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  1. You don't really need Horizons for anything except planetary landings. But for me, personally, it's a must have. I got spoiled by Frontier and First Encounters, and I like flying around planets, driving rovers, and such. Not that there's much to find tho.
  2. I am of the opinion that airlift for providing supplies should be used in emergency situations, when time is more important than efficiency, like immediately after a large disastrous event (earthquake, big fire...) but should not be the sole provider of emergency logistics. As soon as there are other means of providing relief, airlift capability should be redirected to another hotspot, or put in "storage" for some other emergency. On the other hands, centralized (planetary) relief force would need to rely almost completely on airlift, due to the fact that every other transportation method is too slow. So, is it better to have multiple local relief forces, instead of one global? And how much time and funds is one willing to spend on a relief force that is redundant? Overall, I guess it's a question for an economist
  3. Lately, Mass Effect, again. Other than that, I still have an X-COM campaign to finish, Elite:Dangerous to get back to eventually, pending better Internet connection... Extremely occasional World of Tanks (I play a few games then drop it again for a few months...) and, even rarer, League of Legends, when I have company to play with
  4. New ideas, and giant leaps come when you have a good engineer, and have him confronted with a difficult problem, usually.
  5. I'd rather say you need to have people who are trained engineers, yet keep the creative streak of a borderline insane artist. To not be afraid of thinking ouf of the box, yet to know enough about nature and engineering to apply that for the benefit of mankind (We're talking STEM right?). But in general, yes. Ordinary minds look at ordinary things in ordinary way. Extraordinary minds look at extraordinary things in ways ordinary minds look at ordinary things, and look at ordinary things the way ordinary minds look at extraordinary things.
  6. Sorry for a late reply gang, I was only interested in getting that kind of T-shirt for myself, since nobody else of my friends is really interrested in KSP, I didn't intend to make any profit on it myself. What I was wondering is how could I get it, and if it would violate anyones copyright, for instance the guy who first posted it and (I'm guessing) made it, or Squads, or both.
  7. I saw it Tex, but there wasn't one with the picture I linked available. Thx for linking anyhow, I was lazy
  8. I've found here a very nice picture, and I was wondering what are the odds of it ending up on a KSP T-shirt, and if I would be violating any rights if I just printed it myself. Also, does the money from selling existing stuff (shirts, hoodies, coffee cups (I've gotta get me one!)) and similar stuff go to Squad at least in some part?
  9. For what is worth, I'm not sure you should dread the Realism Overhaul so much. It's not as gamey as stock KSP, but it has it's own niche. If you feel the stock game became too easy, and you wish for additional challenges... well, you start adding mods: Life support; engines with limited ignitions; ullage sim; no overpowered gyros... once you feel comfortable with all that, you jump into the Solar system, and say: "We choose to go to the Moon..." and then do your thing. It's, in my experience, much slower to play through than the stock game, especially if you disable reverting, but, once you actually DO something, it hits you like a rush! My first docking in Kerbin orbit: "Wow, I did it! Let's build a space station!" My first docking in Earth orbit: "Whew, I didn't mess up! Could I perhaps do this again?"
  10. My current wallpaper: Errr... does this thing work?! nvm: http://imgur.com/a/hirSL
  11. I once stayed up for about 56-60 hours, during some LAN party at a friends house... afterwards, when I crashed, tomorrow morning they decided to be funny by throwing a puppy into my rack. I was so nervous from being woken (by a puppy licking my face!) that I barely restrained myself from killing the poor beast. I still get the chills when I think about that. Never again! Besides, once you start with regular work hours, and have to get up at 6am every working day, it kinda stops being interresting to pull an all nighter, and just stars being frustrating, when you can't think at work, and are more asleep than awake
  12. I deeply envy you bugless guys. I just had another crash and decided to call it a day. I wish I could find what the catch was. I tried changing resolution, detail level, GPU drivers, chipset drivers, I updated my BIOS to the latest version, verified game files (it always find some two files that are bad and redownloads them...) and still the game crashes. The only thing I haven't done yet, was to try it on a different system. I'm on 8.1 x64 currently.
  13. For me, it crashes. I'd say less than 1.1.2, but still does. On stock install, completely free of mods, it takes the longest to crash, but it does. Mostly in VAB, when trying to do something. With mods, and I only have a few, like KJR, KER and KAC, it crashes more often, after about 1-2 hours of game play. For instance, I was in VAB yesterday, trying to remove one LV-T45 engine from my tourist shuttle, and the game crashed to windows, the kind of crash that doesn't generate a crash report folder, I see those almost exclusively, to the point that I was surprised when I had a plain old regular crash yesterday, that actually generated the crash report folder xD All in all, it's playable, in stock. I miss a bunch of mods, since I like playing with life support and cryoengines and similar stuff, but... well, it's still a great game!
  14. I used to run it exclusively through Steam until a couple of days ago, when I tried it without. Works much better. Crashes are much rarer, tho they still occur. I guess it is running out of steam
  15. Yes, but if your only exhaust is a high speed hydrogen, for shorter burns it might actually be worth it, I think. I'm not really too sure if even NERVA gives sufficient performance for radical changes in long distance flying. For anything we might want to pay a visit to, you'll still have an incredibly long coast phase, so, why bother with a nuclear power source, when you'd most probably be using it for only a short time during the flight anyway?
  16. What if we used a basic NERVA design, with, instead of using a nuclear reactor, we used some other source of heat, like PBAN, perhaps? Would that even work?
  17. Try to install Malwarebytes Antimalware. It could help.
  18. Guys, I'm using a heavily modded x64 on Windows 8.1, with 6GB RAM A4-5300 AMD CPU with integrated GPU, and had a lot of crashes until I disabled Steam's ingame overlay. Just went into options, and disabled it completely. It actually crossed my mind that overlays could be a problem when a Viber desktop client popup crashed my game, even when I was in "Full screen" mode. Anyone else tried this?
  19. A question: Would we even be able to recognize another sentient species, even if it was, for instance, on Titan? What if the technological difference is so large, and they took different approaches that we haven't even imagined possible, that we don't even realise they are there? And the same question in reverse, would they even be aware of us?
  20. You actually have one in one of Roverdude's mods, not sure which one tho. Works on monoprop, has 585s ISP, and uses power. Also, another one, 1300s ISP, and a power hog.
  21. Duna huh? :-D Anyway, I think it'll fly, maybe unmanned to the Mun, for a test flight, sort of a publicity stunt to say "There, see, we did something!" BTW, imagine if they called that space station "Minmus" :-D
  22. Considering you're already using RF, maybe you might add procedural parts to it? It has a procedural solid rocket motor in it, you can make it any size you wish.
  23. @ShotgunNinja What if instead of doing occasional spot checks for malfunctions you made a script that semi - randomizes MTBF for each part at launch, or assembly, and just breaks it at MTBF +/- 10% time? Another thing: Could we use KAS&KIS to replace faulty parts on craft in orbit? Will Kerbalism accept that as a functional part then?
  24. A couple of days ago, I was returning my 2.2t probe from Mun flyby, with 2.5m heat shield strapped to the bottom of it, and Pe of about 35km. My Materials bay burned and exploded. Should I set lower periapsis perhaps?
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