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Found 7 results

  1. License: CC-BY-SA-4.0 Link: https://spacedock.info/mod/3088/Thunderbirds InterKerbin Rescue. Hi and welcome to Thunderbirds InterKerbin Rescue. The 5 main craft and The Mole, based on the classic series. Thunderbird 1 is high speed rocket plane with VTOL and Rear engine. The rear engine has a dual mode between low level maneuverability and high atmosphere, high speed cruise that can get up to 1700 metres a second. It has retractable wings and landing legs. Thunderbird 2 Has VTOL and rear engines. Loaded it has a top speed around 300 metres a second. It has extending legs so that it can release it's pod and stand up out of the way. It has fully functioning dock system with it's pod to release and redock and it is capable of releasing it mid air over the water and then coming back and landing over the pod to redock with it. It has a retractable pole under its chin for the Kerbals to climb down and up to board the craft. Thunderbird 3 has powerful rockets that attach to it to go to space, the lower section has a cargo bay with an opening door and there is a separate airlock that snaps in to the bottom the elevator shaft so that you can enter or leave inside the cargo bay. The white collar is a docking ring and allows Thunderbird 3 to dock into Thunderbird 5s docking tube in space. Thunderbird 4 is a fully functioning sub with a ballast system, a dozer that can toggle out of the way, and 4 nodes on the front that take it's torpedo system, it's electro magnet and it's thermolance. It has a docking port on its belly that mates with a docking plate that you snap into the floor of the pod for travelling. Thunderbird 5 is a Space Station with scanning, kerbnet access, relay antenna and a research and training lab. It has a snap in docking tube to recieve Thunderbird 3 and it has a jettisonable frame that uses Thunderbird 3 engines to lift it into orbit. The Mole is another submarine (because I haven't worked out how to make a resource drill yet) with its own frame wheel base so that you can drive it into the water and then undock and go explore, you can comeback and gently slide back on the frame and redock to leave the water. (A little help from The Mole thrust engine is sometimes needed to get back out. It also has a ballast system. Thunderbird 2's pod has a opening and closing ramp and a ballast system so that it can partially sink into the water so that Thunderbird 4 can leave and return. Be warned if you fill it when Thunderbird 4 is attached that you are filling TB4s ballast as well. TB 1, 2, 4 and the Mole all use a snap in RCS system while 3 and 5 have theirs built in. I have also included a floor magnet for securing vehicles like the Mole that can attach where you like. A Claw magnet that has a Kerbal Attachment System socket so if you have KAS you can use it on the end of a winch cable like a crane. And a 4 seat rescue frame with KAS socket for retrieving Kerbals from difficult places. I have included craft files for all the TBs inside the main folder. If you are trying to build TB3 and TB5 yourself it is suggested you have "WASD camera editor" or "Hangar Extender" installed. All my animations have sound and need the small plugin from Linuxgurugamer "ModuleAnimateGenericEffects" in order to work and I will put a link to it. https://spacedock.info/mod/2345/ModuleAnimateGenericEffects If you have the "Rocket Sound enhancement" plugin then the Mole wheels will make a tread like rumble. Most descriptions have tips to help you get used to how the parts work. If you find a problem then please leave a message on the forum thread for me. I hope you enjoy this mod.
  2. Hi Everyone, From the original 1965 Thunderbirds, Thunderbird 3. Piloted by Alan Tracy, this is a Vertically launched, reusable single stage rocket designed to reach orbit. (SSTO) Mission: to get to a stable orbit and return back at the KSC. ( All I can say at this point is stupid sticky keys lol) Thrust To Weight: 1.285 Total Mass: 328.61 Parts:104 For Vehicle Download: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1uA0pE7xCUt6aFH9WhvgdXxRpG1YzqDTE/view?usp=share_link
  3. A place to showcase craft based on the Television shows of Gerry Anderson. I've started with what I have found available. Mods by @MajorTom69 and @StinkyAce giving me access to Space 1999 and UFO meshes. If anybody knows of Captain Scarlet, Stingray, Thunderbirds etc meshes, please let me know. I have reconfiged craft to be balanced and more functional and to me atleast aesthetically pleasing. If you have been doing this sort of work in these worlds as well, please post here to let us know and to show off your efforts.
