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I will TRY TO DO A 6000m\s JET SPEED RECORD !!!!

Do you think that i will do that ? :D  

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  1. 1. Do you think that i will do that ? :D

    • Yes ! Of course
    • No way man
    • You got a little chance
    • You got a Big chance !

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Physical impossible AFAIK, the jets stop giving thrust long before that, and at any altitude where jets work 6000m/s will kill you anyway.

Maybe if you could somehow get into space just using just jet parts, and somehow carefully plan gravity assists so you end up slinging into Kerbin at over 6000m/s?

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3 hours ago, prorokbmx said:

Only with stock parts !


And even if you did use non- stock parts that generate zero drag... No. No you won't. The engines aren't capable of producing thrust anywhere near that fast.

I admire your spirit, but this isn't even remotely possible in stock.



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Voted 'No way man', but I'm convinced that you'll have a pretty fun time with the attempts. I suggest adding moar boosters. Maybe heatshields and a lot moar boosters. And struts to keep even moar boosters together. YAY!


Can't wait for the screenshots!

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Your plane will explode long before you get to 6000 m/s anywhere within 60km of Kerbin. If you want to do it with rockets, just stick an Octo core on top of a Rockomax XT-32 and put a poodle on the back. You will get to 6000m/s assuming you stick a booster on the bottom to get it above most of the atmosphere.


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10 minutes ago, prorokbmx said:

That isnt plane that reached that 3k this plane ionly reached 500 m\s and btw Happy new Year !

And thats what iam working on i didnt tested it yet but it looks freakin C00L !


It's not possible with stock jet engines. You can try all you want with rockets, but that's not even a challenge.

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