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  1. These are awesome. To go interplanetary you should make one that you can swap engines in orbit and refuel.
  2. It has 598 Atmo Delta V and 789 in Vac according to mechjeb. A little more with no pilot but not much.
  3. Thanks for the rep It has 1 small battery and fuel lines underneath and in between the wings.
  4. Here is my rescue SSTO in my new .24 career I have not unlocked rcs thrusters or docking ports yet. I went straight for the turbojet It has around 874 delta v left after orbit.
  5. My hybrid turbojet/Ion engine powered SSTO The Ions are clipped inside the turbos
  6. Wait what about KerbalZ, a kerbal fps survival horror game! lol
  7. They allow me to launch at anytime of day/night and still circularize using ions. Plus they look cool
  8. Something I was working on last weekend. Not 100% finished yet still working a few things out. Can take off vertical or horizontal but its kinda hard to land so i put a few chutes on for now to land it on the tail. Has Ion engines inside the turbojets and lots of battery power to use them with low or no sunlight. It can also circularize/deorbit using rcs. And has 2 sets of landing gear one for tail and one for belly. Video of a test flight
  9. Pictures or a video of the flight and recovery would help otherwise we are all just guessing at what is going wrong.
  10. This is how I learned. Not the most fuel efficient way but man is it easy. I still use this method when I am not worried about fuel and I want to rendezvous fast and easy.
  11. Without being able to test it I am guessing you are engaging the rapiers to early and not doing a long enough speed run, but who knows need more pics of you trying to get to orbit or craft file to test it out.
  12. In real life do they not have fuel inside wings? Maybe by using some clipping people are just trying to get back to some realism.
  13. I downloaded and tested it out. It is the Bi-coupler that you have clipped in to sit the cupola module on that is blocking the fuel flow. Because you used symmetry to attach all those engines it blocked the fuel flow to the other engines. To get it to work I detached the Bi-coupler and Cupola module then you have to take the engines that do not work off and put them back on again. You may have to attach the Cupola module in a different way to not block fuel flow. Let me know if you need any pics or a vid to help I would be glad to do so.
  14. You are engaging the nuke to soon and cutting your speed run to short in my opinion. In your new ship I made the same run and had almost double the delta v left after a 90k orbit. In the video and pictures you can see it has used no oxidizer spent until my circularization burn. The ship can also get a low periapsis without the nuke engaged as well cause it is so fast at high altitudes due to the amount of intakes you have. It flies very well You just need to milk those turbojets a lot more than you are with as many intakes as you have and you will get a lot more delta v leftover once in orbit As of right now this craft could go one way to almost anywhere. And return from most. Watch in HD to see anything lol
  15. Here is your plane in orbit I changed nothing and I used mechjeb to steer it cause I'm to lazy to steer but not to lazy to help you get to orbit. Might want to add a little more oxidizer if you are going to milk the turbojets as much as I did. I will post a video of me getting to orbit with your plane when it is done uploading to youtube. I hope this helps.
  16. Two of the aircraft I made for this challenge. 1887 was my best run in first design 1949 was my best run in second design
  17. Thank you for the good criticism. I had to leave the extra oxidizer in for ballast or the CoM moves to far back. I should have mentioned that though in the description. I wanted to do something different with intakes to make them look cooler so I turned them facing in. I am glad you thought that was a plus.
  18. This is a really nice lifter. It will come in handy when they come out with the money system. How many and what type of engines are you using?
  19. Not sure if this counts but I made a MiB flying saucer replica awhile back.
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