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Found 6 results

  1. Since it seems a new thread pops up every time a celebrity dies, I thought maybe a thread should be dedicated to their memory. Hopefully this thread will become the place to report news of celebrity deaths, instead of RIP threads scattered all over. This thread was triggered by the recent loss of two Canadians who, while not well known, played major roles in Canadiana. First up is Emily Griffiths, who died last week at age 96. A philanthropist, she was instrumental in convincing her husband Frank to buy the Vancouver Canucks NHL team and keep them in the city. https://globalnews.ca/video/4914013/emily-griffiths-is-remembered-after-she-passes-away-at-the-age-of-96, A big deal to locals, this news probably meant little outside BC And on the news today, Ron Joyce, the co-founder of the iconic Tim Horton's coffee shop chain passed away Thursday at age 88. https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/nova-scotia/tim-hortons-ron-joyce-died-1.5001820. This could turn into a national day of mourning, since a double-double from Timmy's is as Canadian as apple pie is American. RIP to them both. Edit. I will try to keep the thread title updated with the name of the most recent loss(es).
  2. KSP Secondary Motion adds secondary physics motion to some stock antennas and solar panels, it also added some brand new parts to the game. This mod is still working in progress, the APIs are subject to change. Review by @Kottabos Stock Modification Stock Solar Pannel Stock Antenna Check high frame rate high-resolution mp4 version here New Parts Features: Wobbling antennas and solar panels Real-world used ground antennas CREW Duke Anti-IED system (BDArmory support, works as a jammer) TweakScale support A plunger Wacky Waving Inflatable Arm Flailing Tubemen Pickle Rick! How to Use: Generally, there is no need for the user to adjust settings, but if you don’t like the wiggliness of a certain part, you can adjust the Damper Ratio and the Spring Ratio in the right-click menu of that part. The current version of the mod also has a Failsafe Activate Range slide bar in the right-click menu, if you find that the part behaves abnormally during the flight (such as flashing), you can increase the value to reduce or eliminate the effect. I am currently trying to fix this behavior, it is related to KSP's Floating Origin and Krakensbane, this option will not in the v1.0 release if the problem is addressed. Help and suggestions for fixing this problem are welcome. Part List: Stock: Gigantor XL Solar Array Communotron 16 (I am having difficulties with adding secondary motion to other stock antennas, solar panels, and radiators. That may change before the 1.0 version.) New: APX-50 HF Mobile Whip Antenna (4 sections, 5m) APX-50 HF Mobile Whip Antenna (2 sections, 2.6m) APX-50 HF Mobile Whip Antenna (4 sections, 5m, Tied Down) AN/VLQ-12 CREW Duke AN/VLQ-12 CREW Duke Front Antenna CREW Duke Right Angle Adapter CREW Duke Structural Beam (1.6m, 1.25m, 0.63m, 0.37m) UHF727VM Multi-Band LTE Antenna VHF3088T Tunable Low Profile VHF Antenna VHF100512SLP VHF/UHF Low Profile Broadband Antenna Wacky Waving Inflatable Arm Flailing Tubemen The Plunger Antenna Any suggestions and ideas about new parts are welcome. Todo List: This mod is still working in progress, check the todo list here Modding: If you are a mod creator and looking for adding secondary motion effects to your mod, the documentation is coming soon. It will be simple as adding two additional transforms to your part. The mod even allowed you to reconstruct the existing part hierarchy from a Module Manager script without re-exporting the part from unity (That's how I add the effect to stock parts). Note that the mod is still working in progress, the APIs are subject to change. Changelog: Required Mod: Module Manager (Not included) Download: Spacedock Also available via CKAN License: KSP Secondary Motion was released under MIT License Source Code: Github
  3. EMIKO STATION : THE MOVIE Hello, I'm Oraldo Revak ( xDark Monkeyz on Youtube) I'm a Ksp cinematic creator. I've already done a lot of KSP cinematic available on my Youtube Channel : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdk9H5sJyeA046xm0ImxSoA?view_as=subscriber Recently, I've had the very good privilege to have @JustJim authorized me to adapt his Fan Fiction "Emiko Station" ( ) into a cinematic. I've been working since April on a 1h30 video, of the first 15th chapters. I'ver scheduled at least 5 video of more than 1 hours in order to cover the 100 chapters. Here is the link of the first episode: Episode 2: Thank you, I hope for your feedback guys ! Ps: I'm French so sorry if my english is bad. And don't worry I have someone who correct grammar in my videos.
