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Found 3 results

  1. Assuming that you agree that Life Support should be at least a toggle-able difficulty option in stock, which mod would serve the feel and tempo of the game best? The inclusion of well-made mods into the vanilla experience is something we have seen before. Should @SQUAD begin considering candidate mods for Life Support, which one(s) would you prefer they look at? Why? And in connection with your choice, what changes -if any- would the stock mechanics need to maintain balance?
  2. Does anyone have/know of a TAC LS cfg/patch file that makes the mod easier to use? I was trying to fidget with the settings but wasn't sure exactly what I was changing.
  3. The concept is pretty simple- life support would be in the form of habitation modules that require only electricity. An example of balance would be: 1 day without power (in any module, command pod, lander can, or habitat) equals Kerbal death (or MIA, or USI-LS tourist mode), 1 week without a adequately powered habitat module would equal the same fate. The habitat modules act as long term life support and living space for Kerbals, if you want to get into the imaginary details one could say that the units break down Kerbal Krap, hair, and skin cells into their base atoms and reassemble them into tasty hot chicken wings and sauerkraut pierogis. The overall benefit is that it would simply add an element of LS along with the idea of a proper living space for our intrepid Kerbonauts. An example of possible units: 1.25m- single and double habitats (inline and/or radial attachable) 2.5m- 3 and 4 kerbal habitats (hitch-hiker can can be used for the 4 kerbal unit) Bonus 3.75m- 6 kerbal habitat So 3, maybe 4 new units + the coding end. I have a bit of Blender experience (but am a bit rusty, it's been a few years), and if anyone with some modding chops thinks this is a cool idea and wants to give it a shot I can chip in with modelling and texturing, but I'll need some initial guidance on the technical requirements (poly counts/mesh standards, UV layouts, etc.) at first.
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