    if (node.name.Equals("VARIABLEMODE"))
    ConfigNode.LoadObjectFromConfig(this, node);
    if (node.HasValue("name"))
    name = node.GetValue("name");
    if (node.HasValue("fuelType"))
    fuelType = node.GetValue("fuelType");
    if (node.HasNode("ThrustCurve"))
    thrustCurve = new FloatCurve();

    if (node.HasNode("IspCurve"))
    ispCurve = new FloatCurve();


    public void Save(ConfigNode node)
    ConfigNode.CreateConfigFromObject(this, node);


    Then load it via my PartModule's OnLoad() section. This code performs fine at load time - that is, I can read out the members of engineModes and they are correctly populated during the KSP loading scene.

    public override void OnLoad(ConfigNode node)

    ConfigNode[] nodes = node.GetNodes("VARIABLEMODE");
    engineModes = new List<VariableEngineMode>();
    foreach (ConfigNode n in nodes)
    VariableEngineMode mode = new VariableEngineMode(n);
    this.moduleName = "Variable ISP Engine";

    The issue - Once ingame and the part's OnStart() runs, engineModes is back to an uninitialized, empty List. I've also tried doing in with a builtin array with no luck.

    So, what am I missing? I feel like there could be some step between OnLoad and OnStart that I need to specify, but I can't find info.

  4. I have two problems that I can't seem to solve.

    The first is that my legs are always resting at the point where the Wheel Collider hits the ground, even if the legs retract, they still hover above the ground. It seems like for whatever reason that game is using the Wheel Collider as a normal collider. I've made sure that both my pistonCollider and wheelCollider are in the proper place in the heirarchy.

    Secondly, my pistons always want to retract to the upper suspension limit if there's any weight on them at all. I can see them move around if I hack gravity, but when I'm on the ground they instantly slide to the upper limit. I've tried changing the spring and damper values to several different things, but that doesn't seem to solve the problem.

    Did you ever solve this? I'm having the exact same problem, with (as far as I know) everything correct.

  5. Just looked at the title...

    EDIT:Wait, how is the PPD-24's IVA?


    I've always really liked the style of your parts and I must say, that IVA is absolutely gorgeous. I have been radially attaching the B9 Mk2 Cockpit (with RPM) as a bridge for larger vessels, but when you full release that pod, I think my cruisers are going to have to get upgraded :D

    A kinda cheeky aside (as, much as it pains me to say it, I can't say I'm a massive fan of ion engines at the moment), how easy will it be for users to change which resources are displayed on the small rectangular screens? I'm guessing they're just specialised RPM displays so it'd just be a matter of me playing around with a text file?

    Glad you like it! It should be easy enough to change them to anything supported by RPM just by editing the cfg file that defines the prop. Just change a few lines.

  6. I will probably follow the way most people do it, with a stock cockpit including a RPM patch via ModuleManager. However, don't expect it to work well without the displays, because that's how I am designing it.

    Anyways, remodeled the interior. I am pleased to report that it looks better and has 100% less random holes and mesh smoothing errors than the one that's currently in NFP.

    Props are now even more almost done (added action group switches, finished the last pair of RPM screens, added advanced power display monitors), all that remains in the todo list is models for the various cabin lights and for the aft hatch. I will begin actually texturing the interior shell today too..


    At some point I actually have to make some proper pages for the RPM displays too.

  7. yesyesyesyesyesyesyesyes

    Nertea, you're making me impatient by showing off all your wip pics :P

    Have you done anything for the itinerant so far or is that still in planning? I have to say that i love your ideas for battery slots, both in the itinerant and the battery packs.

    I haven't done anything, no. My idea is essentially a MFD panel panel near the door for cameras only, and a couple of general resource MFDs near the large internal window with the RTG. The rest would be styled similarly to the Hitchhiker, but with more props hanging around (O2 bottles, batteries, etc) as opposed to snack containers.

    Progress report: all the buttons!