  4. HST-11 Fireflash Info on the actual aircraft: The Fireflash is basically a hyper-sonic (mach-6) atomic powered passenger aircraft, that appeared in the first episode of Thunderbirds. The Fireflash is powered by 6 Atomus engines on the near tips of the elevator, witch receive power from a nuclear reactor in the back of the fuselage. This reactor is able to operate for around 6 months, but the shielding around it has to be checked and repaired every 3-4 hours or lethal amounts of radiation will fill the cabins. (building this in 1:1 scale would be quite project as it's apparently about 300m long) Info on the KSP one: Oh how happy i am to know that this thing lives again. I was looking at reference pictures for a completely different replica project when i stumbled upon some pictures of the Fireflash from Gerry Anderson's Thuderbirds. I hadn't seen even a single episode of it for nearly a dozen years, but i still remembered the aircraft design and knew i had seen the episode it appeared in when i was very little (5 years old or something). I watched Thunderbirds quite a bit back then and even now i can remember some things from a bunch of different episodes. The Fireflash is honestly one of the most beautiful aircraft designs ive ever come across and i just had to make one. And after a LOT of hard work i did. Happened to find a pick of the aircraft i was searching picks for. I never showed it before, so enjoy this little extra showcase. This little replica was something i built during the 1.3 pre-release (not sure about the version but it was a pre-release version), during that pre-release there was something weird that happened, as the aircraft just immediately exploded on the runway. I was pretty sure it shouldn't do that. I wasn't even supposed to fix this as i taught it was going to be forever broken, but once i tested and noticed that the MD-11 replica (pretty similarly broken) that i made during those times, started to work, i decided to take a look at this replica as-well and see if it had started to work again, and thankfully it had. It could also be that me removing and reattaching pretty-much the entire aircraft back to the nose may have reset something that was wrong (i remember there was an issue with the Rigid attachment). The Fireflash was something i wanted to build before, but was unable to do successfully, i took me 3 version(4 if we count the biz-jet sized version) to realize that maby i shouldn't be trying this anymore. I wasn't supposed to go back and make another one, but after i found and built a paper-model of it (found from the" Papermodelers" forums), i got re-motivated and wanted to give it another go. This time i decided not to go for as huge a replica as before. I went for a more simple round fuselage version with MK-1 passenger fuselages as the windows instead of the double decker MK-3 design or the giant super-wide design. The paper-model i used is a pretty simple one designed by Gary Pilsford. It was a pretty lovely little build and quite short because of it's simplicity. A paper model like this, and indeed any model are invaluable in replica building. Their especially good for getting the wing-shape/profile just right. It was especially useful in this case as there are really no top-down or 3-way view or any of those kinds of picks of the actual aircraft nor any of the models people have made. Plus, it's quite hard to get it right using those kinds of picks anyway. Here's some few more picks of the aircraft: Technical specs: Top speed: 160 m/s in low altitude Stall speed: 75 m/s Length: 61.9m Wingspan: 31.6m Height: 14.4m Mass: 241 tons Parts: 597 NOTE!!! Because of the way the aircraft is designed, it's very heavy and hasn't really got big enough wings, because of this, it's impossible to reach high altitudes as the aircraft hasn't got enough lift. Download link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/96m8vb3ocq6sbz2/HST 11 FireFlash.craft?dl=0 And there you have it, a finally successful attempt at replicating the Fireflash. I hope you enjoy it .
  5. For this challenge you must catch a plane with one or more rovers If you don't know what I mean this image should help You may use the following mods: Burn together! B9 aerospace FAR, Magic Smoke Industries Infernal Robotics, And Kerbal attachment system, You can use these mods though i would prefer fully stock. you cannot use any mods other than the ones listed above. Rules: 1. No Dirty Cheating Alpacas (no debug menu)! 2. No unlisted mods 3. Plane does not necessarily have to be intact, however all kerbals must survive 4 catcher craft must start on runway and no docking ports are allowed on the Catcher or on the plane Get creative! 5 Impress me post screenshots below
  6. Who doesn't love the original puppet show from the 60s by Gerry Anderson? And if you've seen the recent -very faithful - remake series: Thunderbirds are Go! then you may have received either a boost of nostalgia or a bit of inspiration! Because - hey - while we all like the characters in Thunderbirds, let's face it - when it comes to KSP, you KNOW who the real stars are. The Thunderbirds craft themselves. It's been possible to do vague recreations in KSP starting with some of the earliest versions of the game, but we've come a long LONG way since it was possible to do a version of TB3 with 3 engine pods linked by girders angled up to the nosecone and not able to do much beyond sub-orbital lawn-dart practice and take a few screenshots on the way up and down. The use of mods and even stock features in vanilla KSP has advanced to the point that it's actually conceivable to design craft that emulate Thunderbirds 1, 2, 3, and 5. Yes - even Thunderbird 4 is possible to do now that we have water physics in the game! For me it really started when the Mark IV spaceplane parts mod set came out. Nertea's parts pack was a straight-up salute to Thunderbird 2 if ever there was one in KSP, and of course, I couldn't resist trying it out to make my own. And I did a pretty passable job at it too. Amazingly enough, at least in KSP aerodynamics, it doesn't take much tweaking to make TB2 fly. (Then again, KSP physics are more forgiving than ours, Kraken aside...) Inspired by that, I experimented with trying to emulate Thunderbird 1, and though I liked what I eventually got out of it, it really wasn't practical as a design. It took off vertically just fine, but I still couldn't make the thing