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  1. Excellent mod! Thanks for adding the ability to change home planets. This should really help with time consuming station resupply missions.
  2. Yeah I had the same issue with the moon. There was about 150-200m discrepancy between what mechjeb/visual observasion gave as the altitude and the point at which the craft impacted. Removed principia and it fixed the issue. Which is a shame cos it's an awesome mod.
  3. Some of the heat scaling is quite off; for example if you scale down the 2to1 adapter to its smallest, it will explode from heat damage at normal outside temperatures. Same with other structural parts.
  4. Just a note on some of the contracts - I have one where it asks me to perform a number of experiments on an asteroid, all of which worked fine except for the gravity scan one. After digging around in the persistent save and finding the contract I found the cause - It needs to be the universal storage version of the gravity scan, not the stock one. If it is difficult to add a clause allowing any gravity scan part to be used, perhaps changing the descriptions to make it more clear? Anyways, otherwise all is working fine. Great mod!
  5. No "Quit to OS" in the escape menu. That and other UI faults. But mostly that.
  6. Looks cool, will give this a go. It may, as some people pointed out, mess up some situations, but it would be easy enough to check everything yourself afterwards. Hopefully this will save me some of those annoying ungroup;click the one you want;drag the crap to where it needs to go sort of thing.
  7. I too am havin an issue with stretchy tanks in RSS with realism overhaul. procedural parts acts the same way. Bascially, in the vab instead of a single tank showing up with tweakable options, I get one part for each variation (conical, balloon, cylinder etc.) and they are non adjustable. Some of them show the UI for changing diameter/length but changing the number in either direction does not change their size.
  8. This mod is awesome, and still works just fine in 0.23.5, to let anyone who is wondering know. It seems such a small thing but when you need it it saves the day.
  9. Great mod! Just tested it out and all was good except for the tac life support. When trying to fill the resource tanks it wouldn't fill. However, when I tried to add oxygen from the ironcross life support it did... So I got to digging around and I found the issue: Tac life support does not call it's resources "oxygen_TAC" or "food_TAC", it's just "oxygen" etc. Changed it in the resources cfg and all was good.
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