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[1.1.2] Shadriss' Final Frontier Rank Ribbon Packs


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These mods are all ribbon add-ons to Neried's Final Frontier, are were inspired by SmarterThanMe's Rank Packs.



Included in these mods are Enlisted Rank sets for the US Air Force, Marine Corps, Army, and Navy. Also provided are two versions of the Officer Ranks, one for the USAF, USMC, and USArmy, and a separate one for the USN, as their naming conventions are radically different from the other three even though they have the same symbols.


Requested by @slyfoxninja, these three packs are all inspired by the rank insignia from the newest incarnation of BSG. There are two versions of the Enlisted (red and grey) and the Officer pack.


Based on the existing 5-Star rank structure in stock KSP, this pack includes six ribbons for each of the three specializations with appropriate ranks names and descriptions that roughly outline the abilities of that specialization at that rank. All 18 ribbons are included in a single download, since it makes little sense to break them up into three separate ones.



ALL MODS USE LICENSE : Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 4.0


I am willing to entertain requests for other, similar, rank or ribbon packs. Just drop a line, and we'll talk. Enjoy.



0.9.1     Spelling and grammar changes in the ribbon descriptions. Thanks to SmarterThanMe for the catches. (US Military Ranks only)

0.9.0     Initial Release

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Update/New Pack Release
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8 hours ago, Rhedd said:

Neat, thanks!

Just so you know, though, you have the Lieutenant rank names backwards on the SpaceDock page. They're fine in the mod itself.

For which? I've got three separate packs right now that are Officer related... actually... thinking on it, I suspect I might know. I'll go check it.


EDIT: Good catch - not sure how I messed that one up. Fixed, and thanks.

Edited by Shadriss
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Bunch of great ribbons, although the Engineer and Scientist colors in the KSP Rank Ribbons pack don't match the colors of the various Engineer and Scientist ribbons in Nereid's main Final Frontier pack. His pack has blue for Engineers and green for Scientists. (the add-on ribbon packs by Araym and STM follow this color scheme).


Just a minor nit-pick, nothing too serious.

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Hey Shadriss, have you considered naming all the rank packs in CKAN with the same starting description so they are sorted together?

Right now they're scattered throughout the list.

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added some text
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On 7/27/2016 at 8:49 PM, M4ssler said:

hello, i have the ksp rank ribbon installed. in the list of all ribbons, i found it. how do my kerbal become the ribbon when i ranks up? it is not shown.

These ribbons need to be awarded to your Kerbonauts manually.

Revoking ribbons manually may also be necessary for cases where the config file isn't properly set up for the Rank N ribbon to be superseded by the Rank N+1 ribbon (i.e. awarding a Kerbal the BSG Lieutenant Colonel ribbon and then subsequently awarding that same Kerbal the BSG Colonel ribbon -- I haven't tried this, so I don't know if the ribbons in these packs, or other modders' rank packs, are set up properly). Enabling ribbon revocation can be done in game by opening up the options window -- see Nereid's original thread for details.

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