  4. Remember the WIP B737 I posted progress of? It's finally completed! Truth be told, it was done a long time ago. I was just lazy to edit the video of it. Anyway, we'll skip the life story. You're here for the pictures. Cockpit instrument panels and overhead panel Forward and Aft Galley Forward and Aft Lavatories E&E Bay Passenger Half Rear Airstair Tail Compartment - Cable Drum APU Compartment Wheel Well Trailing-edge surfaces + more things. Look at everything in the album here. Want to download this? Bad idea, buddy! 3250 part Stripped, No Livery version. 4100 part Stripped with Livery version. 7500 part Full Interior version. Life story time Never before had I worked with parts in such a small scale. The most obvious section that displays this is the cockpit instrument panel. To do the gauges, it required me to use parts I, frankly, never thought I would use for a build. The gauges were made by, believe it or not, the Mystery Goo Containment Unit. The needles themselves were angled Communotrons, and the redlines were thermometers. If you actually look at the Mystery Goo Unit, you'll see for yourself how small the scale actually is. On the overhead panel, due to lack of space, a new part entered the fray. The small circles are actually struts. They have little balls at the ends of them, that when clipped properly shows as a small circle, perfect for these things. The "3 Green" lights are batteries. That's it really. Nothing special about them. Everything past the cockpit is pretty obvious. Perhaps the next special item is the galley, specifically the food you can see on it. As it so happened, the Barometer looks exactly like a tray of airline food. Cheap-looking, unappetising and minimal. But Kerbals have had worse. The other notable feature is the Lattice Livery. You might make claims like "That looks exactly like the A350's carbon fibre livery!" and "You copycat!", in which case you'd be right. Other than that, there's nothing else to really talk about. Hope you like the detail, and may your PC rest in pieces. Happy Flying!
  5. THREADS OF THE MONTH August 2020 It's that time of the month again! We gather to recognize the great works our community has created, either with their initial post or the subsequent discussion that arises. This month we take a look at an overly detailed airliner, a mod that adds some wiggle to your craft, a melancholy retrospective, the visualization of one of the forum's great works, and how to use ISRU for fun and profit. Who says noodle rockets are bad? Well, we all kind of do, but what if only a few parts of your rocket had a little jiggle and wiggle? Well, @Icecovery thinks adding a little wobble to rocket parts is a good idea, and we tend to agree. It adds some realistic motion to parts that should shimmy a little bit. Next.... well next is a doozy. Whoa boy. We've seen some detailed and intricate models done with stock KSP before, but we think this one takes it to a whole other level. This B737 replica by @Maxorin is absolutely bonkers in it's level of detail. And now a somber note. @StrandedonEarth started this thread a while ago to commemorate those who have passed, and has done a great job of maintaining the title changes as events occur. We salute you in your dedication to the thread, and may those mentioned within rest in peace. Step 1: Build a Munar Base. Step 2: ???? Step 3: Profit. Actually we know what step 2 is. And it's got a whole lot of smaller steps within it, as @katateochi shows us in their attempts to fund their space program by exploiting distant worlds. And it seems a year cannot pass without some mention of this work in a TOTM post. @Oraldo revak has yet again produced a stunning cinematic, this time adapting @Just Jim's fantastic saga "Emiko Station". We cannot wait for future episodes to come out. We congratulate all the winners of this month's Thread of the Month Award! Feel free to add the badge at the top of this post to your signature and to your thread. We would also like to thank the members who have nominated threads for consideration: @Servo, @dnbattley, @Misguided_Kerbal, @JorgeCS, @GuessingEveryDay, and @Lo var Lachland. Without your nominations, we might miss some really great threads. Just use that report button, and tell us that you'd like to nominate that thread for TOTM. And as always, thanks to @adsii1970 for the badges! See you guys next month!
