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  1. Build: build id = 01622 2016.12.06 at 08:30:17 CET Branch: master Version 1.2.2 System specs: i7 5930k stock clocked 32GB HyperX Savage DDR4 RAM 2 X EVGA GTX 1080 founders edition GPU's in SLI 1TB M.2 boot drive 2 X 1TB SSD's in striped array for game drive Display 3440 X 1440 @ 100Hz When I try and launch game I get an access violation error before I even get to the load screen. I have previously been using 1.3 build with no issues but for some reason this started happening last night. I downgraded to 1.2.2 to see if that changed anything and it didn't. I have completely wiped the game folder and reinstalled through steam, checked integrity of the game files, downgraded to a previous version, made sure all of my drivers are up to date. Swapped out RAM to be sure there wasn't a physical reason for the memory error. Link to files: http://dropcanvas.com/ran3x
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