VTOL and taking off from a runway was dicey to say the least. Landing? Pffft... there was a REASON I kept the parachutes on the cockpit and a decoupler right behind it! But it did FLY nicely once in the air and it could orbit. But In so doing I eventually realized what I really had was a too-big version of TB1 or a too SMALL version of TB3 combined into a package that didn't really do either's jobset at all well. Still - it looked pretty. So what am I doing in this thread? I've decided to rework this into a showcase thread for development, testing and design for making WORKING versions of the 5 classic Thunderbirds vehicles! At the very least I want to them to fly (or orbit - or swim) well enough to be fun to use. And maybe, just maybe, even be able to do useful stuff! (Latest version of TB2 makes a fine cargo transport as she is already) BUT - I don't want to be exclusive about this. If YOU have ideas for designs, or want to chip in a suggestion for how to make the existing ones work better, by all means, join in! The whole point in KSP is to have fun, after all. And I'll shamelessly stealborrow ( ) any good ideas I can just to make stuff work. Just like I'm sure you'll steal a few bits from my ideas to make stuff work better in your designs. Anyway - For now - I'm dividing this up into sections based on each major Thunderbirds machine. THUNDERBIRD 1: Initial Prototype testing done in KSP .25 and KSP 1.04 - 1.05. Promising techniques, but design is too large. Size and performance should be comparable with a fighter/bomber, not an ungainly space shuttle with pretensions of grandeur. Also - based on the source material, I'm not sure if it needs to be orbit capable or not. I think it should be, if only for short trips to low orbit and back. But that's not it's primary job. TB1 is supposed to be very, very VERY fast in atmospheric flight, with rocket assisted speed boosts and at least 2 modes of VTOL. (Rocketship tail landing and classic VTOL). Addendum: After completely re-thinking almost everything about this build, I now have a new working prototype that not only has almost all the features of the original from the show, but actually LOOKS the part even better than my other craft do! It's now posted at Kerbal X. Prototype 1 - Deemed non-usable for intended role. Prototype 2 THUNDERBIRD 2: Initial Prototype in KSP 1.04. STOL with Large cargo capacity. Successful design overall. Not balanced as well as it could be. Prototype #2 made in KSP 1.05 and fully balanced with full VTOL capability (though not a full fuel capacity and range). Needs more work on VTOL testing. Able to land well. Difficult to make pinpoint landings for delivery of payloads. (Possible use of Quiztech air thrusters for turning while hovering?) Prototype 1 Prototype 2 THUNDERBIRD 3: Initial Prototype testing in KSP 1.05. Promising start. Launches to orbit well with fuel to spare for operations. Need to work on possible trade-off between fuel and cargo capacity. Massive failure during de-orbit testing could be due as much to pilot inexperience with design and flight plan design as to any failure in actual design. Prototype 1 destroyed. Prototype 2 in construction. THUNDERBIRD 4: Prototype released in KSP 1.05. Fits inside TB2's cargo bay for transport to any ocean on Kerbin. Successful design. May evolve a bit over time. But the basic design is sound. Grapplers,supplementary equipment bay and airlock for rescuing Kerbals make this a versatile design. Prototype 1 THUNDERBIRD 5: It's a Space Station. As for flying, it's only got to do so ONCE, then it gets to stay up there. What features should a KSP Thunderbird 5 station have, anyway? Communications hub, obviously. Remote tech parts mods? Fuel depot for TB3 would be obvious. Anything else? I'm actually more partial to the new Thunderbirds are Go style than the original for this one. Anybody got anything that they want to load onto Thunderbird 2 for transport? As long as it fits in the bay, it ought to work. Lastly - anybody game to recreate Thunderbird S from the new series?
  7. Trapped in the Sky! Disaster! The luxury SSTO space-liner Fireflash finds itself trapped in low kerbin orbit, unable to use it's landing gear without activating a bomb stowed aboard by the dastardly Hood Kerman. Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to design and prove the most creative way you can think of to bring the 18 crew and passengers of the Fireflash back down to kerbin safely. Rules: 1: don't use the Fireflash's landing gear to land. 2: don't just ditch it in the ocean, while technically the most practical solution to the problem it is also the most boring. 3: don't just send shuttles up into LKO to dock and collect the passengers, again not a whole lot interesting. 4: do pretty much anything else that you need to do. want to use modded parts? go ahead! 5: success is nobody crashing into the planet and dying. The Ship: The Fireflash Prototype, a Hackenbacker Class Single-Stage to Orbit luxury Space-liner with a crew of 2 and 16 VIP passengers. Current Situation: in Low Kerbin Orbit with more enough oxidizer to deorbit and plenty liquid fuel for low altitude manoeuvring/powered glide on final approach. Action Groups: 1: toggle rapier engines 2: toggle engine mode (currently closed cycle) 3: open/close orbital components (solars, antenna) 4: deploy emergency radial drogue chutes 5: toggle in-line radiators between passive and active (currently active, can and should be indefinitely sustained with RTGs) Tips on landing the Fireflash: The Fireflash while able to glide will drop too fast to make an unpowered landing, or at least requires maintaining power till just before touchdown. it can survive high physics warp and is mostly stable both in and out of atmosphere as well as being easy to manoeuvre at subsonic speeds. when re-entering be careful as the front section has a habit of burning up, though losing it does not fatally detract from the stability of the craft. The Fireflash has a relatively short stopping distance with just the air/breaks compared to the length of the ksc runway. Link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B3bAkbqjp8mGY1lsdGRPR3dmRXc contains a savefile with the Fireflash in orbit, there is also the Fireflash's craft accessible from the SPH list as a "Hackenbacker Spaceliner" in case you need a reference vessel to mess around with. Good luck.
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