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Found 4 results

  1. ESA Launchers @Yogui87 ESA Pack is just to nice to leave lying by the road. So here is the continuation and expansion of a great set of parts. No pics no clicks Download from GitHub: https://github.com/macluky/ESA-Launchers or SpaceDock: <soon> Current release consists of: Diamant A small early solid rocket that launches the first european satelite Europa Early ESA rocket based on French and British rockets VEGA Light launcher for ESA Ariane Family Consists of 3, 4, 5, and 6 Credits All modelling and texturing by Lionhead. Ariane 3 parts made by MacLuky based on the the Ariane 4. Original Forum Post http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/12078-025-lionhead-aerospace-inc-icarus-v04-updated/ License CC-BY-NC-SA Known Issues - Though I can get all rockets in orbit there are several issues. The parts feel unbalanced. Especially the Ariane 5,6 and Vega seem extremely overpowered. Please help me create proper values for thrust, fuel and ISP. Once balanced properly we can release it to the general population.
  2. Taurus & Amarok Mod Pack Download: SpaceDock Source: https://github.com/macluky/MacLuky Manual: Assembly Guide Taurus Launch Systems The Taurus Launcher series provide an early to mid-career set of lifters that enable you to launch payloads in LKO and beyond without too much assembly, whilst making an effort to look a bit more like a real rocket. They are based on bits and pieces from Lionhead's ESA Launchers, Socke 1.875 HGR extension, some texturing ideas from Benjee and a lot of creativity and testing. The included guide gives some examples of various configurations ranging from 1 ton to 12 ton LKO. Support for CTT is included. Parts Taurus Launcher Family Amarok Space Systems The Amarok Space Systems are a series of space craft that help you through your career in a fashionable and recoverable way. I never quite understood how the Navy was supposed to find grey capsules at sea, therefor these craft follow a pain job similar to that of Copenhagen Suborbitales (https://copenhagensuborbitals.com). Based on some texturing ideas from Martinezfg11 and modeling ideas from the Phoenix capsule from MoviesColin IVA snippets from Tokamak and Fuji parts from Beale. As well as the Circular Panels from Yogui, and FusTek doors, docking ports and some decal. The lunar module is quite in alpha yet and must be considered a prototype. All capsules come with pretty IVAs (hence Kottabos click-bait) but the Mk2 capsule is having difficulties on KSP 1.3.1 it does show properly on 1.3.0. Parts Requires ASET Props by Alexustas (bundled in download) and Module Manager Plays well with - CTT, Kerbalism, TAC, Taurus, StockeAA, HGR, Tantares, BDD, Kerbal Engineer License CC-BY-NC-SA Pictures or it didn't happen https://ibb.co/album/b7Cx6F
  3. Hello all, I wanted to show off and share my latest launch vehicle design that I have affectionately named 'THE KERBALKLES', for its massive lifting power and sturdy construction that will lead you to orbital victory time and time again. INFORMATION: 11,238.1 kN at launch Largest rocket tested was 634,524 t (Payload = 91,702 t), H: 53.4 m, W: 12 m, L: 12 m. Just this stage alone gave 3,304 m/s delta-v with a TWR of 1.81 and took me into a 100 km orbit of Kerbin (FIGURES GIVEN ARE ATMOSPHERIC CALCULATIONS ON LAUNCH PAD - WILL RAISE SLIGHTLY UPON ASCENT) Extremely rigid design that is both very stable and reasonably responsive to fly, considering its size, with no oscillations You can easily add more fuel on top of stage to increase delta-v if required Capable of lifting loads > 700,000 t with a TWR > 1.50 I have used this design for multiple missions and spacecraft including space stations Below I will post some screenshots of 'THE KERBALKLES' launch vehicle along with some rockets that it has been used on. I will also post a link to the ship file if you would like to use it to start your next space adventure https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B0ZnPlCpcueMdE5TQTJ4SE9sLTA/view?usp=sharing Cheers!
  4. *UPDATED PAYLOADS* This is something that I've been experimenting with for a while. The title pretty much explains it; build a launcher for a heavy payload and recover the lifter. I'm very curious to see what you can all come up with as I really quite enjoy reusable launchers. I'm almost certain everyone will do better than me . Normal Mode: 50t payload into LKO. No asparagus staging. Recover main stage. Hard Mode: 100t payload into LKO. No asparagus staging. Recover all stages. Lowest budget possible. Rocket Scientist Mode: 150t payload into LKO. No asparagus staging. Recover all parts. Lowest budget possible. No external boosters. Ascent time <5 minutes. God Mode: Impress me.
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