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Found 2 results

  1. So I was watching the short film recommended by Nate Simpson and found this scene at the end and it just amazed me. I've aways felt the gas giants in KSP were kind of distant and purposeless, like a distant god that can't be touched, a far wonder that exists only to be contemplated in the skies of their moons. Being able to construct floating bases in those worlds would bring them a surface, landing in one of those colonies would be a new exciting gameplay challenge that could be rewarded with the resources extracted by those facilities. Just imagine the terror of missing the landing spot and falling to the infernal core of Jool. Imagine how beautiful it would be to fly a plane down the cloud layers to extract certain elements and then land back on a floating runway. Imagine the challenge of designing a vehicle capable of diving to the metallic hydrogen mantle and then getting back to the colony by inflating some sort of balloon. The possibilities are endless...
  2. Well planet pack mods for me have not been working and i got extremely bored with one gas giant. Remember planet pack mods have been not working for me and i have to deal with one gas planet. I can imagine Saturn, Uranus and Neptune analogs in ksp and cool moons since you already proved that you are good at making up weird moons and wacky easter eggs like the kraken. if you do i suggest you either move eeloo to orbit one of the gas giants and make a better Pluto analog or make Eeloo orbit further away. If you do this i would be so much less bored with Kerbal Space Program and play the game way after it dies out which is never . Thanks for making such a great game Squad
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