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Found 2 results

  1. Add details and dimensions of parts (e.g. fuel tanks) as in Making history I and many people probably like to build compact rockets rather than taking a lot of extra fuel or emptying a tank because you couldn't find smaller tanks of the right profile. Since its introduction the medium 1.875m size parts have been present in many of my crafts. And the Huge 5m parts are extremely handy for interplanetary travel and taking out huge structures without too much hassle I don't think making another size tank will be harder than the other features, but it will increase the creative space for players from the very release of the game and in its base set. I hope for understanding
  2. Hi everyone, Is there a list of EXACT stock part dimensions? I already know the radial values, but I need height in order to make my new mod compatible with stock. Particularly, I need the docking port dimensions and structural fuselage dimensions. if there isn't a list; What process can I use to find the dimensions? Thanks!
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