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Found 2 results

  1. Теперь доступно на русском языке! Have you thought Eeloo was too easy? Silan is an ice giant located far beyond Jool with five unique moons with their own strange features. Each moon has its own biomes and has its own beautiful view of Silan. Bodies list: Silan Gene Talin Gus Walt Bobak Compatible with OPM! Spoilers: SpaceDock Link: https://spacedock.info/mod/3461/Silan License: MIT
  2. In the administration building, several of the KSC staff and a couple of extra presenters were gathered to discuss new findings in the astronomical community. Two Kerbals stood at the front of the room and turned on the projector screen. "What's that?" Linus Kerman asked. "That," said Chadlo Kerman, "Is End." "Is it a star?" Linus asked. "Nope. It's the Sixth Planet." "Wait, are you telling us that you discovered a new planet? I don't believe you." Bob Kerman said. "Oh yes indeed. It's a new planet." said Chadlo. He flipped to the next slide. "We found a bunch of dwarf planets and Eelinos in weird orbits, and were like 'bro how'd that happen?'" said Scottsperd Kerman, who was standing next to Chadlo. "So we ran some simulations at KSC's Unreasonably Powerful Computer, and found that these orbits totally make sense if there's a sixth planet." Chadlo said. "So then we started looking." Scottsperd said. "And we found it. And now we want a space probe sent there." Chadlo said. "Alright, fair enough. Werner, get your boosters together." Gene said. "Oh and one more thing: we'd like to see it reach the planet before we die." Chadlo said, as the KSC staff left the room. THE CHALLENGE (All times measured from vessel launch date, not game start) "Well You Tried" Mode: Send a spacecraft to fly by the Planet End. Easy Mode: Send a spacecraft to fly by the Planet End in less than 20 Kerbin Years (or 5.8 Earth Years). Normal Mode: Send a spacecraft to fly by the Planet End in less than 10 Kerbin Years (or 2.9 Earth Years). Difficult Mode: Send a spacecraft to enter a low orbit (Apoapsis below 10,000,000 meters) around the Planet End in less than 15 Kerbin Years (or 4.35 Earth Years). Hard Mode: Send a spacecraft to land on Planet End's moon, Erkers, in less than 15 Kerbin Years. Super Mode: Send a crewed spacecraft to land on Planet End's moon, Erkers, and return to Kerbin in less than 40 total Kerbin years (11.6 Earth Years) Hyper Mode: Impress Me. Evanitis made these cool badges for Normal and Hard modes, and I modified some to fit the new challenge types. (If you've completed any challenge, then you can put them in your signature) "Well, You Tried" Mode Easy Mode, Normal Mode Difficult Mode, Hard Mode Super Mode Hyper Mode THE RULES No Near-Future Propulsion mod (Nuclear and Solar are fine.) Take plenty of pictures for proof. Do not look at the planet or its moons up close until you have a ship in the S.O.I. Put any pictures or albums that show the planet up close in spoiler boxes. Try not to look at any pictures of the planet that would show details, the point is to see them for the first time in a spacecraft. While not strictly required, I recommend for your own sake that you use the 1.1.3 unofficial build of Better Timewarp. It allows much faster timewarp rates as well as several more features. THE MOD Download from SpaceDock, but make sure you have installed Kopernicus and its dependencies, ModuleManager and ModularFlightIntegrator. The pack contains one gas giant planet (fully featured with a custom atmosphere curve and coloration, as well as an original texture), two inner irregular-shaped moons, and one very distant captured dwarf planet which itself has a moon. All of this in proper stockalike style. If you want to see what they look like, go find them with a spacecraft in game! Don't even tab over to them in the map view or tracking station, but instead wait until you get close. I guarantee it will feel so much more rewarding. But if you're really dying to see them, there's an album below. There are science definitions for all planets and moons. There's also an optional config that can be changed in the settings.cfg that will allow for OPM compatibility and a more authentic orbit when set to = True. By default, and for the challenge, it should be set to = False. SPACEDOCK LINK (v2.3 of Planet Six: The End) Mirror (v2.3) Mod Album: Spoiler Alert! This might be the fastest I've ever thrown together a planet pack, taking a little over three hours to finish. It's reusing assets and config pieces from some of my other mods, but most of the art is original. The gas giant's texture, for instance, is original. The subsatellite is, however, completely unoriginal because I was low on time: it's literally reusing the entire Joolian moon Kev from Revamped Stock System.
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