  6. One thing I've always wanted in KSP was a reason to setup a sort of space trucking program. Not just hauling stuff out to other planets, but bringing things back...for a profit. The stock mining doesn't really provide this, it's just not profitable to transport fuel that's been mined/refined on another planets back to Kerbin, you'd have to transport a LOT and even then, the payoff is pretty slim. I wanted to have something that could be mined on Mum, or perhaps further afield, that was worth something. So in this career I installed MKS for the first time, and that opened up the options to mine a bunch of other things aside from Ore. "Exotic Minerals" and "Rare Metals" were the two resources that caught my eye. So whistling 'Uranium Fever' from Fallout, and with precious little planning I shot off to Mum to make my fortune mining these Rare and Exotic resources. In my greed and haste I had selected a 2.5m Kontainer from MKS (below) to store my haul in. A quick check showed that one of those full had a value of 2.4 million funds!! WOOOO! What I didn't check was how much it weighed when full....it was kinda similar in size to a FL-TX1800 fuel tank and they weigh about 10t so surely it'll be in that kinda ball park. I was extremely wrong. Fully loaded that Kontainer weighs ~85 tons. It was going to take a much more beefy lifter than the one I brought, and a complete rethink about how to get it back home. So, somewhat miffed, I returned to the space centre and this time did some planning. Which is of course always a hazardous occupation in KSP, and I rather went down the rabbit hole on this and ended up with something that's so insanely profitable that it really kinda breaks the game from a funding point of view. This is Romeo-Echo-Foxtrot (REFinery), a base that mines Exotic Minerals, Rare Metals, Silicates, Substrate and Minerals. It also requires Metallic Ore but that isn't available in the same location as the other resources, so it's mined a few km away and trucked in. Those are refined into Silicon, Refined Exotics, Polymers, Metals and Chemicals, which are then further refined into "Specialised Parts" and "Material Kits". The two building blocks for creating and deploying DIY kits from scratch. And this is the final product. What is it you ask.... It's a set of KAS containers filled to the brim with Gravmax Gravioli Detectors (1600 of them), which I think have the highest cost to mass ratio of any part. Weighing only 10t it's easy to transport and has a value of...... 14 millions funds! (note: the containers only have 40 item slots, so originally I scaled the containers down so they matched the volume of 40 Gravioli detectors. But as I was already running into part count issues I went with the larger containers and added a config line in the KIS settings that enabled stacking detectors so I could put more than 40 in a box. That doesn't effect the volume constraints and it also meant I didn't have to drag 400 of them in one at a time!). At it's current level of efficiency this base can produce one of these every 15 days......this base can generate around 364 Million funds per year. And that's not even running at full efficiency. As I was new to MKS I hadn't understood what the significance of the "Machinery" resource was, and didn't know it effects the efficiency of the converters. So my design for the base only factored in power consumption for mid-range efficiency. I also have some (slightly odd) issues with overheating on the base. But a quick check suggests that with a bigger power supply and more cooling, I could potentially push the output of this base up to something like 680 million funds per year. I'm not going to, that'd just be absurd! As it is I never need to accept another contract ever again. So from one extreme to another; with this system I'm now generating actually too much money. I was aiming for something a bit more balanced; a good source of off-world income, but not so ridiculous it completely breaks the funding aspect of the game! I think next time around I will apply some constraints that say that certain resources can only be found on certain planets (ie Rare Metals are only on Dres) and then there will be the need for a more complex transport network and the process slowed down by interplanetary travel time. I guess in the end the main thing is I had a load of fun designing it. Its way more complex than it needs to be, has stupid details like tracing lights that show "direction of flow" of resources from the drills and has way more storage capacity for the component resources than it needs, but that was an aesthetic choice. It's also fully self sufficient for TAC life support resources and has 6 Kerbals living there, potentially indefinitely. Building the base was the really fun part though. I chopped it up into small parts, shipped them out over about 14 launches and It was mostly assembled on site by Kerbals (with the power of Kerbal Inventory System) and a couple rovers to move heavy parts around (a few of the really heavy parts were joined with welding docking ports from MKS). All in the base cost just under 3 mil to build and launch, took about 40 Kerbal days to assemble. It then took several weeks to get it up to higher efficiency, but it's already made about 30 mil profit in it's first 100 days since construction began. I thought I'd share this gold mine process, although I think overall it's too OP and game breaking. If you want this base, I've posted it on KerbalX, It's also very possible to achieve the same conversion process with a simpler base, but I always get carried away with designs.
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