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are current win64 x macOS versions equivalent?

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Hello everyone.

Is the current version of the game with similar performance on masOS vs windows?

My install on macOS is running into a few issues, not sure if it's something I;m not doing or that they perform (FPSwise) differently on these platforms. 

Thanks for your time.

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Thanks for swift reply.

Happy to know that it is already been tracked. 

Although I am having issues with both recent versions of macOS . I haven't been playing KSP, or any games at all for that matter, for the past year and a half, but I decided to give it a go last week.  Ended up installing bootcamp as a test run and, much to my surprise, the performance difference was noticeable. Not only that, I was having issues starting KSP and some sudden crashes also in the macOS environment.

Is this performance difference from macOS vs windows 10 still a thing? I thought this was over by now.

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On 9/28/2017 at 7:53 AM, DrLicor said:

Hey do you have Mac OS Sierra installed? That version is running with issues indeed. It is already tracked in the bug tracker for 1.3.1

Specifically High Sierra, macOS 10.13, which was released last week.  Sierra (not High) is the previous version, 10.12, and KSP works fine in it.

(Apple really shouldn't have used such similar names for consecutive releases.  I guess they must be running out of California landmarks, like they were running out of big cats when they followed Leopard with Snow Leopard and Lion with Mountain Lion.)

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Hi @biasuz

KSP for Windows and MacOS are functionally equivalent. However, due to platform differences there may be some variation in the experience, and as has already been pointed out 10.13 High Sierra with APFS seems to be causing some flicker at present. We are already looking into this.

As a workaround, installing bootcamp and running the Windows version should be ok if that was your original enquiry?

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