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Found 2 results

  1. This is where I'm going to post the video installments for my In Wrath's Shadow cinematic series. All worlds present in this series are from the Beyond Home planet pack by @Gameslinx. I will post each additional installment as a comment below so people can comment on it without having to quote the OP, but I will also post each one in OP so they're easier to find. Chapter 1 - Lua Terraformer Repair Chapter 2 - Ash
  2. HAB: 6062 At the suggestion of Legoclone09, I'm starting a thread for ideas, suggestions and general discussion of an upcoming KSP series I'd like to start doing. It's going to be called HAB: 6062 (no significance - Just the numbers on one of a Nebula decals) Here's a Teaser trailer of what you can expect to see. The main Ideas I'm trying to sort out are (1) Speech / no speech? (2) Ongoing storyline / new story every episode? The goal is 10 minutes or less an episode. (3) Plain English / Scrambled kerbal speak with subtitles? - This is a tricky one as I'm currently the only person working on this endeavor. (4) Stranded crew or intrepid explorers? (5) What do you crazy people want to see? Goals (1) Very Kerbal animation heavy - Also movement of several Kerbals at once using EVA Fallowers and Kerbal Animation Suite (2) Introduction of something new every so often (3) Light comedy but mostly serious maybe even a little dramatic.... we'll see
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