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Found 4 results

  1. I'm sure some of you out there use it, but aside from its lower cost and reverse thrust capability the wheesley has no real advantages over the panther jet engine for use on low atmosphere jet planes. The panther is more fuel efficient, produces more thrust, and has less mass than the wheesley. So why would anyone use it? Does it just exist in the game so players in career mode can have an engine for their early aircraft? I'm curious to know what use it would have that the panther wouldn't be better at. In my opinion there should be more distinction between the wheesley and the panther, such as greater fuel efficiency or less mass.
  2. Win V7 64bit, running 32bit steam version of KSP v1.0.5.1028 I did this once and saw a problem with my Wheesley engine, so I duplicated the flight and got the same result. OK, I'm flying toward the north ice cap, heading 30 degrees from KSC, at 5000 meters altitude, 240m/s. I'm 32:29 into the flight, and my Prop. Requirment Met is reading 97% and everything is good. One second later, my Prop Requirement Met drops in half to about 45%, my thrust falls in half, and my plane starts to fall out of the sky. The Prop Requirement Met value keeps falling and falling even as I scrub altitude, because I cannot maintain any airspeed. Eventually the plane ends up on the ground in some adjustable number of pieces. If I fly it down, then a couple minutes later, at 0 altitude and about 130m/s, the Prop Requirement Met value is down to about 18% as I recall. WTF? I have a screenshot at 32:33, but the system won't let me upload it. Edit: After a little more testing, the bug is in the fuel flow system from this particular aircraft design. The program is effectively giving me an infinite amount of fuel -- it "knows" that there are still 800 units of fuel left in the two front tanks, and it is somehow still drawing fuel at a max rate of .04/s (which is not enough to keep my plane airborne), but it is not subtracting any of that fuel flow from those tanks. So they are sitting there stuck at 400 units each. My plane partially runs out of power when the back 4 tanks get depleted of liquid fuel. I admit the design is funky. It's built to take a pilot and scientist halfway around the planet, taking lots of science samples along the way, then climb to 19000 meters 3 times with enough control that I can still land it one last time afterward. The fuselage of my plane (from front to back) is: small circular intake, MK1 command pod, MK1 liquid fuel fuselage, MK1 inline cockpit, MK1 liquid fuel fuselage, Science Jr., then 4 FL-T200 tanks, then a Wheesley, with a Thud strapped below the Wheesley. I suspect something about that order is blocking the fuel.
  3. Hey Kerbonauts, I have a Problem with the Techtree since the 1.1.0 update. I searched the Forum for a similar Problem, but didn't find anything. My Problem is with the parts the Mk1 Cockpit, the J-33 "Wheesley" Basic Jet Engine and the Mk1 Inline Cockpit. As far as I can tell These are all parts which were overhauld and / or moved in the techtree. I can see the parts in both, the old and new node, where the parts belong and also can purchase those parts, but I can't use them ... at least in Career Mode. What happens: After buying the part they seem to be purchased (old Icon appears in techtree), but if I leave and enter the Research Facility again the new Icon of the "same" part appears for being purchased (new Icon). So I can buy the new part but the game wants to give me access to the related version which I then can't Access in the VAB or the Spaceplane Hangar. Maybe it's because I started my Career before the 1.1.0 update, but I expierienced the same with my new Career. I'm tired of restarting my Career, so I try to fix the Problem. I first hoped it would be fixed in the 1.1.1 updated but it wasn't. Thanks to all the replies, loga if there is already a thread with this Topic and I just couldn't find it please give me the link. also wanted to post a screenshot ... not sure how to do so thow :/
  4. I'm running in career mode, normal difficulty. I've got a contract to take a crew report at 19.6 km over a point, so I built a spaceplane to do it (since my ability to hit a point not on the equator at a particular altitude is shaky, with a rocket). I've unlocked the Wheesley jet, and decided to strap a couple of those on and take them for a spin. Mk-1 cockpit, 2x FL-T800 tanks, "Swivel" rocket engine constitutes the fuselage. I put small retractable landing gear on the cockpit, put two "B" wing connectors on the sides with two Elevon 1 on each. Stuck engine nacelles on the ends of the wings, with a Wheesley on the back of each one and a small retractable landing gear on the bottom of each nacelle. Set up actions so that I can switch off the jets and on the rocket and vice-versa while in flight. The flight plan goes, start out on jets and cruise to the destination zone, at about 6km altitude. Switch over to rocket and go up to 19.6 km and take the reading. Switch back to jets and come back down. However, on the descent, the jets never ignite! I've done this before with the Juno and had no problem. Is there something special about the Wheesley that means it can't recover from flameout?
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