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Found 5 results

  1. Mods when i first saw the bug, took them out, no change. tried uninstalling and reinstalling, making new game, nothing worked. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  2. To Use. Press Space to stage the Dual Fuel Cell Array While standing straight press Radial out Press 1 to walk Press 2 to plank (stand or lay straight arms down) Press 3 to perform stand animation Press 4 to reverse stand animation Details Type: SPH Class: rover Part Count: 359 Pure Stock Side note: If you curious about the process or if you messed something up and need to get it fixed here is the default setup! If you Fall Over: Press Sas to turn on (make sure you are not in radial out at this time.) get in this position to stand (lay forward on chest in plank position) Hold S to get footing when feet have met the ground on tip of toes and knee to the ground) When fully straight press Radial out to stabilize and press 1 to start walking The pinnacle of mech technology is here after over a year of research under the banner of Project K comes from the Kerbal Federation introduces its new Mech Suit Unit. Kerbal Mech Suit or designated KMS-02-A. The planet variant model insures get stability in walking, can now stand after a major fall so no more needing to reset the module for Kerbal Space Station pick ups stands up straight and go into a plank like posture on the ground (lay on chest to stand). By syncing to the planetary body it stands on and maximizes its gravity by radial out to hold its standing position while in a constant falling forward motion. Most Kerbals call this walking but we have a hard time doing this ourselves just getting out of the cockpit on a simple munar exertion. We are looking into creating a Space Variant soon while we are working on the stable animations to achieve this as well as balance of weight. Since this would be a space variant some walking properties may have to be discarded but maybe we can create a transforming model? Or we could go with a |wave rider solution. We will see. its up in the air. We have heard from onimus that the Duna Colony has been creating a Mech suit as well. We may have to send a scouting party to investigate but due to funding we may have to wait. We will keep in touch. This is Wernher von Kerman out. Download: Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2001466981 KerbalX: https://kerbalx.com/InterstellarKev/Kerbal-Mech-Suit
  3. I was wondering - is there a way to make this kind of contraption work? I would like to have a hinged telescopic arm support another hinged part so it can handle higher torque.
  4. KTP-615 Raven If my mind wasn't already flooded with ideas, when the original BG parts came out, it is now with the new propeller and helicopter engines, as personally i've always preferred the look and sound propeller planes over modern jets. So, you can probably guess i was pretty darn exited to give ago at creating a proper all stock propeller driven aircraft. And what better choice than one of my top 3 favorite custom builds of all time, the Raven, my fictional protected-cargo-plane concept. The idea for this type of aircraft began when i was looking at some picks of the Bristol Bombay... ...And the Handley Page Sparrow... ...and decided i wanted to create something in that style. I wanted to make the aircraft truly custom by giving it a more unique function. Instead of having it be just another transport plane ready to be shot to bit's, why not give it RAF heavy-bomber style defensive armament's to help stay alive a little longer, i mean...why not. The new version has a lot of the design features of the older version, as i wanted to basically just create a cleaner version of the original with better detailing. The only real difference is the fact that for this version, i took my favorite features from the original and Monty Kerman's personal transport. The underbelly gondola for instance is a feature that was in the original, but not in Monty Kermans transport, instead it was replaced with a Lancaster style radar-pod in the underbelly. The Lancaster MG-turrets where in Monty Kerman's transport and not in the original, instead it had an earlier style "pointy" twin MG-turret at the top, and a "gun-tunnel" under the tail with a singular MG in it. So, like Monty Kerman's transport, this would also be in a KW2 configuration. The thing i most wanted to "remaster" was the cockpit. I wanted the color and shape to be a little more unified and smooth, and windows that look a little more natural/fitting. The top-turret has also changed as the old all grey one just felt a little off, the shape of all lifting surfaces look a little better, the engines have better detail, and the overall color/paint-job of the aircraft is much better overall. More pick of the aircraft Unfortunately, while the looks have improved, the same can't be said for the flight characteristics. The aircraft does still control pretty much the same, but the engines are under-powered for an aircraft of this size (hence why it has two jet-engines fitted in the under-wing racks), and the propeller engines don't produce the same drag, so the stopping distance is quite a bit bigger. Also, takeoff only happens when the runway ends as the angle at witch the aircraft sits on the runway is quite low. So, unlike last time, this version can't land on the island runway...unless maby you put the engines on reverse thrust. Basically you need to prepare yourself for some slow low altitude flying where you need to keep your hands on control at all times, as for some reason the aircraft's nose dips down constantly, even with SAS on. I could have probably gotten more thrust if i had put like 6-bladed propellers instead, but i to wanted to make the engines/propellers look more period correct. Then again, i feel like that makes the plane even more authentic, as planes like the Bristol Bombay aren't very speedy (309 km/h). Technical specs: Top speed: 100-110 m/s. (speed may vary between version). Stall speed: 33 m/s. Armaments: 7x dummy MG's in 3 turrets Length: 36.5m Wingspan: 44.8m Height: 13.6m Mass: 110 tons Parts: 556 Download link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/tglui05wq77es1o/KTP- 615 Raven.craft?dl=0 For comparison And there it is for you once again, my idea of a proper cargo-plane. I hope you enjoy it .
