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Found 2 results

  1. The dead passenger plane of doomsday challenge It was an ordinary day in Kerbin; planes crashing and rockets exploding. The mayor of Kerbin was concerned about that, so he decided that a new kind of transport vessel should be engineered, to bring more kerbals to the Space Station from afar. He clearly stated "The vehicle must carry at least 50 kerbals and 30-70% of them must survive a 100km journey". As the commandment arrived to the Kerbin's Ambiguos Kompetitions and Khallenges Association, the rules were specified by a read-it-literally-wisedonkey-wannabe-engineer called Sivonen: -Start a new career in sandbox mode. -Go to astronaut complex and hire as many kerbals as you need (at least 50 total). -You must build and fly a plane that carries at least 50 kerbals. -ALL PLANE PARTS MUST BE STOCK. Yes, you can add Mechjeb, time acceleration, etc mods. No parts, autolanding, physics, etc unfair mods. -All kerbals must be in command pods, hitchhiker containers etc. No command seats or stuffing them in the trunk. -It's a plane, so maximum altitude is 15km. -Ground distance covered must be 100km, points will be reduced if goal is missed. -30-70% of kerbals must survive. -In other words 30-70% of kerbals must die. -You must not drop the kerbals by EVA or decouplers, you must do a controlled crash landing which kills the required amount. -Brakes must be turned ON before landing. -Also no evaporating kerbals with a jet or a rocket. -No cheating via cheat menu, clipping the parts, or other unfair actions. Mild clipping here and there is ok. -Post screenshots: *Astronaut complex showing your total number of kerbals before flight *Show off your plane. Bonus points for flamboyance. *Try to get shots from the landing. *After your plane has landed, press F3 and take a screenshot showing your ground distance covered and max altitude. *Astronaut complex showing your total number of dead and alive kerbals after the flight *Video which shows the above information is acceptable instead of screenshots. Scoring is calculated as follows: Accurate crashing landing at 100km: every meter away from 100km gives minus one point. No driving on the ground after landing, be fair. Number of kerbals on plane: every kerbal gives you 10 points. Remember the minimum of 50 kerbals. Number of kerbals survived: target is 50% survival, every percent away from 50% gives minus 250 points. Results over 70% and under 30% are not acceptable and will be given minus a million points. If you make the trip back with the same plane and kill another 30-70% of the remaining passengers, you earn an extra point. Bonus points might be awarded for flamboyance. Most points wins. Or the least minus-points. An example entry: Distance: 102397m = -2397 points Total kerbals: 50 * 10 = +500 points Kerbals dead: 6/50 = 12 percent = -1000000 points Cool looking doomsday plane of doom: +1 point Total: -1001896 points Brakes were off when landing = disqualified Best results: 1. Sivonen -4302 points 2. 3.
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