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Found 3 results

  1. We already know that explosions have been revamped. They react to the fuel in the tank, atmosphere, pressure, surrounding objects ect. But how big do you think they are going to be? Do you think they’re going to be limited to the sizes from Kerbal 1, or do you think they’re going to be able to get bigger? How big? Are they going to be limited by traditional chemical explosions, or do you think other fuels could create larger explosions than others?
  2. More Fuels! A simple Kerbal Space Program mod to add another fuel mixture to the game for (very) partial realism. This is HEAVILY in Dev, more mod support will come soon! Until I accumulate enough support, this will remain in beta. FAQ: Q: It's not right! [x] doesn't burn AZ50/NTO! A: Shoo. Back to RO with you. Q: Does this need RealFuels? A: Nope. Q: How do I request compatibility for stuff? A: Raise an issue, ping me on the forums @Clamp-o-Tron, or make a pull request if you've done it yourself! There's a guide in the package if you want to do that and don't know how. Q: Is this compatible with KSP version x.x.x? A: It won't work with KSP2 (yet), but any KSP1 version with a working Module Manager and B9 Part Switch should be just fine!\ Q: How do I download? A: We're still in beta, so you'll have to grab a prerelease from GitHub instead of Spacedock. Dependencies: B9PartSwitch ModuleManager Supports (As of 0.2): Bluedog Design Bureau Shuttle Orbiter Construction Kit + reDIRECT Stock ReStock+ Making History Tantares and TantaresLV Yeah, it isn't very much, but more will come! Credits: @Jso for basis of the patch @blowfish for B9 Part Switch @sarbian for Module Manager @hemeac for some work with the CryoTanks patch @Gordon Dryfor correcting my typos
  3. Fuels; Topic for general discussion of the types of fuels that will be in the game and also for speculation of fuels. Confirmed; Helium-3 (tralphium) Metalic Hydrogen Nuclear Pulse METHALOX (the good old liquid fuel) Xenon Monopropellant (Hydrazine) Blutonium (*p) (Few people mentioning about it) (RTG) Solid Fuel (the good old Solid Fuel) Speculated; Uranium Helium-2 Hydrogen (liquid) Metastable hydrogen Metastable helium *Beamed Power and Sails (It's not really a fuel but it's interesting to be here) Antimatter (Antiprotons, antineutrons, Positrons, Antihydrogen and Antihelium) Hydrogen-Oxygen Aluminum-Oxygen Argon Biofuel Monopropellant variants Kerosene Thorium Lithium Polonium Bohrium Uranium bromide Uranium Hexafluoride Hybrid Fuel
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