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  1. For anyone who likes to eyeball the transfer windows, here you go. These transfer windows are to scale with the orbits of the planets in Kerbal Space Program 2, aside from the eccentricity. I have a version where Kerbin is on top, and a version where Kerbin is on the side. Feel free to use it.
  2. Kerbal Transfer Illustrator Link: https://kerbal-transfer-illustrator.netlify.app Description: The Kerbal Transfer Illustrator is a set of mission planning tools inspired by alexmoon's Launch Window Planner, Arrowstar's KSPTOT, and krafpy's MGA Planner, among other things. It consists of 4 interconnected pages, which each make use of pretty, interactive 3D displays of the solar system: Transfer Illustrator: Generate porkchop plots and calculate trajectories for any starting and ending orbits in a solar system Optimize trajectories for accurate in-game use Optionally use Oberth maneuvers for arrival and departure from celestial bodies Flyby Illustrator: Search for efficient multi-gravity-assist missions with powered flybys Optionally make use of deep space maneuvers between flybys (work in progress) Optimize trajectories for accurate in-game use (usually reasonably accurate, work in progress) Flight Planner: Visualize trajectories for multiple crafts Plan relay constellations by looking using the CommNet display Manually edit individual maneuver nodes and see real-time changes to the resulting trajectory Copy and paste flight plans from the Transfer and Flyby Illustrators System Editor: Tweak settings for individual planets, or make entirely new solar systems Load modded systems from Kopernicus configuration files Use custom systems in the other pages of the app Also note that orbits and crafts can be loaded from your KSP save files, and links can be generated from each page to save/share your flight plans! Modded systems that are already built in to the app include: Outer Planets Mod JNSQ Galileo Planet Pack Real Solar System KSRSS Any comments, contributions, or ideas for new features are appreciated! The Kerbal Transfer Illustrator is licensed under the Creative Commons Zero v1.0 Universal license.
  3. This project has been abandoned in lieu of a newer, much more usable implementation: KSP Transfer Illustrator Links KSP Transfer Illustrator KSP Trajectory Illustrator Description Inspired by existing mission planning tools (alexmoon's Launch Window Planner and Arrowstar's Trajectory Optimization Tool), I have made a couple of web apps to help visualize trajectories for mission planning. While the KSP Trajectory Optimization Tool is much more powerful and has many more features, the idea is that Transfer Illustrator can be used without downloading or installing any software and has an unintimidating user interface. I've also tried to make this app have some additional flexibility compared to the Launch Window Planner and to make it easier to interpret the information provided about orbit parameters and burn information. KSP Transfer Illustrator: Generates Porkchop plots to visualize Δv costs for transfers across a range of departure and arrival times Computes transfers between spheres of influence (e.g. Kerbin to Duna) or within a sphere of influence (e.g. two distinct orbits around Kerbin) Determines optimal times and magnitudes of plane-change maneuvers during a transfer Determines ejection/insertion trajectories for transfers that involve exiting/entering a body's sphere of influence Displays interactive 3D plots of the calculated trajectories Creates downloadable HTML files with the interactive plots Loads orbit data from KSP savefiles The KSP Trajectory Illustrator: Propagates trajectories across spheres of influence Computes orbit changes at (instantaneous) maneuver nodes Creates interactive 3D plots showing trajectories of multiple crafts/objects Reads flight data directly from savefiles Plans for this project While the apps are already in a usable state, there are several improvements I plan on making: Find a new way to deploy the app (the free version of Heroku I'm using has issues with worker timeouts during long computations) (Performance has improved to the point where this isn't a huge issue) Add UI elements to help copy and save orbit details Add more robust support for other solar systems (e.g. Kopernicus) Find way to allow interactive plots to be embedded in forum posts (Not possible due to security concerns) Make the app a bit prettier More robust plane change maneuver options (90 degrees to intercept vs. AN vs. DN, inspired by this post) Gravity assist planning This is my first project in Python and my first ever attempt at making a web app, so there's probably a lot that I can do to improve! Any suggestions or advice would be appreciated. Also, if you come across any bugs or incorrect results when using the app, I would appreciate feedback in this thread or on the project's GitHub repository. Please share any requests for new features! The KSP Transfer Illustrator is licensed under the MIT License.
