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  1. NASA have made available, amongst other things, an Earth atmospheric model. This may simplify the job of finishing this ambitious mod. https://www.nasa.gov/press-release/nasa-releases-software-catalog-granting-the-public-free-access-to-technologies-for/
  2. FYI @Eleusis La Arwall - you no longer need to use EPL to erect a fundament, allista's Ground Construction should be able to do it instead, and this time, it'll be level! http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/154167-122-ground-construction/&do=findComment&comment=2904240
  3. I suggest you check out @Eleusis La Arwall's Keridian Dynamics. The fundament part, a concrete base which works like a launch clamp, could be used to construct permanent, ground attached structures (anything connected to its node doesn't auto-detach if you accidentally stage it). One problem of the fundament with EPL is it was difficult to get it to spawn exactly level. Would that be an issue with this mod?
  4. I've wondered why more people haven't used the editor myself. Perhaps a popular YouTuber or Twitcher could do a solid and do a tutorial. The editor is a bit finicky but it's perfectly usable.
  5. Who doesn't love a good death zeppelin? I suspect the weapons on an airship would be more likely on the underside, for both centre of gravity and arc of fire reasons. Top opening would work great for helicopters though.
  6. I started blabbering about floating Eve bases in the HL thread: I love the gondola design - it's generic enough not only to create rovers, but trains. I reckon with the right bogey parts (see KSPWheel mod), rail statics and use of Smart Parts, it would be possible to create a train that runs like clockwork, within the confines of physics range limitations (so circuits and short hops). I note your mod isn't on CKAN - I often find mods for the first time there.
  7. I note in the video that orbit inclinations are highly variable. I'd suggest making inclination the sin/cosine (however you prefer) of whatever random number is being generated, to bias them towards the plane of the ecliptic. In the generator, it mentions red stars and dwarf stars - I'm presuming these are red giants and red dwarfs, respectively? For realism, the stars in a life-bearing cluster will tend to be low-mass. Giant and supergiant stars would probably no longer be part of the same cluster as one that evolved life (they'd be white dwarfs, neutron stars/pulsars or black holes by the time the life forms invent astronomy and rockets!), so perhaps a bias to make the really big stars appear further away might be an option. The last option to consider is binary systems. That would be well down the development road, I'd imagine!
  8. That thing will need some safety rails! I think @Eleusis La Arwall's Keridian Dynamics parts would make on-base construction practical and slick. Now, could we mine Eve's atmosphere for materials? I'm reminded of @BobCat's atmospheric mining station. As a Venus analogue, CO2 to ethanol is actually realistic: http://www.wired.co.uk/article/carbon-dioxide-ethanol-reaction Carbon, oxygen and carbon monoxide are also doable: http://science.energy.gov/bes/highlights/2012/bes-2012-12-b/ There might even be particulate metals in the atmosphere of such a planet...we can perform ISRU on land and in water, so in air could be next? Edit: This blogger has spent some time on this subject - http://selenianboondocks.com/category/venus/
  9. I'm loving this modder love-in - yes, I've annoyed @Hooligan Labs and @SpannerMonkey(smce) both with my random recollections and ideas... I always did want a floating base in the atmosphere of Eve. @Angel-125's Heisenberg might just do the trick - maybe lash a few of those together...
  10. KIS generated seat inventories for every one of the 300 berths on the Enterprise! Go into the Enterprises' part .cfg using a text editor like Notepad and change the max crew capacity of 300 to something more manageable.
  11. The Enterprise part isn't included in the 1.1 download, fyi.
  12. Everything a train mod needs: - More advanced wheel colliders (this mod) - Appropriate rail statics and a working Kerbal Konstructs (AlphaAsh talked about using statics joined by nodes and drawn by splines, @Ger_space fyi) - A means of controlling ground vehicles without physics, like Bon Voyage. We now have all mod raw ingredients for a Kerbal Rail System...
  13. @Colonel Cbplayer @BlueNightfury00786 @Fr8monkey I had the same idea in February. Head over to this thread, work has already begun on it.
  14. You've got it. It sounds like you were actually lucky - leaving one craft perched on another normally leads to explosions - maybe the physics easing in 1.2 helps prevent the more violent results. Until the hangar mod is incorporated, either stash a hangar on board to load the plane into or devise a docking system. You can use docking ports or the Klaw. Infernal Robotics or the Konstruction mods may come in handy.
  15. I suggest, @BT Industries, that you log into the IRC channel and start asking questions. There is a channel specific to modders too. This looks like a useful reference:
  16. If the API for the difficulty settings is now easy accessible, there's a few ideas here that could be configured using a slider. That was we can modify to taste.
  17. Look up the lunatic Colin Furze on YouTube. How he hasn't killed himself, I do not know.
  18. @BT Industries, how you proceed is up to you. My ideas don't come with licences As I suggested, all part dependencies should be optional, the core mechanic shouldn't require any parts at all, but parts help flesh it out.
  19. @BT Industries, that mod was actually a space coffin - a fine mod but perhaps not the ideal solution. The Deep Freeze mod has, IIRC, some models that might suffice? Perhaps an MM patch could add medical bay facilities to them? I wrote the OP in the hope of inspiring someone to pick it up and run with it. It worked - any mod developed from it deserves its own thread, as this is, after all, in the Discussions forum, not Development.
  20. Another planted seed springs forth new growth KIS makes sense for a number of reasons - it's the only way to manage small items like syringes, IV bags, oxygen tanks etc. It should be optional, though - the less 3rd party requirements, the less likely your mod based on it gets left high and dry.
  21. I just installed the mod and was snookered by this plus the lack of a middle button on my Kensington trackball. That's just unlucky... I can emulate it with a left+right click, apparently.
  22. It took days to get mods list installed...

    This is my starter list:
    KSP: 1.2 (Unix) - Unity: 5.4.0p4 - OS: Linux 4.1 SUSE LINUX 42.1 64bit
    000_AT_Utils - 1.2
    Filter Extensions - 2.7.4
    USI Tools - 0.8.2
    AtmosphereAutopilot - 1.5.8
    Bon Voyage - 0.10.2
    Chatterer -
    Community Category Kit - 0.1.1
    Community Resource Pack - 0.6.1
    ConfigurableContainers - 2.2
    DMagic Orbital Science -
    EVAEnhancementsContinued - 0.1.1
    Easy Vessel Switch - 1.1.1
    EditorExtensionsRedux - 3.3.3
    FTLDriveContinued - 0.1.2
    Firespitter - 7.4.1
    Hangar - 3.0
    Kerbal Attachment System - 0.6
    Kerbin Environmental Institute - 1.2
    Kerbal Inventory System - 1.3
    KSP-AVC Plugin -
    HyperEdit - 1.5.3
    Final Frontier -
    Olympic1's Icon Packs - 0.10.1
    Pilot Assistant - 1.13
    PlanetShine -
    Kerbal Planetary Base Systems - 1.3
    Saturatable RW - 1.12
    SmartParts -
    Stock Visual Enhancements - 1.1.2
    TarsierSpaceTechnology - 6.5
    Alternate Resource Panel - 2.9
    Kerbal Alarm Clock - 3.8
    Transfer Window Planner - 1.6
    USI Exploration Pack - 0.6.1
    Karibou - 0.3.1
    Konstruction - 0.1.5
    Malemute Rover - 0.2.1
    USI Submarine Pack - 0.2.2
    USI Alcubierre Drive - 0.5
    EVAParachutesAndEjectionSeats - 0.1.6
    VaporVent - 1.1.1
    WASDEditorCameraContinued -
    Waypoint Manager - 2.6
    [x] Science! - 5.1

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