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does anyone else dislike the new drag simulation?


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Plenty of wing profiles are still viable. This thread is about a similar question and includes plenty of screenshots of very different spaceplanes.

that thread sums up how i feel about the new drag perfectly.

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Consider the aerodynamics of real world aircraft. Two airliners with similar passenger capacity are the Airbus A318 and Concorde.

First, the subsonic Airbus A318. It has narrow chord swept wings (25 degrees sweep), with a span of 34.1 m and a wing area of 122.6 m^2. It has engines 2 engines each developing about 100 kN thrust. It's maximum speed is about Mach 0.8 (about 250 m/s at cruise altitude).

Second is Concorde. It has very sharply swept ogee double-delta wings in a complex shape, with an overall span of 25.6 m and wing area of 358 m^2. It is powered by 4 engines each developing 140 kN thrust without afterburner, and requires afterburners (boosting them to 169 kN each) to pass through Mach 1. It's top speed is Mach 2.04 (about 600 m/s at cruise altitude). Concorde requires complex pumping of fuel around to shift the centre of mass forwards/backwards to maintain stability as it transitions between subsonic and supersonic flight.

If you build an aircraft that looks like an airbus, expect it to fly like an airbus: there is absolutely zero likelihood of it going supersonic. If you want something that will fly well at supersonic speeds, build something that looks more like a Concorde, and you can expect it to fly more like a Concorde.

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