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  1. All I've got under that group is ❌ A flight to gain landing rights at a new airfield. Screenshot: I can see 01 - LetsStartAnAirline.cfg in ...\GameData\ContractPacks\KerbinSideRemasteredGAP\Flights folder... Any reason why this file would be getting ignored? Installed via CKAN, so thought it might be CKAN weirdness. So uninstalled and reinstalled manually. Still nope. Here's my installed mod list... Any conflicts that I can't see?
  2. OK, now that I've got that solved... I don't seem to have the contracts cropping up. Looking at the long list under "All", the Trans-Kerbin Airlines Inspections contracts has one that KAA Certification: Unmet... How do I get the KAA Certification?
  3. OK. All of the astronauts available for hire in my astronaut complex are servicekerbals, citizens or civil-servants. Need a pilot! I see mention of "Stock Astronaut Complex".. How do I use that? Is there a settings screen somewhere that I'm missing?
  4. OK. I read your tutorial on page ??, but I didn't understand how to set things up. Has anyone got a guide as to what to do? I'm getting red text with "Specified cast is not valid". --edit Seems to have been a conflict with another mod. I didn't have RT, so, now adding back mods gradually...
  5. Not working for me. Doesn't allow ribbons to be awarded manually or automatically. I wonder what's going on...
  6. Can people confirm if this is working for 1.12.x (I'm not sure if @Nereid is around, but...)? It seems to have died for me.
  7. That's the one. If you could adopt it, mate, that would be amazing.
  8. If I had one request from a mod, it would be a series of longer deployable ladders. There was a mod with a 12m deployable ladder, but I think it went out-of-date and then broke (unless someone can remember which it was?).
  9. You've made what I said? Cool. I need to pay more attention...
  10. I don't like talking for other people, but I think that his idea is something like this: Rather than making a habitation dome as a part with its own IVA, have a series of (probably very large, but hopefully rather simple) parts which can create the "dome effect" around existing parts from your set. That way a habitation dome can be created without needing IVA views (other than the ones that you've already built). Perhaps you could use an attachment point in the centre of the dome as the point to which you attach, for example, a multipoint hub and then other station parts. I'd personally like it if there were also a couple of attachment points around the outside of the dome that are paired interior and exterior to the dome structure, to which your airlock parts could be attached thus allowing people to "leave" the dome. [Can I use the opportunity of dropping in here from my e-mail notifications to plug a 8-point hexahub?]
  11. Most of these are mine. I probably should do an acknowledgements file... 7League was one of mine in a previous save. If I recall correctly, it was a transport between Jool and Kerbin.
  12. I think (?) this mod has the ResearchKits mechanic that gets added to the lab? Cool idea. But how do I make ResearchKits?
  13. I'm not sure what mod it was, but there used to be a way to disable staging on a part. Anyone know which mod it is?
  14. Yeah, thanks for the reply and the attention, considering I've not got an actual complex problem. I remember seeing it in the right click menu (I could be wrong, it's been... an interesting year). I'm not seeing it. Have I got it wrong? Was there a key I had to click? Haha... Oh I need more sleep. Read the first post. Thanks for your patience, mate.
  15. I've just reinstalled after taking a break for a while... I thought EEX was the mod that I used to change the details of one part, but not the details of the other part in symmetry?
  16. Hi! Training is a fascinating idea... Does it work nicely with Kerbal Construction Time?
  17. Thanks! I'll have to take a look at how I can get them to fit with my Leader and 2IC stars, but I'll figure that out. I might use your's as a start point, however. Gah! Ack! Gak. Kkkgghhh... OK, I'll fix that tonight if I get a chance.
  18. You could probably manually add the awards... -- edit Oh, I see that Brigadier beat me to it (by several hours). Kudos!
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