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Found 8 results

  1. Just finished Matt Lowne's newest video premiere and he ran into the classic, "hatch obstructed," message while flying his SSTO, a KSP 1 classic! Good thing we have a place to leave suggestions! Please consider adding an error message while constructing vehicles in the VBA to let players know when their hatch is obstructed. Perhaps you can highlight the part(s) blocking the hatch in red when this happens so that players can make adjustments. For the record, I think that players SHOULD be able to block the hatch if they so please, but they need to be aware of this just in case they are planning on placing parts precariously close to the hatches. Thanks!
  2. What it says in the title. If you attach a docking port to a crewed part, it'd be cool to be able to use said docking port as a crew hatch to access said part. Could also open possibilites for more 'airlock' style parts that you can use to disembark your crew in style.
  3. This mod will be a few add on airlocks, mostly as surface attachable parts. Over on the G+ community for KSP someone mentioned it would be nice to be able to add hatches to parts. That's a task I leave to someone who wants lots of coding headaches. However, and Airlock is quite fine. Basically a small part, with a crew capacity of one, with a hatch. I'll be adding in the MM config for Connected Living Space, so if you're using that, they'll be usable. For us non-realism type users, they are available to add hatch functions to any part. Now, they're not hatches. You first need to transfer your kerbal to the airlock. Then EVA them. Repeating the process on the way back. This is both because KSP requires the hatch to be on the part that holds the EVAing kerbal. And because airlocks just work that way. Now, initially, I'm making just two parts, mostly-replica of the ISS's Japanese Lab's Airlock, as it's about the smallest genuine airlock I could find. (There's a challenge!). Anyway, should be safe. There's two versions, the full Japanese Airlock has some science lab features and lives in the Science section. The shorter model, is just big enough for a kerbal, and has no functions other than an airlock, and lives in Utility. Anyway, Download here: http://spacedock.info/mod/865/Tiktaalik's Airlock Collection Dev versions can be found here (no promises on anything, sorry, but it IS just parts, so likely won't kill anything else) https://github.com/TiktaalikDreaming/Airlocks Still a WIP, but included: Totally cheaty airlock/hatch. A REALLY small hatch that is impossibly small for anyone who just wants to add a hatch, and is OK transferring Kerbals to wafer thin strange dimensions in limbo until they're EVAed. Future plans; A hatch and docking node set for any sizes that aren't completely ludicrous (I'm not sure if the small docking node is big enough for a sane looking hatch, haven't checked yet). So basically a part that's both a docking node and an airlock. I'll base at least one of those on the Common Berthing Mechanism. The part will be a bit longer than the existing docking nodes, but use the same widths for sizes 1, 2, and 3. Anyway, pics or it didn't happen; Note, at time of writing it seems imgur album links aren't working (if posting, you'll notice the icon/button has been removed until fixed), but I have an album of various progresses at; http://imgur.com/a/VXPd1
  4. Hey. Having some small problems with the green "crew hatch" function that pops up whenever you have the cursor close to the Pod door. More often than not I'm trying to click on an antenna, experiment or even the pod itself for crew report and I end up opening the crew hatch (transfer) menu as the game assumes that I want to do it whenever I have my cursor near it. It also seems to happen when I'm trying to click on an object that's on the opposite side of the Pod door, so having or not an object between the cursor and the Pod door doesn't stop the "crew hatch" text from appearing. I'd suggest that either we have another button to open the crew hatch menu (it's the same button to interact with every other object on the craft at the moment) or that we disable this function by complete, accessing the crew transfer window either through an App to the right of the screen or through the Pod menu itself (being together with "crew report" and all the other actions). Thanks.
  5. What's up peeps? Working on a rather large part, near completion, but the Airlock either ejects the Kerbal forcefully or allows entry with no escape. Example here: https://gfycat.com/GrippingPerkyLaughingthrush Anyone have any images of their working Airlock collider placements/dimensions? What works best for you? Cube? Mesh? Box?
  6. Just a shower thought Particularly the mk1 passenger cabin can be really annoying, but there are plenty of times when it would be easier to get crew out of a part of the vessel that's just not where the cabin is. Clearly the crew can move around within the ship, since they'll happily transfer between pods, so this idea doesn't seem to break the established rules. Right clicking a hatch should have an option to "eva crew", bringing up the crew list (like clicking a hatch) and showing every kerbal on the vessel. Approaching a hatch with an eva kerbonaut and hitting B should either bring up a the transfer highlighter so you choose where they go, or just put them in the nearest cabin that has a space and we'd take it from there ourselves.
  7. ive set up my airlock exactly as described in the wiki tutorial but it refuses to load, it loads without it but as soon as i add the airlock ccollider the part stops loading in game without so much as an eror message, what am i doing wrong?
  8. ive set up my airlock exactly as described in the wiki tutorial but it refuses to load, it loads without it but as soon as i add the airlock ccollider the part stops loading in game without so much as an eror message, what am i doing wrong?
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