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Found 2 results

  1. [Tutorials] are great. The onboarding is well designed, the animations are funny and beautiful. I enjoyed the learning experience through the Training Center system. I also like the P.a.i.g.e voice and the text is direct and clear. [Sound] the music and sound design is amazing, very good work! [VAB] the little ball that appears when attaching parts is very useful to determine 3D position (it's great) [VAB] I like how the camera re-centers on a part, after moving it, when right-clicking. [Simulation Mode] I like how the faint RGB pixels look [Parts] the procedural wings make it less intimidating to try to build an airplane, they're awesome I like the vibe and idea of a Kerbal Operating System Interface on top of a realistic looking world The parts look amazing. 10/10 The new craft coloring system is very cool for creativity and making a design feel like it's yours The plumes look very good, I like how dynamic they are and how they vary with every engine / booster The terrain reflections in the Tracking Station for celestial bodies like Eeloo, Pol and Minmus are eye candy. Dres, Mun and Duna look very nice and realistic. I enjoy how the new KSC is set up, it feels good to drive and fly around The way information is structured around the navball is intuitive, I like how the 'tapes' feel and I really like the subtle transparency of the navball cluster. I really like how the clouds look when seen from below sometimes, they're realistic but dreamy The new cinematic trailer is beyond words. Epic, marvelous, funny, emotional! Great cinematics, my all time favorites! The KSC Buildings Overview menu (the white transparent one) is eye candy, beautiful and modern (also the clean look of the Training Center using the same style) The Tracking Station menu structure is compact and logical The trees are beautiful seen from up close The kerbals walking and running animations look natural and funny at the same time. I think Jeb just scratched his butt and farted. LOL Actually now that I'm looking more carefully.. I really like the way the kerbals look.. with the cartoony head inside a realistic helmet and suit. I actually think the kerbals look great! Physics warp is very stable - I drove a rover and walked a kerbal and also flew an airplane at 4x speed without any issues. Combined with precision controls.. flying at 4x feels as natural as flying at 1x. Really great job! I think this is one of my favorite features so far. I don't think I can go back to flying at 1x. LOL I'm fascinated and a little intimidated by the (number of) camera angles.. there's a lot of diversity: some are very cinematic, others are made for racing. I enjoy how accessible the time warp controls are - I tend to use them with the mouse now rather than with the keyboard. And having a Pause button is GREAT! I like that the max distance we can zoom out of a craft feels like it's smaller than in KSP1. This way the craft is always in view and it feels less cheaty when looking around. The trim indicators integrated in the navball cluster are very useful! After playing for some hours I feel like most of the bugs I've encountered are cosmetic and easily fixable. I'm enjoying the game (especially flying airplanes). It's nice that actions now apply to all the parts in the symmetry. I like that the struts are more realistic and break more easily. I find it interesting that the fairings feel like they have weight and can do real damage if not deployed correctly. I like how massive the planets feel when orbiting them.. I think it's because of the higher level of detail of the terrain seen from above. I love the fact that now we can stage while in Map View! Landing on Eve is one of the most beautiful experiences I've ever had in KSP. What a masterpiece! Later edit: After also landing on Duna I am in awe. This is art. I like how tall and steep the terrain is on Dres. The planet has become one of the most interesting in the game now due to the rings, tilt, canyons, mountain range. And the rainbow lighting effects underwater. Also the incidental lighting from celestial bodies thanks to the new planet shine system. And really like how eclipses of planets with atmosphere look. Pol looks amazing when close, probably the celestial body with the most interesting terrain. The anomalies on Duna, Tylo and Mun are very high quality objects. I think the lore is going in a fascinating direction.
