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Found 2 results

  1. I haven't been following KSP2 development too closely so forgive me if this is something that's already largely planned for KSP2, but I would really love some content or a DLC devoted around marine exploration. Aquatic alien environments are important future targets of investigation in space exploration, and I believe it would be great if this was reflected in KSP2. The content I have in mind would largely be focused on submersibles and buoyant rovers, although if IG wants they could totally expand to typical aquatic crafts like boats and submarines as well What would this additional content entail? Parts: Command Modules: 2-3 Crew pods, 1-2 probe cores, 1-2 habitat modules New Aquatic Propulsion systems (maybe some pure hydrogen fuel that can be generated with new hydrolysis parts?) Ballast & Flotation systems Structural & hydrodynamic parts Aquatic landing gear & new cargo/bay parts New lamps/lighting parts, cameras + monitor feeds (think raster prop monitor) Improved nuclear energy tech, fission too? (for deep sea mission power requirements) 2-3 new science parts/experiments Buoyancy system for kerbals on EVA Celestial Bodies: New marine environments/biomes/anomalies on the following: Kerbin Laythe Eve Gurdamma Merbel Icy moons (Vall + others) with a subsurface ocean that's many kms below, only reachable via deep canyon like cracks. Any celestial body that holds life should have that added in visually to create a more enriching experience for the players Kerbin: Modern earth like marine ecosystems. (coral reefs, kelp forests, deep benthic zones etc.) Vall + Other ice shell moons: Could have microbial-mats/stromatolite-like formations of chemosynthetic bacteria near hydrothermal vents It would also be cool to see a planet or moon outside of the Kerbol system that contains more advanced forms for life, something akin to Ediacaran or Early Cambrian life forms
  2. I have found propellers won't work when partially submerged. This put a stop on creating stock boats and aquatic rovers. Here is an experiment to demonstrate: Here, propellers have it going like no one's business But here, same set up, and you're quite literally dead in the water I hope this is an oversight and not intended. Sure, water propellers are slightly different, but it's not like an airplane prop would be useless. It would be great to see this patched, so we can build stock propeller powered watercraft, for Eve, Laythe, and just on Kerbin.
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