  4. I'm trying to figure out how reach a couple of ships that in a solar orbit that's slightly higher than Kerbin's, and I'm having a difficult time trying to get a good intercept. I figured I'd use the alexmoon launch window planner, but when I go to the 'add a body' window to add the vessel information, I don't know where to find all of the information it's asking for; some of it is clear in the Orbit Information widget (or whatever it's called, lower left corner under the staging icons), but other info is a mystery to me. If anyone can point me to where I'll find the following (or which fields in the Orbit widget has it), I'd be very grateful: Semi-major axis; Longitude of Ascending Node; how to correctly calculate the Time of Periapsis passage. Alternately, if there's another planner out there that will make this task easier, I'd appreciate hearing about it. Thanks!
  5. I'm trying to intercept Moho for a mission. Basically to create a new outpost. So far so good. I used the transfer calculator to get the time for the transfer and left Kerbin 10 days prior to the best window. I thought that I would need to use more dV than usual. When I tried to do the burn to get on the same inclination as Moho, I found that it was going to be on the other side of the orbit (see the image) Is there any way to fix the transfer? Thanks
  6. Hello, Im actualy orbiting mun with 4 tourist and Jeb I ran out of fuel and i need to bring them back to Kerbin. So i decided to build a rescue craft but i realised that i cant EVA tourists. So i can only save Jeb but not the tourist... Is there any solution to bring them back ? There are some pics : https://imgur.com/gallery/yNAoy8j PS: Sorry for my bad english :S
  7. I managed to assemble my brand new shiny space station. It has a Mk 1 lander can as the central hub, with docking ports (normal size, not junior or senior) on all sides and science modules hanging off the side of those. After the station was built I launched a ferry craft to bring up the crew, docked, and then found that I could not transfer any of the crew out of my command pod into the lander can. Should the kerbals be able to transfer from the command pod to the lander can through the docking port? If so what actions do I need to take to "open" the docking port to allow transfer - does this need to be done before or after docking? I did manage to EVA out all the crew and get them settled but that was kind of a let down to be honest. Basically the setup was Lander Can:Docking Port -><- Docking Port: Mk2 Command Pod.
  8. I have been trying to send a satellite or probe to Eve for quite some time but I can't figure out the transfer window. I have sent many ships to places like Jool or Duna just by eyeballing the window but I just can't for Eve. Does anybody have an easy way of figuring out transfer windows? I'm getting tired of Duna.
  9. Hello kerbonauts, As a 'purist', I have never used any mods or cheatsheets and so I used to do all calculations by hand. The only way for me to use a CalculationsSheet, is to make one myself, so that's what I did. Using it for all sorts of hohmann-transfers, commsat-deployments and delta-v calculations. I know there have been other mods and sheets around for years, which can do exactly the same thing. I made my own CalculationSheets to maintain the 'purist' way of playing, but without having to do manual calculations. I have no problems at all with non-purists, it's a singleplayer game, we all can play how we want. The green fields are for input, all other cells are blocked. I hope someone else will find the sheet useful. Feel free to comment also. Free to use with this link: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/10jiVQF0OBHQrgSCXz-bWVS0uYm7T0TlwV50zeXrdr4Y/edit?usp=sharing
  10. I've built a vessel to mine fuel on Minmus and return it to a tanker in LKO. I did my mining, flew back to LKO and transferred all my fuel into a big orange tank - all fine so far. I now want to transfer a small amount back to my mining vessel, equally distributed between some radial fuel tanks (with equal amounts of fuel and oxidiser) but this seems very difficult to do. I only want to transfer enough back to get back to the surface of Minmus, but it seems fiddly to get an exact balance of fuel between tanks so that weight distribution is equal. Any tips? I'm using stock and career mode. Ideally, I'd like to able to predetermine the amount of fuel/ox to be transferred into a specific tank... Thanks!
  11. Hello, sorry for my bad english... So I bought the game on the KSP site 2 or 3 years ago, but now, I have Steam. Is it possible to transfer my game on Steam ?
