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Found 3 results

  1. I have created a modpack via CKAN, and when ksp is loading it gets about halfway and sticks on a part. KSP Output log CKAN Mod pack It seems to consistently become stuck on "Loading Drag Cubes" Is this a memory issue?
  2. sooo i was playing ksp normal and everything loaded. but one day i woke up startet it and the game stucked at the loading screen (with the yellow loading bar at the Bottom). And everytime i was trying to load it again it Always stopped at "NavUtilities/Props/prop/analogueHSI". i have many mods (20-30 idk) aand it Always worked and loaded. but this time it just stopped loading at this Point although it loaded perfectly the day before and i changed Nothing at the game in that time (no mods removed, installed or changed, Nothing updated. its just stuck at that Point. what can i do? i also tryied to start the game without some mods and then with a older Version of the mod but still the same. you know like i Play ksp and everything works. then you end ksp turn off your pc, Sleep, wake up and then it wont load tho it was Right the day before. pls help thank you
  3. Build: build id = 01622 2016.12.06 at 08:30:17 CET Branch: master Version 1.2.2 System specs: i7 5930k stock clocked 32GB HyperX Savage DDR4 RAM 2 X EVGA GTX 1080 founders edition GPU's in SLI 1TB M.2 boot drive 2 X 1TB SSD's in striped array for game drive Display 3440 X 1440 @ 100Hz When I try and launch game I get an access violation error before I even get to the load screen. I have previously been using 1.3 build with no issues but for some reason this started happening last night. I downgraded to 1.2.2 to see if that changed anything and it didn't. I have completely wiped the game folder and reinstalled through steam, checked integrity of the game files, downgraded to a previous version, made sure all of my drivers are up to date. Swapped out RAM to be sure there wasn't a physical reason for the memory error. Link to files: http://dropcanvas.com/ran3x
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