  2. "Broken, but I love it." That's my review, left with a thumbs up on steam. Short, and simple. Here on the forums however, I'd like to go in to even more detail about my feedback at about 8 hours or so of gameplay. I'm also going to break this feedback up in to sections, Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats. (Threats simply mean competition and other issues that could threaten the viability of the project. Not actual threats.) Strengths * Visuals - Far and above KSP1 stock, and (while some would argue) at or at least on par with "Remastered" KSP1 (EVE, Scatterer, Parallax & TUFX) * User Interface - A strong solid start and foundation, missing some critical features but over all a clear and easy to read UI that seems to have accessibility for those like me with vision issues in mind. * Sound - A solid home run and absolute 10/10 here. Absolutely amazing sounds design in the UI, RCS pops, SRB crackles, tire noises, etc * Dynamic Music - Yet again, an absolute 10/10 home run here. The dynamic sound track changing music on scene change is just downright amazing and I want to buy the soundtrack please. * New Parts - 367 total parts puts KSP2's part count well and truly above KSP1's at 333 * New Parts: Proc Wings - Procedural Wings are here to replace dozens of "modular wing" parts and in doing so, give us even MORE creativity and power in vehicle construction. This is just an amazing addition. * Workspace and Vehicle Assembly - Far and above just flat out better compared to Stock KSP1, could use some work, and some better camera controls, but still a solid foundation. * Planets - What a giant step up! Axial Tilt? Actual rings? Ground Scatter on a per biome basis? Easter Eggs galore, and so much potential. Well done. Leaps and bounds above KSP 1. * The New KSC - Just amazing. The new KSC is sprawling and massive and just feels like a real life space center and campus. * Customization - Part coloring and customization is a fantastic addition. * Load Times - Another thing I see pointed out and also matters to me, load times are vastly improved. * VAB Updates - Part Manager, Trip Planner, Action Group Planner and Kerbal Manager, as well as the Change Anchor Part are all fantastic additions or overhauls to existing features. * VAB Updates Part 2 - Snap Mode updates, as wel las symmetry updates and orthographic view, all good changes and refinements. * Tutorials - These are adorable, and well suited for teaching new players, and young ones, getting in to space flight. * Aerodynamics - Fantastic feeling new aero, love flying and gliding planes. Weaknesses * User Interface and User Experience - The UI is missing several critical features and functions, The most disappointing of which, for me personally, is the Dv tools app in KSP 1. You've given us a trip planner, but that trip planner is lacking critical features such as allowing us to calculate Dv based on body, atmosphere and more. This needs to be in the game sooner rather than later. * No KSPedia - Massively Missed Opportunity that needs to be in KSP 2 to reach feature parity for UI/UX. * No Missions and no Mission Builder - Another massive missed opportunity. * No scenarios that are not based in tutorials. * The Kerbolar System was Not Expanded - Another opportunity here to add planets akin to OPM and bring in analogs of the gas giants and pluto. Sad to see the same kerbol system without new worlds to explore. * Water - Buoyancy issues, water rendering issues, parts floating and parts sinking and no way to tell why... the water looks pretty, but it's going to need a lot of work. * Missing Thermal parts and thermal dynamics at launch - This was a mistake. This is a CRITICAL part of spaceflight and the absolute wrong decision to make. It should have been a priority to get in for 0.1.0 including radiator parts that we're missing from KSP1. * Even without science mods and science parts, we're missing the basics of Kerbnet including comm net lines, and planet scanning features that make exploration even more fun and rewarding by sending out mapping probes to find landing spots and easter eggs. I have no idea why this was left out, and if it's coming back or not, https://wiki.kerbalspaceprogram.com/wiki/KerbNet - Get this back in the game please. * Orbital UI/UX - There are a lot of issues here with maneuver node planning and ui elements not showing more clearly intercepts, approach distances, etc. * No Custom Flag Support - Please get this back in, it's crucial for player identity and connection with the game. * Lack of Ease of Access in regards to Craft Sharing - This needs to be looked at as well, sharing craft is tedious and needs to be integrated into the steam workshop just like KSP1. * Noodle Rockets - This is a CRITICAL issue that needs to be the single largest priority to fix and it needs to be fixed in the first post launch patch. We shouldn't have to resort to day one or day to mods to fix this. Large vehicles are very unfun to fly and struts seem to do nothing. This is heartbreaking to see back in KSP2 after the lessons learned from KSP1. Auto Strut needs to be back ASAP. * SAS - The SAS bugs out incredibly often and causes lots of flight issues. * Total Control Input loss - this happens far to often and destroys the gameplay experience. * Terrain Mesh issues - Floating Scatter, Kerbals Floating in the air above the terrain, and scatter sprites are broken. * Flight Camera - The camera is unfortunately completely unusable at times, bugging out, or just failing to respond. Opportunities The opportunities here are massive. We know that with Orbital Vehicle Construction, Colonies, Delivery Routes, Interstellar Travel to new star systems, multi player and dedicated in-game mod support... we stand to see this game not only grow to meet feature parity with KSP1 but surpass it in terms of stock supported content. Building this game on a new architecture will see KSP 2 becomes the Skyrim of space modding, surpassing it's predecessor in mod functionality. The modding and community engagement aspects at play must not be forgotten about or underestimated. I might be biased as a community manager for several games over my career, but you're on the right track with your community engagement on the forums and social media. Threats (Things that could hurt KSP 2 as a project.) * Price Tag - This was a mistake. It's incredibly high for an EA game and has no doubt cost a lot of sales. I worry about the future of the project if sales targets and goals aren't met. * Lack of Communication before Launch - The communication we got was good, but we simply needed more open communication from the team. I hope we get more as we move forward * Direct Competitor - Other direct space flight simulation games are coming to market and releasing out of EA and competing with KSP 2 by offering better features in some areas. * Not only is the Kraken not slain, it's back with a vengeance and I would argue worse than KSP 1 at its current version and this can end a gameplay session outright through frustration. I think that's about it from me, and while I might have more, I think this gets all my points across. Overall, I'm happy, excited, optimistic and hopeful. The future is bright and I look forward to another grand adventure in KSP2. Working on KSP 1 was the entry point and absolute highlight of my career and I got to meet wonderful people, in Mu, Harv, C7, Nova, CptSkunky, Marco, etc. Talented, lovely, dedicated people that gave their all to KSP 1. I see that in this team, a group of people who truly care and I wish for your success in every possible way. I'm glad to be along for the ride again as a player and lover of KSP and a lover of space. -RC
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