  8. MPDTs, being ionic, require gaseous hydrogen. NTRs, being thermal, can use liquid hydrogen. While they both use hydrogen, the form and consequently fuel density is considerably different. It's simply not possible to do without wholly reworking several things. Besides, Nertea has stated that he has no interest in doing NTRs with NFP so it's not likely to see anything in the near future. haha, I see what I did there.

    There's no real... reason that you can't handwave a gasifier into the MPDT ;P. If the HydrogenGas wasn't treated as liquid volume-wise, well, we'd have problems.

    Nert already showed off some cool base tubes earlier in this thread.

    More towards Nertea: You're kind of diverging in two different directions with the lander/CSM craft and base parts, and with NFP. Personally, I think it might be time to consider starting a second pack as the former feels out of the scope of NFP. Now, I'll still download your stuff no matter what, and if I had money I'd be throwing it at you, but the CSM craft and base tubes don't feel like they fit in NFP. It might be that time for you to get yourself a second thread. :D

    If you have a dig around in the thread, you'll see that I'm probably going to split things up. I'll still keep it in one thread though. Near Future Technologies ;).

    My thoughts, for what it's worth:

    There's plenty of NTR mods, I'd be more interested in a compatibility patch to make FtMN and the stock ones use the NFP fuels kinda like how they're supposed to run on hydrogen. I'd do it but I don't know how to even start balancing something like that.

    Base/station parts are what I'd personally like. Especially if I can use them as replacement parts for Station science's welded stock parts. I think he's still looking for a modeler, actually.

    As far as compatibility goes, being able to use modularfueltanks might be neat, can't think of anything else really. I basically use NFP because it's more focused than Interstellar.

    All good ideas :).

  9. Working on the IVA for the Mk3-9 pod. Don't know if it will make it into the next NF update, but we'll see.


    Each pilot gets four screens! The top one will likely be a fuel display, and the others some variant of 'full' RPM displays. The centre top area is dedicated to various indicators and some digital readouts. You've got your abort and RCS/SAS switches in the centre as well. The mini screen will be a navball-only RPM-thing.

    Remaining: cabin/instrument light switches and general prop switches in the space between each pilot's two indicators, a bunch of analog 'backup' stuff on the roof, action group switches, then final texturing!.

  10. Nert, if you're not going for the NTR stuff, I have two half finished engines that I've been tweaking around on between other projects. The one is a LANTR slightly smaller than the LV-N, the other is a heavy gas core lightbulb with ISP around 1200. Maybe we can work out something and make them like an addon to NFP or something IDK. Not quite sure what to do with them atm.

    I'd love to see them at least. If they're cool (which of course they are) I might start work on the code for NTRs as I described to at least support your engines.

    It seems that weird stuff happens if you attach a FissionGenerator to a part containing a regular ModuleEngine (such as the LV-N). However, ModuleEngineFX does not seem to share these problems. Perhaps you could try deleting the LV-N's ModukeEngine and replacing it with a ModuleEngineFX?

    Yes, there might be some issues if you try using it with ModuleEngine versus ModuleEngineFX. There might be issues anyway though :P.

    I tried literally sketching it, but I suddenly epic fail at perspective. Here's a quick model mockup:




    Alright, cool, cool. I'll see what I can do sometime. Again requires plugin work, so time will be long.

    One part i would love is a type of landing leg that deploys a wheel rather then a flat bottomed pad. That way, a lander can wheel around and connect with other habitats without being unsightly with legs and random wheels sticking out.

    This is a good idea, but involves both of two finnickiest modules in all of KSP put together into one part! The horror... :P.

    I'm going away for two weeks, but this all looks good now. I'll work on station/deep space parts when I get back, get some concepts going. I already have some rough sketches.

  11. Can I try a hand at the design? The problem with ionocraft is that while the technology itself is feasible, it hasn't seen any development outside of enthusiast circles. Some designs claim as much as six grams of thrust per watt right now - rivaling that of electric-powered propellers. So any design will have to be primarily theoretical anyway. I was thinking of a folding honeycomb with 7 cells (one center, six around), mounted on a lightweight carbon-composite frame.

