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Found 3 results

  1. Please note that Physics Range Extender and Module Manager are required dependencies for BDArmory Plus Also be advised that using the World Stabilizer mod will cause problems with PRE as it has its own world stabilization code we refer to as Black Spell ... Only solution to this is to not use the World Stabilizer mod ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ BDA+ Release Links: Github: https://github.com/BrettRyland/BDArmory/releases Spacedock: https://spacedock.info/mod/2487/BDArmory%20Plus Issues link: https://github.com/BrettRyland/BDArmory/issues Wiki: https://github.com/BrettRyland/BDArmory/wiki Physics Range Extender (REQUIRED): https://github.com/jrodrigv/PhysicsRangeExtender/releases Module Manager (REQUIRED): https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/50533-18x-112x-module-manager-422-june-18th-2022-the-heatwave-edition/ Supported Mods: BDA+ has been made compatible with the following to allow integration with these mods: Camera Tools continued B9 ProcWings Fork Modified Procedural Parts TweakScale Ferram Aerospace Research Continued Firespitter (partial - only the active vessel has active engine throttling) Weapon Packs for BDA+: Fox Defense Contracts - Tank Turrets SMI Missiles and Launchers Aviator Arsenal Continued Kerbal Field Weapon Pack ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Overview BDArmory Plus (BDA+) is the release of two-plus years continuous development of BDA off of BDArmory Continued. Previously this development effort was released under BDArmory for Runway Project, but going forward it will be released under the BDArmory Plus (BDA+) name. BDA+ has numerous features and bugfixes over BDAc: Performance optimizations, tournament/autospawn tools, AI improvements, overhauled weaponry, hull material options and armor mechanics, battle damage, racing/waypoints and other game modes, and loads more. See the changelog for the full list of improvements and fixes. BDA+ also maintains compatibility with existing BDAc part mods and will continue to do so in the future. The BDA+ team consists of @DocNappers, @SuicidalInsanity, @josuenos and many contributors from the Runway Project community and beyond, including: Aubranium, Scott Manley (@illectro), Stardust (@Box of Stardust), Kurgan (@TheKurgan), Kaz (@Ryugi), CeruleanEyes, Fluffy, Cl0by, Concodroid, BillNyeTheIE, EzBro. BD Armory was originally developed by Paolo Encarnacion (@BahamutoD) and distributed under the license CC-BY-SA 2.0. BahamutoD has moved on to creating VTOL VR, found on Steam. Go check it out! Previous maintainers of BDArmory are @Papa_Joe, @jrodriguez, @SpannerMonkey(smce), @gomker, @TheDog and @DoctorDavinci. Changelog v1.6.12.0 v1.6.11.0 v1.6.10.1 v1.6.10.0 v1.6.9.0 v1.6.8.0 v1.6.7.0 v1.6.6.0 v1.6.5.0 v1.6.4.1 v1.6.4.0 v1.6.3.0 v1.6.2.0 v1.6.1.0 v1.6.0.2 v1.6.0.1 v1.6.0.0 v1.5.9.4 v1.5.9.3 v1.5.9.2 v1.5.9.1 v1.5.9.0 v1.5.8.0 v1.5.7.0 v1.5.6.2 v1.5.6.1 v1.5.6.0 v1.5.5.1 v1.5.5.0 v1.5.4.1 v1.5.4.0 v1.5.3.1 v1.5.3.0 v1.5.2.1 v1.5.2.0 v1.5.1.2 v1.5.1.1 v1.5.1.0 v1.5.0.0 For older changes dating back to when the BDArmory Plus (BDArmory for Runway Project) forked from BDArmory Continued, see the changelog on SpaceDock. License BD Armory was originally developed by Paolo Encarnacion (BahamutoD), and later maintained and distributed by the BDAc team under the license CC-BY-SA 2.0. This mod is now called BD Armory Plus, and is being maintained by the BDA+ team. It continues to be distributed under the license CC-BY-SA 2.0. Please read about the license at https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0/ before attempting to modify and redistribute it. BD Armory Plus contains un-modified code originating from BDArmory Continued based off of Aircraft Carrier Accessories that was used with permission (https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/152916-14xaircraft-carrier-accessories/) ... Courtesy of @flywlyx BD Armory Plus also contains code based off of Firespitter. To comply with the requirements of Firespitters' license, the following permission notice, applicable to those parts of the code only, is included below: License: You may reuse code and textures from this mod, as long as you give credit in the download file and on the download post/page. Reuse of models with permission. No reselling. No redistribution of the whole pack without permission. UV map texture guides are included so you can re-skin to your liking. For reuse of the plugin, please either direct people to download the dll from my official release, OR recompile the wanted partmodule/class with a new class name to avoid conflicts. https://github.com/snjo/Firespitter
  2. This is a continuation of Camera Tools originally made by BahamutoD and previously maintained by jrodrigv. It is intended to be used with the version of BDArmory Plus that has been extensively built upon after gaining a surge in popularity from Scott Manley's use of it in Runway Project and is currently being used for Flying Circus, but probably works fine with other versions of BDArmory too or even without BDArmory. > Download from SpaceDock Source on GitHub License: GPLv3 New features in v1.34.0 New features in v1.33.0 New features in v1.32.0 New features in v1.31.0 New features in v1.30.1 New features in v1.30.0 New features in v1.29.2 New features in v1.29.1 New features in v1.29.0 New features in v1.28.0 New features in v1.27.0 New features in v1.26.0 New features in v1.25.0 New features in v1.24.0 New features in v1.23.0 New features in v1.22.0 New features in v1.21.0 New features in v1.20.0 New features in v1.19.2 New features in v1.19.1 New features in v1.19.0 New features in v1.18.2 New features in v1.18.1 New features in v1.18.0 New features in v1.17.0 New features in v1.16.4 New features in v1.16.3 New features in v1.16.2 New features in v1.16.1 New features in v1.16.0 New features in v1.15.4: New features in v1.15.3: New features in v1.15.2: New features in v1.15.1: New features in v1.15.0:
  3. I've just discovered how awesome BDArmory is and I have heard of fabled "communities" of people who will design planes to fight each other. Problem though: I can't find them. The Forum's search feature is either not very good or I can't use it correctly. Where are these BDArmory players? I wish to join in the fun XD.
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