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[Writing] United States of Kerberica Anthem

Plaatinum Aerospace

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Oh, say can you see?

By the noon-time\'s bright light

What so proudly we launched

At the sun-set\'s last gleaming.

Who\'s broad hull and para-chute?

Through the smoke a debris

O\'er the tall launch pad

That was loudly ex-plod-ing

And the booster\'s red glare!

The spaceplanes in mid-air!

Gave proof through the night

That our command pod was still there.

Oh, say does that command pod

Still fly above our head?

O\'er the planet of Kerbin!

And the home of the space-faring!

To the tune of: 'The Star-spangled banner'

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As quoted from the guidelines:

Writing consists of any stories

While your intentions to contribute is commendable, we need to up the quality some more. You can always attempt at writing a story or add some artwork, but simple short works like these are not quite enough for qualification here, the thread will be allowed to remain, though.

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