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save load problem HELP

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i have had this problem only recently (for the past few weeks) but when i go to load a save nothing is there so i just started a new game (hoping it was just a glitch) but when i went to save that again, nothing was there so i went to file,my pc,windows C:,program files(X86) ,steam,steamapps, common, kerbal space program, saves . and all the saves were there but they were not showing up in the game, any Help.

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Is your issue about resuming a saved game (from the Start screen) or loading a save (F9 or Load Save... from the Paused Game window) ? As from your description, seems you are about the Load Save... that applies only to sfs files with the current save folder, however you checked against different saves in the KSP folder.

If about resuming a saved game, can you tell how you start KSP ? By using Steam browser, clicking the KSP icon created by Steam (actually a link to steam://rungameid/....), using KSP launcher, or opening KSP.exe? Changing the way you start KSP would solve the issue?

Is there any possibility of a mismatch, as if you had a different KSP folder than the one (with Steam) where your saves are stored, and actually running KSP from that other folder?

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This exact thing started to happen to me last night, and it persists when I restart KSP and my computer.

In the start screen (with the floating Val kerbal over Kerbin), clicking on the resume saved button opens an empty area that when you click on it, it clicks the buttons in the menu behind it, so it is acting like the overlay is not there.

I launch KSP from the KSP shortcut icon on the desktop, but this problem happens both from here and from running steam and starting it from the steam window.

I haven't played with modded content at all yet, so the only changes to the KSP folder has been from saving ships and an increasing number of crash reports.

Also there is no other instance of KSP other than the demo, which is in a different spot and has not been run since starting KSP proper.

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Hmm, still considering possibilities: not that your game is named in a way to include special characters (anything but a english keyb letter or digit) ?

We have quite some story with special characters causing trouble in various places where save/load functions are managed through Unity.

Note that just having one single game named in such a way, the whole list of games could be messed.

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The persistent file is corrupting the play-save screen

delete the persistent file and replace it with a backup persistent file (choose the earliest one)

I also suggest deleting any ships from the world that you suspect may have anything to do with it (as the arrow of time can potentially bring the save file back into the corrupted place, not knowing what causes the corruption)  at least it's back up and running, thanks for helping.

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