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Found 6 results

  1. I think it would be a great expansion to the game. Have specialized terraforming colony buildings and parts that would in-time change the environment of a planet. Yes, Surviving Mars did it first and it was a good DLC.
  2. Cooling Venus with enormous space mirrors sounds crazy and awesome. Terraforming also requires some speculative technologies like space tethers, mass drivers and mining of Mercury and Europa for materials. What do you think, does this plan look good? I see some minor issues with the way it was laid out in the video, though. For example, they suggest removing CO2 ice from frozen Venus using mass drivers, forgetting that there’s still a 3 bar nitrogen atmosphere left. Firing a mass driver in a 3 bar atmosphere will probably cause spectacular fireworks and explosions. Also, do you believe that humanity can actually commit to a thousand-year project like this, that won’t be of any economic benefit and will cost a tremendous amount of money, without some kind of authoritarian political will?
  3. Imagine if you have a functioning time machine and you can travel to whatever year in the future and ask whoever you come by. For me i would travel to the year 3000 and ask someone "Does humanity have a glorious galactic empire?" What is yours?
  4. Hello friends, thank you for taking the time to read this concept. For a while now I've played with Kerbinside and respective contracts in my career save. The addition of regular contracts for passengers, I feel, makes a great addition to the game. I would like to take this concept to a new, different mode of game play. I've thought about Terra-Formed versions of the stock system for a while, complete with cities and towns, and with various contracts for these locations. Kerbal Kostructs would be used for the cities, with Kopernicus edits of the stock worlds would be used to tweak atmospheres and add oceans where needed. Everything would be balanced for career mode play, such as science rewards. Science performed in/near a city on Duna would be very little, whilst science collected in a remote area would be of a higher reward. The starting worlds that would be modified would be the Mun, Duna, and Laythe. The Mun would not have an atmosphere, however, it would have three or four extensive colonies, with landing pads and such. Duna would be something similar to how Mars is portrayed in Cowboy Bebop, with the midland sea containing an actual sea, along with two or three major cities. Laythe would be similar to Kerbin, with scattered cities along the shorelines. This is just a loose concept, but I would like opinions on what everyone thinks, and suggestions are greatly appreciated!
  5. Well, for so many years, science fiction writers and scientists have dreamed of terraforming a planet. I think it just might be possible, but not for a VERY long time. (At least 50 years) How would we do it? For a start, we would have to increase the pressure of Mars's atmosphere. After that, we would have to increase the temperature of Mars by quite a bit. Of course, we would have to get water. For that, we would melt the ice caps, which would give us water and Co2. Soon, we would have to slowly begin growing algae and other oxygen releasing plants in greenhouses, which in turn would put the Oxygen into the atmosphere. However, bad news for Terraforming: http://www.space.com/31044-mars-terraforming-nasa-maven-mission.html After tens of thousands of years, we might have a breathable atmosphere to live in. What are your thoughts? Do you agree?
  6. Hello, I am doing a project with some friends on Mars and how people can colonize it effectively, which also involves constructing a space elevator and strives towards terraforming. Where can I find the most reliable and accurate resources on these topics? Info on how ecosystems, climate and agriculture work would be very helpful. Thanks!
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