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  1. i don't have the time to play KSP anymore at the moment (newborn, house etc) but i for sure will buy the DLC, even if i won't be able to play it the next year(s). I spend soooooooooooo many hours in this game, i like to see it still around in couple years. Which won't happen if the company doesn't make money in some way.
  2. ok... russian stream nicer grafics on simulation but NASA shows also live footage from rocket^^ watching both at the same time is best option :D
  3. same stream, just in english from NASA for all that don't speak russian German Gerst on board, so.... hype t- 20min
  4. as i don't have KSP on steam i don't know my hours spend, but i guess a bit above 500 easy. Alot of time for $23. So, yeah, i would even spend the 10€ for the DLC even if i wouldn't play it much anymore... Some companies just deserve their earning, and i think KSP belongs to that. EA/Ubicrap f.e. i don't even copy anymore^^
  5. just because KSP guys are one of the few that are fair to their users i would already buy the expansion pack (was late with Oct. 2013^^) Every other company that charges $15 in US also charges €15 or (symbol for pound)15 ..... I even can't remember if a company ever used the exchange rates. Btw .... is there still a way to connect KSP with steam, even if bought on website? Miss the "hours wasted with exploding rockets" funktion
  6. someone put together 4 different landing angels and synced the audio . Careful with headset on loud!!!
  7. watch the video on chris g twitter.. that sound is .. wow
  8. rewatched now booster sep about 10 times.... thats sooooo awsome.
  9. aaawwwwsome... i'm crying... 40 years and crying about a rocket start
  10. that will be the launch of the year or the biggest explosion of the century
  11. first bottom then top seperation? Sounds like half korolev cross?
  12. yes .. please Or ... define "gone wrong" ... if "gone wrong" equals big kerbal style launch explosion, please watch^^
  13. 7000+ already on the live stream..... lets see if it gets above 100k
  14. aaahhh.. see the mistake.. launch window opens at 18:30 UTC (1:30pm EST)... so they take the end of the launch window ^^ will be at work anyway at that time, so.... keep youtube open from lunch till i go home ^^
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