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  1. License: CC-BY-SA-4.0 Link: https://spacedock.info/mod/3111/Kerbal Ball If you control your craft using a keyboard then just make sure your pitch control isn't the same key as your rover acceleration control. Hi. Kerbals take the health of their team very seriously, so much so that they will put them in protective bubbles. This is the Kerbal Ball, a 2 piece vehicle for a single kerbal to get around. Very simple for a bit of fun. The outer piece is the wheel and like all wheels once attached it needs to be rotated clockwise 90 degrees to work out in the world. This is a good one to have the internal overlay on all the time. The pod has 4 extra nodes, front, back, up and down so it can be used for other things but it cannot be surface attached. There are no internal props. It is the right way up when spawned in the SPH. Type hampster or ball in parts for them to pop up. Enjoy.
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