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Found 4 results

  1. From Kerbin To Beyond is my first mission report multi-part series that is taking place in a lightly modded ksp 1.8 career. As I make progress and launch new missions, I release new parts in a mission report style showing the mission and what happened during it. Some parts also include some dialogue for missions with kerbals onboard, to add to the mission report and make it better. This is my first time making something like this, so if it's not the best, I am still learning how to make it better! I hope you will enjoy this series, and I can't wait to see how far it will go! List of Parts So Far... SCANsat Map Updates (Added as an addition to the parts) Modlist (For those interested) Mission Log (From Year 1, Day 1 to Year 1, Day 100) Mission Name Mission Took Place During Mission Type Destination/Target Current Status Kanev 1 Part 1 Suborbital, Crewed Kerbin Success, Finished Kanev 4 Part 2 Orbital, Crewed Kerbin Success, Finished Kanev 5 Part 3 Flyby, Crewed The Mun Success, Finished Tourist Starter Part 4 Orbital, Crewed Kerbin Success, Finished Korven Part 5 Landing, Crewed The Mun Success, Crew Rescued and Recovered In Part 8 Kerbal Rescuer 2.2 Part 6 Orbital, Uncrewed Kerbin Success, Uncrewed Spacecraft Rescued Siwell Kerman Eliot Green Part 7 Landing, Uncrewed The Mun Success, First Part of Jeb and Bob's Rescue Mission Egmont Part 8 Orbital, Uncrewed The Mun Success, Brought Jeb and Bob Back To Kerbin Jebediah Kerbin Station Part 9 Orbital, Crewed Kerbin Success, First Part Of The Kerbin Space Station (If someone has an idea for a better name, i would appreciate it.)
  2. Beyond The Moon is my second mission report multi-part series, after From Kerbin To Beyond. It is about my progress through a RSS/RO career in RP-1 as I try to get to The Moon and eventually to other planets such as Venus and Mars. As I make progress, I update this OP with the new parts. Each part is a year, and every launch I do in that year is included in the part (later years will be split up into multiple parts, like Q1, Q2, etc). Unlike in my other series though, the space program in this series has a name! Its called the K.S.E.A. I hope you will like reading the parts, and enjoy this series! Prologue: List Of Parts So Far... Modlist
  3. Who's your favorite authors? Mine is CatastrophicFailure and Just Jim. Anyone else?
  4. This thread had it's origin in Just Jim's ongoing 'Saga of Emiko Station' (which is far, far from over, and getting further from over even as we speak!) You need to read it. It's ok. I'll wait. Awesome, isn't it? and when Jim intro'd a sinister sentient rover vehicle, KSK was inspired to pen this: _______________________________________________________________________________________ [(included with the author's encouragement...that does count as permission....doesn't it...?) Ohhhh - he's been a mad rover on Bop's rugged shores. Spent all his sanity, gobbling down ore. Now nickel ain't bad but blutonium's best. Blowing up Kerbin t'was only in jest. And it's no, naaaaay, never. No, nay, never no more, Will he be the mad rover On old Bop's rugged shor] ________________________________________________________________________________________ So I proposed we HAD to start a thread in Fan Works of KSP inspired songs! an KSK and Just Jim agreed, it was a great idea. No. seriously, they really did. Honest! Ummm....where'd they go...? oh well.... So.....without further ado....(or would that be much ado about nothing..?) In the town where I was born, lived a Ker-r-bal with mighty brains, And he thrilled us with his plans, to go soar-r-ing in rocket planes, So we built the KSC, and with Doc Von K to set the pace, We collected delta-vee, and we built the first step into space! We all live on the first step into space.... First step into space.....first step into space....(repeat) And our friends have all signed on, many more of them than we've got ships, So we build them night and day, to accommodate that many trips, As we blast into the sky, carried on by our guts and wits, You can't win unless you try, even if you blow yourself to bits! We all live for that first step into space... First step into space.....first step into space...... (repeat) Now the Mun is all we see, and we'll ge-et there.....eventually! Out from home we Kerbals race, on our fir-r-st steps out into space! We all live on our first steps into space.... First steps into space....first steps into space....(repeat as many times as you can get away with.) (sung to a popular song by Paul McKerman performed by the Keebles. I forget the title....) Before anyone says anything, yes I know the second verse contains an instrumental break...but most of us don't travel in the company of a military brass band. It's ungodly how much they eat, and they tend to get inappropriate on long road trips. Just saying.
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