  12. I have a couple of questions about the above. When circularising my orbit above Kerbin should I also be checking the inclination and if so what should it be at for the best transfer orbit to Mun? Often when I burn for the Mun I find the encounter is going to kick me up at around a 30-45 degree angle. Going for a capture burn at periapsis then puts me in a heavily inclined orbit around Mun. This is ok for tourists and small satellites when I have plenty of dV to spare but I'd like to do things more precisely. May I have some tips on getting a more equatorial orbit around Mun?
  13. Hi, I have a mobile procession lab orbiting duna with a barometer, thermometer and gravimax attached and have collected the data from these for research by the two scientists stationed there. This worked fine, the data was added to the lab and they are making science. I then docked a craft that had spent a lot of time (67 experiments worth) collecting science from duna, put a kerbal eva, collected the science from this craft and added it to the mobile lab. I expected the data count to go up but instead it just added the experiments. Could someone tell me how I add the data I have collected from Duna to that in the science lab? I'm completely stuck. Thanks in advance.
  14. Following up from a thread in gameplay, my suggestion for the next release is a revision of the fuel transfer mechanism. Instead of the rather rudimentary ALT+click to fill a tank, you should be able to specify how much fuel/ox/monoprop you would like to transfer. This could be acheived (I'm guessing) by making the fuel/ox/monoprop sliders manually adjustable, as they are in the VAB. It would also be helpful to be able to lock liquid fuel and oxidiser together so you could transfer in the right ratio. Another option might be to be able to specify how much fuel you would like to transfer from tank A to tank B (eg manually enter a value - say 30 monoprop - to be transferred. There may already be a mod that does this, but as someone who tends to play stock, it would be nice if it was included in the main release. KSP is a stupendous game, good work devs!
  15. This has probably already been answered here and there, but a search didn't turn anything up, so.... I've been flying basic Mun missions over and over with slightly different parameters to get the hang of it, and I wondered something. When you're plotting the Hohmann transfer, is it more efficient to aim at the L1 point (just at the very inner edge of the Mun's SOI) or as close to the Mun's orbital distance as you can? In other words, is it better to do the capture burn from the edge of the SOI or from as close as possible to the Mun's surface? My inclination (no pun intended) is to think a close burn is more efficient, thanks to Oberth. But I'm not sure how the SOI patched conics really affect things.
  16. Having just reached Year 1 Day 260 in my Career Mode game, I sent off a small flotilla of craft to explore this new (to me) territory. It would be really handy to have a list of the launch windows as they open up, rather than fast forwarding when I want to go somewhere specific. Does such a list exist? Starting at Year 1 Day1 and listing the transfer windows in date order for the first few years? If so, please add a link. Otherwise I may have to start work on one Cheers
  17. Hello! In short, recently I created a heavy rover and a tanker ship in the career mode. When I landed the both on Minmus and docked them together, I suddenly discovered that I cannot transfer fuel+oxidizer from the rover (any of its 2 tanks) to the tanker ship (any of its 2 tanks) or vice versa. I still can transfer monopropellant between those, and I can transfer fuel+oxidizer between tanks of the same vessel, but when I try to do that between the vessels, no "In" and "Out" buttons appear. I've restarted the application, have docked and undocked the vehicles - and apparently nothing helps, which brings my Kerbol system exploration to a halt. I am attaching an archive with relevant screnshots, the save file, the vehicles and some technical data. My game version is a 64-bit Windows one from Steam. Thanks for help. https://www.dropbox.com/s/1xvoa21o2ce3nsi/bugrep.zip?dl=0
  18. I'm currently trying to pass that next great milestone in every KSP player's career: my first landing and return from another planet. In this case the planet is Duna, but here's my problem. Whenever I do my interplanetary transfer and encounter Duna I end up with a periapsis well below or above Duna. This means that I would have to expend a ton of fuel to achieve an equatorial orbit. Is there a better way to do this? Is there a way to angle my ejection burn so that I match Duna's orbital inclination or do I have to do a mid-course correction (not looking forward to the dV required for a plane change with an orbit that size I can tell you)?
