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Found 3 results

  1. Spectra Compatibility With Blackracks Volumetric Clouds What this mod does remove the 2D clouds in Spectra while retaining the aurora on the planets that have them. With the previous clouds removed you can use blackracks volumetric clouds along side the auroras of Spectra (It looks so pretty!!!) Installation: If you have any graphic mods such as Eve, astronomer's visual pack, Sve ect you need to delete them. Any mods that provides clouds/cloud textures get rid of them. Once that has been done unzip the download and move Spectra into your game folder along with the Module Manager 4.2.2 (unless you already have it) Follow the same instruction for the Extra, remember the extra folder requires Scatterer Required mods: -True Volumetric Clouds Early Access Update 14/01/23 at https://www.patreon.com/blackrack -Module Manager 4.2.2 - included in the zip but just incase it gets deleted Optional if you want extra eye candy: -Scatterer: https://spacedock.info/mod/141/scatterer, this is reqiured for the scatterer file provided in "Extras" I have not modified it in any way, it's the additional scatterer file included in Spectra. All credits go too: @Avera9eJoe For making the amazing mod spectra @Benzo Kerman Building almost exclusively the release to 1.6.0 @blackrack's Scatterer Atmospheric scattering and tinting with custom configs. Ocean shaders. @JadeOfMaar's Sunflares of Maar Spectra uses a more stockalike version of Jade's Primus sunflare. I would like to add that I had no part in the making of any of these mods. These creators take all credit and if I'm missing someone within the credits please contact me so I can fix it. All I did is make this work together. Download Spacedock: https://spacedock.info/mod/3440/ Spectra Compatibility With Blackracks Volumetric Clouds#info
  2. My graphic mode is scatter , EVE , parallex, RSS What's wrong with the graphics like this? This article was written with Google Translator.
  3. So I've just downloaded my first Graphic mods - EVE + Scatterer. They work but.. look a bit glitchy. http://imgur.com/a/u9D1E Is it just me and it looks absolutely normal or..?
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