    You can have a shot at a sketch if you like, if I like it, I'll model it and such.

  12. Dunno. It'd certainly require new code.

    Also, could we have a solar panel similar to 4x2 high efficiency solar panel, but about 2x larger? It looks like solar panels on Zarya and MIR modules, but it's too small to actually be used for them. BobCat only modeled panels for the MIR code.

    Indeed, this and the radiator (the big universal one could use KAS compatibility, and slight resizing, but is otherwise perfect for ISS) would be amazing additions to Community ISS pack. Would you consider making a contribution?

    More solar panels will probably come along eventually, I do them when I want to relax :). The parts are all under a CC-attribution sharealike (noncommercial) license, so you're easily free to make modifications and include them in the ISS pack if you want.

    you can just take one of the six way hubs and make one with the help of action groups.

    also, I think this was suggested before and shot down.

    Haha, that would really be the hard way. Electric RCS was not trivial to make, and needed the help of a plugin which I did not understand at the time.

    I have a couple of part suggestions.

    1. A truss dockport. Currently, making a truss for space-based assembly is awkward.

    2. Truss fuel tanks. Would be nice to have LFO and Monoprop tanks in octotruss format.

    3. Electric RCS. I suggest using ion and perhaps MPD thrusters in advanced RCS blocks. They would be pretty large, but efficient, not to mention they'd be able to share fuel with your main engines, which is the most important reason I want them.

    1. Not a bad idea, what might it look like?

    2. LFO is coming (needs to be textured), and there's going to be a "support" truss with monoprop and electrical storage.

    3. PTFE-fueled pulsed plasma thrusters for small satellites and larger MPD RCS for larger ships will probably come along eventually. I will indeed be finishing up the Propulsion section of NFP before I start on this

    Here's my thoughts:

    Deep Space Ship Parts: This is neat, and could possibly be quite interesting, but I think that for Near Future Propulsion, what we already have in regards to Deep Space functioning is quite enough. As a separate project, with perhaps some new science options thrown in, this would be nice.

    Station Parts: This links with the next option, and I think that it'll make a good replacement for the Deep Space parts for NFP proper. Being able to make large stations both in orbit and on the ground will expand the mod's functionality even further. I suggest adding KAS integration to this, because it's one of the best things for any base-side operations.

    I guess what will happen is a rename to Near Future Technologies or similar, with a Propulsion subpack.

    ORS Integration: ORS is what powers Kethane, so of course it'd be a great addition. Many of my designs' worth was measured by how large of a mining rig they could fly, and where they could land it. It's a must for any station parts packs as well.

    ORS powers KSPI, Kethane is not the same. Integrating with ORS might need me to make some code contributions to pretty up the planet resource render too.

    Keep Making SEP/NEP Parts: There are barely any more things I would like to see here, but one. I'd still like to see your take on advanced Ionocraft, for atmospheric probes and other such things. I think it's the only really original electric engine you have left to add here.

    Haha, I know you want it, but I don't have a design I like yet. I'll do it when I've figured it out ;).

    I didn't mean to offend. Your parts are awesome and fit well with the rest of the game. Landers are my favorite things to build and I agree a lander using those engines is pretty wrong... but that's why I attempted it just to see if it could be done at all.

    It wasn't really about landing capabilities but more the big gap between the standard VASIMR and the big one. Seems like a VASIMR that uses between 500-2000 ec/s with whatever thrust range seems balanced might be appropriate to fill a slot between the two.

    No offense at all! I just meant that it's not the greatest argument to get me off my lazy ass and redo the models :P.

    You perked my interest when you mentioned an inline command pod for interstellar vehicles. IMO there's a distinct lack of them and I'm kind of interested to see what you had in mind.

