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Found 3 results

  1. Will NOT work with KSP 1.4. Rescale! v1.0.2.8 change log Updated for compatibility with latest Module Manager and the latest Sigma Dimensions v 0.9.6 This is the most complete set of Sigma Dimensions configs available on the KSP forum. Due to so many people asking why other scaling "mods" don't work properly and for people that don't fully understand how to write their own cfgs, I decided to throw together some cfgs that I use in GPP, and tweaked them to work with stock and all planet packs. REQUIRES: KOPERNICUS AND SIGMA DIMENSIONS All configs work with: RemoteTech Kerbalism Environmental Visual Enhancements and all visual packs Automatically scales cloud height to a realistic altitude when a visual pack is installed. Kronometer I highly recommend that you this with these configs so that your in game clock and dates are correct. Kerbal Konstructs (Needs KKtoSD, and currently only works with GPP) Most planet packs (will make planet pack specific changes upon request from pack devs) Sigma Dimensions now handles Scatterer scaling and antenna ranges. Hellelujah! KNOWN ISSUES: Scatterer doesn't scale very well. It works but you may see some artifacts that are kind of an eyesore THE SIZES 2.5x - The optimal size for users who want a bigger system but still want to use stock parts. 3.2x - About the same as 2.5x but a step up in difficulty. 6.4x - A much larger rescale that may require you to rescale the stock parts via SMURFF or RO. Or don't. It's your life. 10x - Roughly a true to life size rescale that will definitely require SMURFF or RO. 10.625x - Closest to real life scale as you can get. Will need SMURFF or RO. NOTE: I highly recommend that you use KRONOMETER with these cfgs so that your in game clock and dates are correct. Will NOT work with KSP 1.4. DOWNLOAD TO INSTALL: Download and install KOPERNICUS and SIGMA DIMENSIONS Drop the RESCALE folder anywhere inside of your GameData folder. License: Public Domain
  2. So, this problem arose after (and I thought as a result of) downloading 3 new mods, Station Science Continued, Salyut Stations and Stoackalike Station Parts Expanded, a few weeks back. I first tried to uninstall and reinstall KER, to no avail. Next, I uninstalled all 3 of those mods and the problem remained, both while they were uninstalled and after reinstalling them and again reinstalling KER, on the same start up. Does anyone have any suggestions?
  3. Hi everyone, Is there a list of EXACT stock part dimensions? I already know the radial values, but I need height in order to make my new mod compatible with stock. Particularly, I need the docking port dimensions and structural fuselage dimensions. if there isn't a list; What process can I use to find the dimensions? Thanks!
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