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Found 6 results

  1. It's that time when many of us engage in the annual tradition of making New Year's resolutions. I've noticed with mine that I often start making them with the best intentions and later abandon them. Last year, I had a lot of good intentions, but by April, many of them were no longer a part of the plan. As I started thinking about it, the one thing that makes the difference between the resolutions we keep and those we don't is accountability - who holds us accountable for what we do? This year, I wanted to try something different with my resolutions and share them with the forum family. I also invite you to do the same. Sure, there is some anonymity here, as most of us do not know each other in real life. However, there can still be a level of accountability and encouragement among forum community friends. If you want to participate in this great forum experiment, great! All I ask is you share your resolutions you are willing to share, encourage one another periodically, and share your progress as the year goes on. This way, we can encourage one another to keep our resolutions and these life-changing goals. I'll share the top four resolutions I've made for this year. I have others and may share them over the year (there are three more). So, with that in mind, here are the resolutions for 2024 that I will share: I want to be more careful about what I eat. I need to lose more weight. I've noticed the more weight I lose, the better I feel mentally and physically. I want to be more physically active this year. I want more time in my schedule for "me" activities. I want to spend less time worrying about work while I am at home.
  2. I know I am a few days early, but, I would like us all to have a thread where we can post our wishes and or resolution(s) for the New Year. Now, this thread does not have to be exclusively for just New Years 2021, but it can be for each and every successive new year starting now. You may leave a wish, a resolution or both in the thread! So allow me to start! My wish for 2021 is that we all where ever we live have a safe, healthy and happy 2021! I now turn it to you dear forum members and guests, what is your wish and or resolution for the new year? 090712252020
  3. Hello All! This months essential thought is: What is the greatest gift of all? How does Christmas affect you and what is a Christmas Story you'd want to share. this thread is about Christmas spirit and Christmas Kerballing. My story to share is One time when i was in my house with my mom and dad we decided to watch "The Polar Express" and we had an amazing time and we sat by the Fire with hot Chocolate And some beautiful smores we had! We made a christmas gingerbread house and then we ATE it! and finally, i went back to my room at 11:30 AM December 24th 2019 and played Kerbal Space Program! I tried to do something i never tried before! Land on TYLO and back. Then i heard some bells ringing but couldn't find the source of the sound so i continued to play. then SOMETHING MAGICAL HAPPENED! i landed ON TYLO and 45 Minutes later... I LANDED BACK ON KERBIN with 3 kerbals!!! It was a wonderful moment for me and i believe it was because of my Christmas spirit why i took a leap of faith and tried this daring mission! and Succeeded! To everyone who is reading i wish you a "Merry little Christmas and a wonderful New Years"!
  4. 20 minutes left to go home. Tomorrow I have a day off. Then my 30-days-notice is done and I'm out of here. Next monday, 2016 AD, I'll be working at another place. ... Counting minutes.
  5. Greetings, Wishin everyone Happy Holidays and for everyone to have a Happy New Year ! As some of you may know my New Year will be somewhat not so happy at some point but I dont look at life that way ! Afterall we may only be given once chance to even have a life, and many of us arent so lucky. Einstein's greatest discovery points to an answer for life ... "It's All Relative" . We grow; we fight; we live; we dream; we must continue because we 'CAN' continue. We must not worry when our time is up, and live our lives in the present because...the past is history; the future is a mystery, and the present IS A GIFT ( no matter it's origin ). Kerbal Space Program allows for many opportunities for creativity, and we can add to it and even show off some of it in live streams on twitch. If life wasnt tuff, and people werent different, how boring would that be ! KSP is but a small part of life for some of us, but that part, however small, is kool, and gives us an opportunity to learn from mistakes; also part of life. Goodbye 2015 with 2016 another year around the corner, I am ready. We watched a kool movie tonite - Despicable Me, and I thought...did they use that movie as an idea for KSP? Gosh I luv those l'il MINIONS ! Commander Zeta
  6. Hey guys! Just wanted to wish you guys a great start to 2016! (Didn't have time to post earlier).
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