    Yeah... I don't know exactly yet either. I would like something in the 2.5m size class of slightly-larger than hitchhiker size, with good visibility to look at my awesome ship. Something vaguely cylindrical would be likely, I envision this being the kind of thing you would put the duty crew members in while everyone else hung out in the centrifuge. The IVA would look something like the ISS's control center areas. Other than that, it will require some sketching to work out the details.

  13. I think this would be a tremendous advantage to players running many different mods, where redundant parts are not just a cosmetic issue but actively gobble RAM that could be better put to use loading other parts. It would also greatly streamline the process of trying to craft a coherent modded gameplay experience. Ostensibly nothing would keep a player from downloading a heavily part-bloated mod and simply trimming out or manually adjusting most of its parts; but do that with five to ten different ones, and merely trying to update one mod becomes a nightmare.

    This process has already begun - if you've had a chance to look at the folder structure for version 0.41 or 0.42 of NFP, you'll note that there are a number of subfolders like Nuclear, SolarPanels, Truss, etc. That's how the unfinished CSM stuff snuck in by accident. So the splitting has already begun! It's just not ready for separate downloads yet, possibly by the time I get to version 0.5 or thereabouts.

    So, after building a lander last night using your parts I have some thoughts (Yes I know they're not for that, but Kerbal, point is doing stuff outside of what its for. Used four nukes, 4 XL PITs, 2 dual hall thrusters and a bunch of Argon. ~7 km/s deltaV. first version using 2 nukes and 3 PITs worked but wasn't fun to fly. Btw these should do every airless planet and moon except Tylo as lacking thrust to weight ratio):

    I wanted to use xenon rather than argon because the transfer ship uses a VASIMIR and it drinks from the lander in a kind of annoying way and turning off crossfeed at the docking node doesn't stop it. But Xenon was a no-go because I couldn't generate a sane amount of thrust with any of those engines, or I couldn't bolt enough of them on even though I had the power for them. Seemed to me everything runs on argon.

    Reason I used the reactors rather than a pile of capacitors is I couldn't figure out a good way to trigger a large stack of successive capacitors without using up all of my action groups. Some sort of auto triggering like dtobi has for fuel tanks would be cool. Once battery hits 10% it triggers the next cap in line.

    Was really, really wanting for a VASIMIR model that wasn't huge. Being able to vary the thrust-ISP balance would make the lander idea a lot more interesting and maybe put Tylo on the table because you could crank up the thrust then dial it down as soon as you had enough altitude. Especially with that link variable thrust engines option you have already implemented I think it would be fly-able. I may try a different design with the existing small ones but I don't think their top-end thrust is good enough as it's just like the PIT. One that started about 8 KN and stopped at 50-75 KN would be really cool, though no idea what the power requirements would have to be in order to be balanced. All the power from a MX-4 would be fine... and convenient. :)

    I'm always torn with posts like this... see, I don't really like the idea of building landers with ion engines, it's so horribly wrong that it offends my sensibilities, just a personal peeve that's the result of KSP's handling of them. Not that I care really what you do with them, but posts worrying about landing capabilities (especially on Tylo!) always make me go meh :P.

    That being said, a redo of the VASIMR models is in the cards, and the result would probably end up being more compact than the current ones.

    I hope so, however, I have my doubts regarding the sanity/fitness mods currently in development. KeepFit is the only one with an actual release (I've seen little evidence that the others have progressed beyond the "concept"/early development phase), and unfortunately I'm rather disappointed with several aspects of Timmer's mod. It considers only the spaciousness of the module in which the Kerbal is located rather than the craft as a whole, it uses fixed qualitative rather than quantitative variables to define spaciousness, and there is no consideration of the number of Kerbals sharing a given space. The other mods (seemingly stalled in early development) appear to be plagued by overly complicated ideas and un-fun gameplay mechanics. Anyway, for the time being, I've crafted a hacked up version of TAC Life Support that serves my purposes (a resource named "CrewHealth" is consumed and converted to "CabinFever", which can be recycled to CrewHealth with sufficient "Living Space" modules, which I have added to Porkjet's inflatable habs). I certainly understand that you'd rather not dabble too much in the coding side of things, and I don't blame you, but I hope that one of these days someone with good gameplay instincts decides to tackle the issue.

