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  1. Bill is a kerbal of science. And even after all these years, he keeps being fascinated by simple or more complex mechanisms and behaviours. One of those are docking ports. It should be noted that Bill was the main architect behind the docking ports research and creation, but he simply completely forgot about it... They're so mysterious... Unkown forces even more powerful than some of our best engines, a strange attractive and romantic behavior between ports of the same size, capable of pulling each other, disregarding reaction control systems... This... induced Bill thinking they might be the siege of the Universal Cosmic Love Force, the Kraken. But the Force, while beautiful, seemed uncontrolled, unleashed, and even dangerous for kerbal spacecraft safety. So he took his mighty screwdriver, and started working... After a few months, he managed to tweak the docking ports systems, by adding a complex kuantum computer unit, as well as a tasty piece of cake inside, as a humble offering to the Kraken Manifestation. Bill wanted to share his progress with you ! Description : This mod is a simple Module Manager patch, applied to all docking ports, modded or not, and changes their behaviour so that they have much less "attractive force" when docking. It also lowers the distance at which the said force starts to kick in. It alters other values as well such as the "undocking force" (more in the .cfg / cf. KSP doc on ModuleDockingNode) In a way, this makes docking harder since you need to be much more precise, slow and well aligned. But It also makes it feel smoother, more natural and realistic (You've seen ISS dockings right ? ^^ ). It has the QOL benefit for your spacecrafts / stations to not make them rotate randomly anymore when docked, which can be quite annoying. It is inspired by Realism Overhaul configs, credit goes to them for doing this in the first place. Example Video : Dependencie : - Module Manager by @sarbian Links : - Spacedock download : https://spacedock.info/mod/3392/Kerbealistic Docking - Github download : https://github.com/kurgut/KerbealisticDocking/releases - CKAN available - Source code : https://github.com/kurgut/KerbealisticDocking Installation : Merge the zip's GameData folder with your KSP/GameData folder. License : MIT Others suggested QOL mods for Docking : Peace
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