  5. K.S.S Fissouri (Block III) If you've been following my stuff, you would know that i love Infernal Robotic, so you can probably guess i was pretty darn exited when they announced that we are getting stock robotics related parts. I had ton's of different ideas i wanted to try out, or should i say a lot of tried and tested bits of tech that i want to transfer to stock, like suspension stuff, mobile ICBM launcher's...etc. In the end the thing i wanted to try out the most, was to try and upgrade one of my navy ships. As i had recently finally acquired myself the Iowa in WoWs, i decided to choose the Fissouri to be my test-bed for all the bit's of tech that should make the ship a lot more exiting. And here is a video showing off the different features. And here they are listed and explained so you can try creating them yourself. 1. Custom build servo powered turrets with rangefinders and gun-directors. Perhaps the most important feature in any navy ship. You can make them by basically just plonking down the largest servo available, then building the turret structure on top and adding the gun-barrels (BD-armory howitzers). Then you go to the axis group you want to use (in my case yaw for front turrets, and roll for rear turrets) (in the action groups tab) and select the servo and assign "Target angle" to that group. Range finders/gun-directors use the exact same servos/specks/groups as the turrets to allow them to stay perfectly synced with the turrets. The big minus of having these custom servo powered turrets, is that the BD-armory AI will not be able to use them. 2. Rotating crane For the sole purpose of clearing an obstacle blocking the heli-deck. Done the same way as the turrets. 3. Realistically waving flags. I know, a bit of a weird detail, but i like it a lot. It is basically just a series of unpowerd hinges with a + and minus - 45 movement limit, and small wing panels. 4. propellers Such a small and well hidden detail that even i forget about it's existence. I basically wanted to try and see if i could make the KAL-1000 work. These again use servos. Just got to the action-groups tab and select the KAL-1000 controller (need to place one), then select the servors and bind the "target angle" to the controller. After that just one by one select the servo in the KAL-1000 editor screen and put the front arrow of the little line/wave thing to the top, the rear one to the bottom, and then use the little orange blob that appears when you select the arrows to straighten out the line as much as possible, as otherwise the animation loop will include a slowdown of each propeller before the next loop. You can put the animation a loop by selecting the symbol with the two arrows in the KAL-1000 editor and changing it into loop mode. And as for speed of the propellers, just change the time per loop (in my case 0.6 sec). As i sad on the video, this new even more upgraded version has over 300 extra parts. I decided that as-well as including all the robotic powered bit's, i should also add in a little more detail overall to make it that extra bit special. Here are some comparison picks of all the versions, so you can get an idea of just what has changed. Technical specs: Armaments: 9x Howitzer in 3 turrets, 4x Goalkeeper CIWS MK3, 1x Patriot system with 16 intercept missiles, 16x cruise missile in custom launchers. Top speed: 34 m/s Length: 173.8m Width: 17.2m Height: 33.4m Mass: 1,967 tons Parts: 932 As per usual, range shouldn't be a problem as it carries more than a few tons of fuel. Mod used: BD-armory Download link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/np5ewn9nvq137k8/K_S_S Fissouri (Block III).craft?dl=0 And there it is for you, a nice new upgrade to a well proven veteran of the Kerbal fleet. I hope you enjoy it .
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