    Could be an option for development at some point. There's a number of issues with any system designed to tackle this that are not easy to work with, such as UI space, logical monitoring, player transparency... creating a system that's both intuitive and has the depth you want would be quite a challenge.

    On the poll note, looks like Deep Space and Station/Surface Base parts are winning pretty handily, so I'll probably start trying to get some of my ideas sketched on paper.

  14. Honestly what I'd love from an additional truss pack is some 1.25m trusses that are actually 1.25m throughout, rather than the "smaller than 1.25m but with an adapter piece" ones that are stock. I just want something I can join a standard sized Clamp-O-Tron to without it looking weird or needing an adapter truss.

    It's not the most interesting part set, but it might happen :P. Maybe I can find a way to make it exciting.

    Some thoughts:

    Some thoughts on your thoughts ;):

    NTRs: NTRs synergize very well with the existing NFP pack. However, attractive stock-alike NTR models are already available in Kommit's pack, and it's easy enough to configure them to use NFP's resources (see my ModuleManager config in your other thread), so I would only rate this as a moderate priority.

    Yes... this is pretty contingent on me finding some way to make any NFP NTRs different both graphically and mechanically than Kommitz's and even KSPI's. Don't want to step on any toes ;).

    Structural Trusses: I already use "TurboNisu aesthetic parts pack" for additional small and mid-sized stock-alike truss pieces/adapters, which I feel provides a reasonably complete set. However, I would love to see just a few more variations on your large octagonal truss set. For example, a version with a crew-containing tube down the middle (for integration with Connected Living Space) and a "truss bay" with opening doors (similar to Porkjet's).

    That version with a crew tube is something I've already mocked up, actually. I'd also consider a half or quarter-sized octagonals.

    Deep Space Ship Parts: I think I like this idea, but I'd like to hear more about specifically what you have in mind.

    It's hard to say, but ring-type solar panels, for one. More crew-type modules specifically designed for space rather than atmosphere use would also be in the cards, say a larger observational module than the cupola, and an inline command pod styled as a control center. The limit is that everything cool that I can think of needs IVAs, which take forever to do. Probably what I'll do is try to build a few deep space ships in stock and see what I'm missing ;). Definitely some overlap with crew tubes planned for station base sets.

    ORS Integration: I've actually already done a bit of this using ORS, BahamutoD's Drills, and a ModuleManager file. However, I would advise caution, as I believe many people (myself included) prefer NFP over KSPI largely because NFP does not dramatically alter the "feel" of vanilla gameplay. If you go for ORS integration, I recommend two things: (1) keep it simple, (2) limit it such that ISRU is only useful/practical in a select few situations.

    Yes, that would be the goal - keep it very simple, with essentially a single part designed to extract a single resource, and it would be strictly additional, so you would not need to do any mining to get the stuff, just as an advanced option. Nothing more complicated than Kethane.

    Keep Making SEP/NEP Parts: Sure, why not. In particular, I'd love to get a couple more large hydrogen tanks.

    That and a few more 2.5m engines are basically what's on my todo list. Plus a remodel of the VASIMRs sometime.

    Microwave Power Transmitters/Receivers: Months ago I believe you

    indicated an interest in creating such parts. Given how exceptional your solar panel models are, I'm sure you could make some wonderful transmitters & receivers. I also believe the gameplay mechanics involved would synergize very well with the rest of the NFP pack.

    Always in the back of my mind, but haven't hashed out exactly how I want it to work. It's also a lot of programming :S. I don't mind the art, but the programming is no fun!