  19. Hello, Having an issue with KAC and transfer windows. Basically KAC transfer window and node editor for the transfer is not matching up in any way. i.e. I've noticed when I set an alarm for a Kerbin to another planet and come back to that alarm, say 5 days prior to set-up the launch to orbit, mechjeb or the maneuver node says the window is months or years away. i thought initially I was missing the window, or had the wrong parent body select in KAC, but it's been consistent. So to try to clarify better: I set an alarm for Eve. KAC says x-fer window in 100 days. I do things...Mun launches, satillites, whatever. 5 days prior I get ready, make or verify my rocket. Launch pad, Launch guidance, launch at window, 1 year plus wait for window! Launch now anyways, get into orbit, mechjeb transfer to planet, 1 year plus wait for window! Eyeballing the planets and they 'seem' about right. X-fer now results in reasonable D-V, it seems anyways. I hit recalculate on KAC and it shows 1 year plus... It seems the launch window is drifting on long wait times for windows? I don't remember this being an issue in the past. I have a lot of mods, but I don't think any would affect this except Kopernicus? Thanks!
  20. Let's say (hypothetically) that you had a very, very fast spaceship. As in, it can accelerate to 0.5c in a minute. (Presumably, this would require some rather hardy Kerbals, but that's besides the point). It runs on Mysterium fuel, which never depletes (it's a mystery why!) If this spaceship wants to transfer from Kerbin to Duna in the least amount of time possible*, what should the maneuver be? My intuition is that it could burn towards the target the whole time. But perhaps it is a prograde burn, and then a lot of radial burns? What is the fastest flightplan? * Ignoring timed dilation. The point is not the 0.5c speed per se, but rather that the ship is very fast.
  21. OMG! Just got Kerbal Alarm clock and found out I have a Jool window in seven days! Gaaah! Can somebody help me come up with a viable lander system that can get back from Jool? I can get there, just not back. Any and all help tremendously appreciated. Thanks, Mycroft 33 Edit: Sorry! Should have said ‘Jool system’. I haven’t picked a moon yet, but it won’t be Laythe.
  22. This is for new people who need help with orbital maneuvers and transferring to your first celestial body! It took me a long time to understand at first too, so I hope I can at least help someone along! Enjoy it, worked on it while I was bored! https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B0K8gNf10roUVTZOZnl6SUF6eG8
  23. Hey all, So I recently posted a thread about trans-Mars injections, and some of the responses really got me thinking. Thanks to you all, I've finally learned that transfer orbits do not have to be in the same plane as either the origin or target, so long as you can put the AN/DN at the intercept point. For some reason, this topic seems to be rarely discussed here or in almost all the articles about interplanetary spaceflight I could find. I feel like I've discovered a well kept secret that holds the key to efficient transfers. Anyway, in fiddling around with a maneuver node at the appropriate launch window, I can see how important it is to be as close to the correct ejection inclination (as shown by Precise Node) as possible. Adding a normal/antinormal component to the ejection burn can help a bit, but not by much without adding a hefty amount of dV. So, as in almost every other aspect of spaceflight, launching into the appropriate inclination is crucial. I figured out a pretty good method for placing the LAN where my ejection burn with take place, but I have no idea what inclination to go for. My relative inclination to target is 1.6 degrees, but Transfer Window Planner says I need an ejection inclination of 0.1 degrees. How can I figure out what inclination to launch into in order the get the desired ejection inclination? Am I correct that it will NOT work to simply launch into a 0.1 inclination orbit? Thanks!
  24. Hello, I was wondering if the old planet transfer guide made by Kosmo-not back when 0.22 was the latest version has been updated or got a sequel. If you don't know what guide I'm talking about then you haven't gone really far in the game but here's the link: http://ksp.olex.biz/ I would really want to see one come out adjusted to the new physics tweaks and since Scott Manley has previewed v1.1, I hope that someone will update or make a new guide to go along with the monster update to Unity engine V. I'm sorry if there's already a more recent one that exists as I have not seen any other that's so user-friendly and delivers all the vital info at hand. Thanks for answering, Cheers
  25. Hi, I wonder if it's possible to transfer 'science' from one pod to another on the same craft? Why I'd find this useful is that if I have a small landing module that I undock from the main craft for landing, taking surface samples & EVA data, then I dock again with the main ship, I'd like to take the results back to Kerbal. But at the same time I'd like to ditch the landing module. So that I can transfer the 'science', I'd need to 'move it' from the landing module's pod to the pod of the main ship / homecoming ship. Other resources, like fuel, can be transferred. Can 'science' also be transferred similarly? Is this possible? Akos
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