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Found 4 results

  1. When I got to KSP today, I double-clicked on it, and it launched... and didn't show up on my screen. The icon appeared on the taskbar, and the music kicked in after a minute, signalling that it had finished loading... but it was not showing up on screen. I restarted my PC a few times, I re-launched KSP a few times, I tried clicking on the taskbar icon and moving it, I un-installed and then re-installed KSP, I updated my driver, I tried opening it again, I tried everything I could think of. When I launch the game, the window does not show up, but it does load and then play the main menu music. It's there on my taskbar. It acts like it's there on my screen, as when I right click it and select "move," my cursor appears in the middle of the screen, like the game is there, but is just invisible. I checked the log, to no avail. KSP is acting normally. It's just not showing up on-screen. I highly doubt mods have anything to do with this, as my game launched fine yesterday, and I haven't installed any new mods since then. Has anyone else experienced anything else like this? If so, did you find a solution? EDIT: I reaslied that, even though the window didn't follow my cursor when I right-clicked the icon in the taskbar and selected "move," pressing the left arrow key made the window snap back into view again. Problem solved? Not really... Now, my KSP window is black. Not that my entire screen is black... just the interior of the game window. The tab at the top is still there, but the rest of the game window is black. The game does load, and the music starts playing, and when I clicked at parts of the screen where buttons would normally be, they did stuff. But the window was black. Also, it still launches off-screen. EDIT 2: In case it's of any value, the steam icon that pops up in the bottom-right corner of the game window whenever you start a Steam game does still appear. It seems as though the black screen + spawning off-screen is happening only to the game itself, and not any additions like that steam popup.
  2. I modified a webcam to not have an IR filter. This made it nearsighted by also allows it to see in the infrared light. Unless it's wearing sunglasses, it also sees well in visible light. Note that taking pics by holding a laptop computer with a webcam plugged in isn't the easiest thing to do. Note that these aren't photoshopped at all, they're as-is straight from the webcam app. Full Album: http://imgur.com/a/2YFxI
  3. Windows,, 32 bit, some mods (Kis, Kas, ScanSat, TweakScale and such, also Engineer v1.1.2 https://github.com/CYBUTEK/KerbalEngineer ) At the space centre, I can see the missions all right. But when going into VAB and SPH, the text is only visible sometimes. When you hover over it, it typically is visible part of a second, then dissapears. Clicking on the icon, right clicking on the icon, or moving it slowly off, then on again, will perhaps show it again for a part of second, or, if I am lucky, it suddenly remains visible, mostly to dissapear again when I move my mouse, but sometimes the text stays visible 'normally'. It takes about ten, twenty seconds to try to get the text to remain visible. NOT funny when building a ship. AT ALL. This also happens with the engineer report. Driving me crazy.
  4. I know this usually gets asked the other way around but I want to attach two rockets to each other and make them look like two individual rockets. Therefore, I want to make Modular Girder Segment XL invisible and use it to attach the two spacecrafts. How can I make it look transparent in the game? Should I delete its texture in KSP folder or should I change its config? Thanks in advance.
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