    In Regard to Station Modules, Surface Base Parts, & Connected Living Space: I appreciate that this may be well outside the scope of what you're interested in taking on yourself, but I would love it if someone would give us a reason to care about having sufficient living space for crew, and, moreover, a reason to have a crew of >1 Kerbal in the first place. In my opinion this is the single biggest "unfilled niche" in the KSP mod community.

    It is indeed outside of my scope, but with CLS and a few other mods I saw in development, that might not be on your wishlist for long. There's that crew fitness one, and a sanity thing I saw in development that might fill what you need.

  15. Deep space ship parts and station/base parts seem pretty tied at the moment, perhaps you could divide your effort between those?

    I actually voted for new tech tree nodes, though it might be best to work on those after this pack contains a greater variation of parts.

    As I understand it, new tech nodes wouldn't be too long to do. Waiting is indeed a good option, but luckily most of the options in the poll would fall into tech nodes covered by the current NFP parts, with the exception of possibly a few new structural nodes and some NTR nodes. Therefore I could implement a tech tree and then spend time filling it out.

    I wish I there was an 'all of the above' option, but I don't want to add too much to your workload. :P

    I would really like to see more station parts. I think there's still an unfilled niche for parts designed for planetary base-building.

    Luckily for you, I do want to do everything! I just can't decide what to start with :P.

    I'm glad nobody is voting for the two boring options yet! Hehe.

  16. So, I have a large amount of stuff I'd like to do with NFP, now that the primary mission is complete (barring a couple more parts in some areas and some fixes to existing parts). To that end, I added a poll to the thread - feel free to vote. I want to do *all* of these, the poll would only reflect priority really. Multiple choice was enabled, so let me know what *your* priorities are.

    Here's a detailed description of the poll options.

    NTRs: this is pretty dependent on finding some art designs I like, but sometimes I get these PMs and I'm slowly warming to the idea. I think it would be a set of several engines in various size categories using my nuclear resources. Some would be bimodal, some unimodal... some mechanics with radiators would be included for bimodal power generation, these would set them apart from Kommitz's FtMns. There could be some liquid core and some solid core (and maybe gas core? but there's like no way to balance those in KSP, they're too awesome).

    Structural Trusses: Well, I made some trusses that people like. Why not make more? This would include a 0.625m truss set to fit with cubic octagonal struts, maybe a few more bits to fill out the stock 1.25m trusses, maybe some more additions to my octagonal set.

    Deep Space Ship Parts: This comes out of that landing CSM that I've done. I like the CM, and wouldn't mind making some more parts that are oriented towards a nearly futuristic deep space ship. One thing that might fall into here is deployable ring solar panels (cool, they would be). And more things.

    Station Parts: Because Connected Living Space is pretty cool, I'm interested in making some base parts like the mockup earlier in this thread. This would probably take the form of structural and crew-containing tubes, with a couple of crewed hub-type pieces in a stockalike style. This also might include some landing legs that look more 'permanent' than the stock ones.

    ORS Integration: This is a big one. I've been trying to work out other uses for all the electrical stuff other than engines, and the only options tend to be science and ISRU. Additionally, some time ago I promised Fractal some mining parts (and a magnetic nozzle, whose model I still hate) for KSPI, and I'm considering moving those potentially as a download for the ORS system. A number of variously-sized drills, scanners and processors that could be used by people who want ORS implementations would be the thing here. A set of these with specific properties would become part of Near Future for extracting HydrogenGas, XenonGas, ArgonGas and EnrichedUranium. I call this the "most useful to the community" option.

    Tech Tree: A new set of endgame nodes for Near Future! This would allow a decent amount more balancing leeway with the various engines.

    Compatibility Integration: The most boring option. Spending some time providing an alternate set of cfgs for various compatibility, for mods like RealFuels, RSS and KSPI. I'm willing to farm this off to anyone else :P.

    Keep Making SEP/NEP Parts: Ok, ok, I'll get back to what I was doing :P.

    So, feel free to comment, or add ideas to these categories, or such things. I'm interested to see what people would be excited about.

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